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Expecting your second born? Or maybe planning to have another baby soon? If so, then I have got good news for you: you can buy one stroller now and you will not have to buy another one when your second baby comes along.

You can buy a single-to-double stroller right now, and it will suit your situation perfectly. You will be able to use it to carry your toddler right now and then to later turn it into a double stroller for your toddler and your newborn.

Single-to-double strollers are special double strollers that can be used as single strollers and converted at any time into double strollers. They are also known as expandable and as siblings strollers. No other class of strollers fits growing family needs as perfectly as they do.

They are quite beneficial in the sense that they are practical and they save you money. No need to spend hundreds of bucks on a double stroller a couple of months down the line after buying a single stroller for your first child. Simply buy one and expand it when the time is right.

Modern parents are lucky in a sense to have this kind of stroller because it is innovative/ expandable, and saves them from the hassle of having to shop for a new stroller not long after getting another one.

The seven best expandable / single-to-double strollers


The strollers on this list are among the best and most innovative you will ever set your eyes upon. They are a good investment. Once you buy one, you will use it with your baby now and then later you can expand it to accommodate your newborn baby.

It is cheaper to buy in the long run because with it you won’t have to buy a double stroller when your next baby comes along. Moreover, in most cases, single-to-double strollers are cheaper than double strollers.

Moreover, expandable strollers are usually slimmer and less bulky than double strollers. They, therefore, save you space, which you will definitely need with two kids in the house.

Without spending more time on this, let’s begin.

Below are the seven best expandable strollers.



In my view, this is the best single-to-double stroller currently available on the market! I say this because it is very stylish, extremely versatile, is packed with features, and it is sold at a fair price.

By fair price, I mean it is not low-priced but definitely worth splurging on. The quality of this UPPAbaby VISTA expandable stroller is undeniable and matchless.

UPPAbaby VISTA 2018 - GregoryThe UPPAbaby VISTA

The basic package of this stroller includes the stroller itself (a frame), a toddler seat, and even a bassinet. The stroller is available in dozens of colors. Check sites like Amazon for discounts.

Now that you have a rough idea of what to expect let’s check out the stroller’s design and features.

The seating configurations of the UPPAbaby VISTA

This stroller can be utilized to carry one kid only – you can use it to either carry your toddler with the toddler seat or to carry your infant using a newborn car seat.

You can also use it to carry twins. Depending on their ages and where you are going, you can fix 2 toddler seats, 2 bassinets, or 2 infant car seats on the frame.

Lastly, you can use it as a baby buggy for your infant and toddler. If this is what you want to do, you will have to choose between a toddler seat and a MESA car seat, a bassinet or a Rumble seat.

UPPAbaby VISTA - Seating configuration for two kidsThe multiple seating configurations of the VISTA stroller

You can buy compatible adapters, a rumble seat, an additional bassinet, or the MESA infant car seat on PishPosh Baby or

Toddler seat

The main toddler seat on this expandable stroller can be utilized from three months upwards until your toddler gets to more than fifty pounds in weight. So it will definitely serve you for a long time.

The seat comes with an oversized canopy complete with a sun visor to provide your baby with full protection against the harmful rays of the sun. One of the key things you will love about this seat is that it can be reversed and reclined easily.

However, it does not recline to a horizontal or near horizontal position to make it comfortable and safe enough for carrying newborns. Nevertheless, it still gets low enough to a comfortable position in which your toddler can comfortably nap.

The padding on this stroller is really good; it is deep and high quality. Additionally, the seat comes with a safety harness, an adjustable leg rest, and a bumper bar. All these extras are meant to make your baby safer and/ more comfortable.

UPPAbaby VISTA Has a big canopy, a reversible main seat, and can be reclined one handedly

This stroller’s sibling seat (rumble seat) is quite comparable to the toddler seat. I say so because it has most of the same features and functions but it is a bit smaller in size. You can only use it to carry your kid until he or she gets to 35 pounds (about two and a half years).

Besides the toddler seat and the sibling seat, this stroller also has the option of attaching a standing board. This means you can use it to carry three kids at the same time. The board is perfect for a preschool-bound child to ride on when he or she gets tired when you guys are out and about.

UPPAbaby VISTA with MESA Infant Car Seat and PiggyBack boardWhen fitted with a standing board and the MESA newborn car seat


What terrains can this VISTA stroller handle?

This gorgeous stroller is pretty versatile. It has some of the biggest rear wheels you will see on a stroller and it moves like a pro skater on ice. It moves this way on most terrains including cracked sidewalks, short grass, gravel paths, parks, playgrounds, and flat pavements.

In addition to its big rear wheels, it comes with a well-made suspension system. The system cushions rides very effectively. Thus, in my view, this stroller is one of the best for strolling on urban surfaces and on slightly uneven/ bumpy surfaces.


The Pros and Cons of the VISTA siblings stroller


  • Features a cute and breathable toddler seat and bassinet
  • Has the option of attaching a standing platform for you to carry a third child
  • It is to set and reset its seating configurations
  • It is of exceptionally good quality
  • Has a large canopy that provides maximum protection from the sun and the wind
  • Comes with a noiseless see-through window for closely monitoring the child
  • Has a height-adjustable canopy to create more head room for your child as he or she grows up
  • Features a gigantic storage bag with an impressive weight capacity of thirty pounds
  • Its wheels are big and can handle most kinds of terrains
  • Features a working suspension system for a bump-less ride
  • Has an extendable push bar making it effortless to operate for both tall and short moms and dads
  • It is effortless to push even with 2 kids on board
  • Can be folded with one hand
  • Has a parking brake that can be operated even when wearing flip flops or sandals


  • Its rumble/ sibling seat is smaller than regular toddler seats and can only carry your toddler until he or she gets to 35 pounds
  • The rumble seat can only attach to a lower position/ limited seating configurations
  • Cannot keep your youngest close to you when using it with a bassinet since the bassinet can only go to the bottom of the regular seat


The Baby Jogger (BJ) City Select stroller

This is a premium expandable stroller that can easily handle diverse types of urban terrains. It is designed in such a way to accept over sixteen seating arrangements, which means it is perfect for meeting growing nuclear family needs.

Baby Jogger City SelectBJ City Select 2018

The Baby Jogger City Select basic package includes just the stroller frame and the main toddler seat. This Baby Jogger stroller does not include a bassinet like the UPPAbaby model I have reviewed above. This is perhaps one of the reasons why it only half as expensive as the UPPAbaby VISTA. Although the basic package does not include a bassinet, you can actually by a City Select 2018 model with two toddler seats.

The seating configurations of the BJ City Select

You can use the Baby Jogger City Select to carry one baby. You can use it (the frame) with either a bassinet, a newborn car seat, or a toddler seat. Unlike the toddler seat, the bassinet and the infant car seat must be bought separately.

In the double mode, can use it as a stroller for two toddlers, for your baby and your toddler, and for infant twins. It has got eleven seating arrangements in the double mode, which is more than what the VISTA has in the same mode.

Out of the eleven seating arrangements, there are two that I love a lot.

Baby Jogger City Select - over 16 seating combinationsThe BJ City Select has got multiple seating configurations

If you prefer to utilize this expandable stroller as a double stroller, you will have to buy a second toddler seat (one is already included in the basic set). Alternatively, you can buy the Baby Jogger City Select in the double stroller version.

Both toddler stroller seats can be attached in four ways. I love the fact that they can be attached facing one other. This can be a lot of fun especially if your twins or toddlers get along well.

If you want to use it as an infant travel system, you should get 2 compatible City newborn Car Seats or two bassinets.

Now that what needs to be done if you want to use it as a travel system or as a double stroller is pretty clear, let’s look at how you can use it as a stroller for your baby and your toddler.

Baby Jogger City Select - seating options for baby and 3 year old - with toddler seat and bassinet or infant car seat

Seating configurations for your infant baby and for your toddler

Unlike the UPPAbaby VISTA single-to-double stroller, this stroller allows you to fix an infant car seat or a bassinet on the top and the toddler seat slightly beneath it. This design brings your youngest baby closer to you while offering your toddler some privacy. It is also one of the configurations that make this stroller a top 2020 expandable stroller.

In the image above, you can see the four fun ways you can attach the toddler seat and the infant car seat. Each configuration obviously has its own advantages. From the images, I am sure you can imagine how good this stroller can be for you if you have a newborn and a three-year-old.

Moreover, you can even carry a third child by attaching a standing board on the stroller.

Baby Jogger City Select allow toddlers to ride facing each other. There is even a room for third, older child!Your youngest kids can ride in the stroller facing one other while a third one can stand on the standing board 


Toddler seat

The toddler seat on the City Select is quite something else. Not many other expandable strollers have got seats of the same design and functionality. Moreover, the second toddler seat (included in the set) on this stroller is of the same size and quality as the toddler seat. Both the seats have got a maximum weight limit of 45 pounds and a height-adjustable headspace, which you can extend as your kid grows.

Both the toddler seat and the sibling seat are reclinable. Both also have adjustable leg rests. However, just like for the VISTA expandable stroller discussed previously, this stroller’s reclinable seats do not go deep. They, therefore, cannot be used to carry newborns. I recommend them for carrying only babies who are at least four months old (five months is more optimum).

The one thing I do not like about the seats is not related to the seats themselves but to their canopies. Although stylish, the canopies are not large. They are, of course, big enough to provide your babies with some shade but they do not extend enough to provide extra shade.

Baby Jogger City Select - Stroller for siblingsThe Baby Select is a brilliant siblings stroller

What terrains can this City Select stroller handle?

The City Select siblings stroller is engineered for city parents who occasionally like to visit off-road areas. It can breezily handle smooth surfaces and slightly uneven terrains including uneven sidewalks, flat unbeaten paths, short grass, and packed gravel.

The back wheels are big and permanently inflated. You will not need to inflate them or to worry about punctures. Contrary to the all-wheel system of suspension other strollers on this list have, the City Select only has a front-wheel system of suspension. This system simultaneously cushions hard shocks and makes this stroller easy to maneuver.

The Pros and Cons of the BJ City Select siblings stroller


  • Designed to provide sixteen different seating arrangements
  • Its main seat and its sibling seat have the same size and comfort
  • Its wheels are fantastic for handling urban terrains
  • Easy to assemble and easy to fold and lift into your car trunk
  • Features a reversible and reclinable seat
  • Comes with an adjustable leg rest and an extendable canopy
  • Features an extendable push bar; can be comfortably operated by tall and average height parents
  • Has a large storage compartment
  • Safe; comes with an easy to apply handbrake


  • Its handlebar is considered to be a bit long for parents of shorter height
  • Although adjustable, its canopy is not big
  • Storage area is not easily accessible when the stroller is set in some seating configurations
  • A rather heavy growing family stroller


The Evenflo Pivot Xpand Strolller

If there were annual awards for single-to-double strollers, this one would win the budget-friendly stroller of the year award. This is because it is extremely inexpensive compared to some of the other baby carriages on this list. Definitely a brilliant option for moms and dads shopping on a small budget.

Evenflo Pivot Xpand ModularThe Evenflo Xpand is the only single-to-double stroller with an infant car seat on this list


The basic package of this stroller includes the Evenflo Xpand frame, one parent tray, built-in lower and upper adapters, one SafeMax newborn car seat, and one toddler seat. With all these many quality components this stroller only costs 50% of the same amount of money you would have had to spend to get the UPPAbaby VISTA. How awesome is that!

Is this cheap single-to-double stroller perfect for a growing family? You bet!

The seating configurations of the Pivot Xpand

With this stroller, you can expand it by attaching two toddler seats or newborn car seats. You can also expand it by adding the infant car seat on the stroller on top of the toddler seat.

Alternatively, if you have just one kid for now, you can carry him or her on the toddler seat. If he or she is just months old, you can switch the toddler seat into infant-mode and use it to carry your newborn. You can also alternatively attach the SafeMax infant car seat only and convert this stroller system into a travel system.

Evenflo Pivot Xpand Modular - 22 seating configurationsSuitable for growing nuclear families


When you attach the SafeMax car seat, it goes to the top, while the toddler seat goes to the bottom. This configuration ensures that your youngest stays nearer to you, while your slightly older child rides facing forward and taking in the environment around him or her. If your child wants to catch some sleep, you can set the seating configuration that allows him to lie back and face you will napping.

As it is evident in the image above and in the statements I have made, this Evenflo Xpand stroller can be used as a stroller for one kid from birth or as a stroller for a toddler and a newborn. It is a particularly attractive option for those looking for a stroller for an infant and a toddler.

If you want to utilize it to carry infant twins, you can do so but you will need to buy an additional SafeMax infant car seat. The car seat is available on

I love the fact that this stroller can be turned into a double stroller by getting a sibling seat. The sibling (toddler) seat is similar in size to the primary toddler seat and can be attached to the same places as the primary toddler seat. This is great as it gives you multiple seating configurations to choose from depending on what you need to achieve.

Evenflo Pivot Xpand Modular - For two toddlersThe sibling seat and the toddler seat are the same size and shape


This expandable stroller includes built-in adapters. So you will not have to worry about carrying, packing or lost adapters every time you leave home for a stroll. This makes it very convenient.

Moreover, the adapters are very easy to use. It would not take you more than a few moments to add or remove an infant car seat or toddler seat from this stroller.

Evenflo Pivot Xpand Modular - Single-to-double stroller with built-in adaptersHas everything you need


The manufacturer behind this stroller plans to launch a standing platform for it soon. So you should look out for it if you have decided to get this stroller.

Toddler seat

I have already touched on this toddler seat in the description above. However, there are some extra features I have not yet mentioned.

One of the best one is the three-position recline. The last position is quite deep and perfect for napping. To make this seat even more comfy for napping, you can raise the leg rest. Both the seat and the leg rest can be adjusted with one hand.

Even though this seat can be reclined to a near-flat position, it is not appropriate for carrying an infant since it does not get completely flat.

However, this should not take away from the exceptional quality of this seat. Because in addition to the above-mentioned features, the toddler seat is well padded, has a belly bar, and can be reversed. Ever seen something like it? Probably not!

Evenflo Xpand - Toddler seat featuresThe seat can be reversed and reclined one-handedly. It also has a five-point safety harness


The toddler seat is lovely but it is not perfect. Its canopy may not be small but it does not extend adequately to provide more shade. During low sun, it will only provide enough shade to cover your toddler from the chest upwards, the rest of him or her will be exposed. However, since the low sun is not that bright or hot, this is usually not a big issue.

Behind every canopy, there is a noiseless see-through window for monitoring your baby. The window is noiseless because instead of Velcro, it has a magnetic closure.

What terrains can this Evenflo stroller handle?

This model is not as versatile as some of the other models on this list. This is because its wheels are neither big nor inflatable. The wheels are made of rubber, which is good for riding on non-loose gravel, pavements, sidewalks, in malls, and airports. This stroller does not move smoothly on rough terrains.

Evenflo Xpand - City stroller for siblingsEvenflo Xpand rolls breezily on city surfaces

Even though the tires have good traction, you won’t find it easy to push this stroller on bumpy roads because it will bounce a lot; it will be uncomfortable for both you and your babies.

Hence if you opt to buy the Evenflo Xpand, consider that it only works best on urban surfaces.

The Pros and Cons of the Evenflo Xpand siblings stroller


  • Inexpensive
  • The set comes newborn-ready with everything for your days-old baby and your toddler
  • Features built-in adapters for attaching everything
  • The main seat and the sibling seat both are completely comfortable
  • Both seats also have a max. weight limit of 55 lbs.
  • The main seat is a reversible seat
  • The seat can be reversed one-handedly
  • The seat can be converted into an infant seat and includes a bumper bar
  • It has built-in adapters (no need to buy them separately)
  • Comes with a very light but safe newborn car seat
  • The push bar is length-adjustable
  • Features extras such as a cup holder and a roomy storage basket
  • Can be easily folded


  • A bassinet cannot be attached
  • The canopy cannot be extended to provide extra coverage
  • The wheels are not the biggest or most versatile you will see on a baby buggy (therefore cannot handle other terrains)


The Bugaboo Donkey2

The Bugaboo Donkey2 is perhaps one of the most renowned and stylish expandable strollers out there. It is ideal for twins and for infant and toddler.

Probably its biggest selling point is its versatility. This stroller is as versatile as you can expect an expendable stroller to be; you can use it in twin mode, duo mode, and mono mode. Some of these modes require the purchase of additional equipment. The additional components can be bought easily and make the Bugaboo Donkey 2 one of the most customizable single-to-double strollers out there.

Bugaboo Donkey2This is a premium stroller with an aluminum frame and a stunning stylish design

It is also one of the very few strollers that expands across to become a side-by-side baby carriage when expanded and not in line like most strollers do.

The seating configurations of the Bugaboo Donkey2

There are primarily three versions of the Bugaboo Donkey2; the mono for a single child and the Twin and Duo for two children.

Bugaboo Donkey2 - Mono

The mono version seating configurations

The mono version allows the attachment of one toddler seat, bassinet or infant car seat. The mono mode frame is narrow and can fit through most doors. Moreover, in this mode, you can attach a side luggage. When your second baby comes along, you can expand this stroller by adding a second seat.

Bugaboo Donkey2 - DuoBugaboo Donkey2 has great seating configurations

The addition of a second seat makes this a duo stroller. It is ideal for carrying a newborn and an older kid. You can utilize it with a toddler seat and a bassinet, a toddler seat and an infant car seat, and with a bassinet and an infant car seat. In the twin mode, you can use it with two car seats when they are young, and later with 2 toddler seats when they grow a bit older.

Bugaboo Donkey2 - TwinBugaboo Donkey model two twin mode

Toddler seat

You will very likely love the toddler seat on this stroller. This is because it is packed with several very useful features.

For example, it can be reclined and easily so. This is so important because it allows you to create a sleeping bed for your baby. However, even though it can be deeply reclined, it does not recline to a flat position and is, therefore, not suitable for carrying newborn babies.

This Donkey2 toddler seat is also generously padded and reversible. It is about as comfy as a stroller seat can get. The seat also has a belly bar for extra safety and is available in multiple colors.

The canopy is the thing I love the most about this seat. The canopy is oversized and can be fully extended to cover even your baby’s legs! This is what full coverage should be like and is definitely a big plus if you leave in a sunny location like California or Texas.

Bugaboo Donkey - Long canopyHas a fantastic extendable canopy and pretty cool tires


The Bassinet on it also has a great canopy that forms nice little enclosure for your newborn to protect him or her against the sun and the wind.

The only problem with the canopies is that they do not have see-through windows. This is such a letdown for such a pricey, big brand stroller.


What terrains can this Bugaboo Donkey2 stroller handle?

In my opinion, the best thing about the Donkey2 is the versatility of its tires. They are designed in such a way to handle all terrains.

The predecessor to this Bugaboo model had inflatable tires. However, to remove the need to pump the tires every now and then, the tires of this current model are foam-filled. And if you are thinking that they are less comfortable, you are wrong. This is because they feature a design that closely imitates pumped tires. Your babies kind of will not feel a thing. The ride will be smooth, cushioned, and comfortable for them.

And since the tires are foam-filled, you will not have to fret about punctures anymore.

Bugaboo Donkey2 wheels provide ultra smooth rideIt has the wheels to provide you with a smooth ride


In addition to the well-designed wheels, the Bugaboo Donkey2 comes with a decent suspension system. The system absorbs extra shocks and ensures that even rides on slightly uneven surfaces are smooth.

You will find that this stroller will easily roll over dirt roads, cobblestone, short grass, packed gravel, and even cracked sidewalks. It can even handle the sand on the beach! However, I would not deploy it as my main all-terrain baby carriage because there are strollers (joggers) that can do the job better. Nevertheless, it is still a good choice even for those kinds of surfaces.


The Pros and Cons of the Bugaboo Donkey2 siblings stroller


  • Very elegant design; it will definitely make your friends jealous
  • Can be significantly customized; multiple color choices available
  • Premium quality and long lasting baby buggy
  • It is easy to operate it and to add or remove seats/ bassinets
  • Its mono type is narrow and can fit through regular doorways
  • Has a bassinet and a reversible baby seat
  • Features great wheels and a brilliant suspension system
  • Comes a length-adjustable push bar
  • It is extremely easy to operate
  • Has a large canopy cover


  • The main storage basket is not easily accessible when the stroller is in duo or twin modes
  • It does not easily fit through narrow doorways when in the duo or twin modes.
  • It does not come with a see-through window for closely monitoring the baby
  • Its toddler seat is not as big as its other seat
  • Quite expensive stroller


The Peg Perego Team

This is a gorgeous, Italian-design single-to-double stroller that I love very much. I saw it one time at a maternal clinic in Sarasota (New York) and instantly fell in love with it. It is beautifully designed and very sturdy. Perfect for kids between 12 and 24 months old.

Peg Perego TeamPeg Perego single-to-double stroller (Team)

One of the things that I loved about it when I saw it is its completeness; it includes a bassinet and a toddler seat in its basic package, meaning you can use it from the very first day.

Furthermore, if you want to use it as a stroller for your newborn and your older child, you will just need to purchase an adapter to install the seat in the lower position. Besides this one purchase, the Peg Perego Team stroller includes all the components you need to start using it as a duo stroller.

One of the best things you will find in the basic package of this Peg Perego stroller is the Peg Perego bassinet. The bassinet is premium quality, safe, and legally certified for overnight sleep. So you do not have to worry when using this Peg Perego stroller to carry your days-old newborn. It is safe in the sense that it comes with an adjustable headrest that prevents reflux.


The seating configurations of the Team stroller

You can use this Peg Perego stroller as a solo stroller with an infant car seat (not included in the basic package), a bassinet, or a toddler seat.

When your second baby comes along, you can double its size and set it in any of the configurations below.

Peg Perego Team - all seating configurationsMultiple seating arrangements for the dual version

Unfortunately, you cannot attach two bassinets simultaneously to the frame of this stroller but you can attach two toddler seats or newborn car seats.

The regular toddler seat on this stroller has got a maximum weight capacity of fifty pounds. This means it is the one you can safely use to carry your older kid (two or three years old).

Peg Perego Team - best seating options for a newborn baby and toddlerBest seating position for baby and toddler on the Peg Perego Team stroller


There are several seating configurations but I think the best one is the one in which the toddler is facing out and your new baby is nearer to you. Although this position does not allow the toddler seat to recline, it does provide your older child with the perfect position to take in the surrounding environment. In the other configurations, you may block his or her view. Alternatively, if your kids are old enough you can have them sit and face each other to play and have fun.


Toddler seat

The toddler seat on this stroller is probably the best thing about it. When you see it firsthand, you will admit that Peg Perego spent a good amount of time designing it and making it.

The seat has got a backrest that is reclinable and is made of premium quality materials. In addition to the reclinable backrest and the premium materials, it also has got an adjustable leg rest. So it is definitely a pretty comfortable seat or can be made pretty comfortable at any time.

The padding on the seat is quite plushy so you can just imagine how comfortable naps on this seat can be is the backrest is reclined and the leg rest is raised.

Peg Perego Team - Toddler seat with near flat reclineComes with a seat that can recline to the horizontal position plus an oversized canopy

Your older baby will enjoy the fact that the main seat can be made really upright. Not many of the seats on single-to-double strollers can be made upright hence they can become somewhat uncomfortable but not this one.

Another thing your kid will like is the size of this seat’s canopy. It will provide him or her with plenty of coverage. The canopy comes with a sun visor for extra protection.

Behind the canopy, there is a mesh window that allows you to closely monitor your child and to ensure maximum airflow to prevent your kid from overheating especially during summer.

There is a sibling seat in addition to the toddler seat. Both the sibling seat and the toddler seat have the same maximum weight limit of 50 pounds. The sibling seat also has a belly bar for added safety.


What terrains can this stroller handle?

This versatile stroller comes with pretty advanced wheels. The wheels are big, well-treaded and are supported by an inbuilt suspension system and a ball bearing system. This design simultaneously guarantees smooth movement, maneuverability, and stability.

Peg Perego Team - basket and wheelsCan handle many terrains just like the City Select and the VISTA single-to-double strollers.

The tires on this stroller can are big and wide. It can handle pavements, sidewalks, urban park pathways, and so on. Its tires may not be air-filled but it can smoothly handle even rough terrains. Your hands won’t shake excessively and your babies will not be thrown around.


The Pros and Cons of the Peg Perego Team siblings stroller


  • The bassinet/ infant car seat can be fixed on top
  • Sibling seat is as big and as spacious as the main toddler seat
  • The main seat can be reclined to several positions
  • The main seat is reclinable to a near-horizontal position
  • Has a leg rest that can be adjusted for comfort
  • Comes with a big canopy that provides a maximum shade for maximum protection
  • Features an extendable push bar
  • Comes with a foldable bassinet
  • The headrest inside the bassinet is adjustable for comfort
  • Features the customary storage basket you would expect from the makers of this stroller
  • Extremely easy to push and maneuver


  • Somewhat difficult to unfold especially with one hand
  • Bulky (weighs 32 pounds with just the main seat)
  • It is somewhat difficult to access its storage basket when it is in double mode

This is a very stylish and premium expandable baby buggy for this year. For this reason, it is quite pricey. So don’t forget to look for discounts or coupons first before making your purchase.


The Thule Sleek

Unlike the other strollers on this list, this one is fairly new. And even though it is new, it is highly rated. Many users are full of admiration for its design, navigability, and multi-functionality.

Thule Sleek 2018Thule Sleek expandable stroller

What comes in the basic package? Well, this is not one of its strong points. It only includes the frame and one toddler seat. However, extra options that can be included include a standing board, an infant car seat, adapters, a sibling seat, and a bassinet.


The seating configurations of the Thule Sleek

This expandable stroller is a top 10 expandable stroller for 2020. It offers amazing and convenient seating arrangements for one kid and for two kids when your family expands. You can even add a standing board and use it to carry three kids.

The stroller is compatible with Chicco and Maxi-Cosi infant car seats. It can be expanded into a double stroller by adding a sibling seat, a bassinet, an infant car seat, or a second car seat.

Thule Sleek - All seating configurationsMultiple seating configurations for the Thule Sleek double stroller

With the Thule Sleek, you will love how close you are with your youngest child because most seating configurations put the infant car seat or the bassinet on top of the main seat. However, there are some configurations that will prevent the regular seat from reclining. So it really depends on what your needs and the needs of your kids are at any particular moment.

Thule Sleek in double versionCan be set to include two main seats

Unlike the Evenflo Xpand stroller, Thule Sleek does not have inbuilt adapters. You will, therefore, have to buy them if you want to use this stroller as a double stroller.


Toddler seat

This Sleek seat has got some impressive features. They include:

  • The fact that it is reversible (you can put your toddler facing you or the world)
  • Its bumper bar for safety
  • The ability to be one-handedly reclined to a sleeping position
  • An adjustable leg rest is attached
  • It can be reclined to three different positions including a near-flat recline
  • Has got a plushy seat for taking naps in
  • Comes with a fairly big and extendable canopy

This toddler seat has got a maximum weight capacity of 48.5 pounds. The sibling seat on the stroller has a lower maximum weight capacity of 33 pounds. You can, therefore, use the main seat until your baby turns 3.5 or 4 years old in contrast to the sibling seat which you can only use until your baby turns about 2.5 years.

Features of Thule Sleek toddler seat - reversible, reclining and equipped with vented canopyThule Sleek has a vented canopy, and a deeply reclining and reversible main seat

What terrains can this Thule Sleek stroller handle?

Unlike other Thule strollers that are built for jogging, this particular one is designed for daily use in the city. However, even though it is not a jogger, Thule Sleek does include big tires and a great suspension system. So it may not be good for running, but it can definitely handle most terrains.

Its tires are similar in size to those found on the VISTA (big 11-inch rear wheels and slightly smaller 8-inch front wheel). The wheels are not pneumatic; they are rubber tires filled with foam. You will not need to inflate them. So with this stroller, you don’t have to care about carrying a pump or fixing punctures in the middle of town.

As you can imagine, the tires described above are quite versatile. They can handle many different terrains including cobblestone, playground grass, gravel roads, uneven pavements, and so on. Smoother surfaces can be handled even better.

Needless to say but this stroller cannot handle unbeaten paths and rougher terrains because its tires are not big and inflated.


The Pros and Cons of the Thule Sleek siblings stroller


  • Made of great quality fabric and materials
  • Features a stylish design
  • Has big and versatile tires that can manage on all kinds of terrain
  • Has a brilliant suspension system for bump-free rides
  • Comes with reversible seat
  • The seat can be reclined to three different positions
  • Has an extendable push bar that for easy pushing
  • Its canopy is ventilated to prevent overheating and excessive sweating
  • You can add a gilder board to it for your older child


  • The sibling seat is not as big as the main seat
  • A bassinet can only be attached below the toddler seat, when the toddler seat is also attached
  • Its storage space can be increased in size
  • The storage basket features a useful cover
  • The canopy does not provide good coverage when the seat is maximally reclined

The Baby Jogger City Select LUX

The Baby Jogger City Select LUX is an upgrade of the widely popular Baby Jogger City Select baby carriage. It has better tires, a better folding mechanism, a better braking system, a better suspension system, and more seating arrangements. Considering that it is an upgrade of a well-accepted and extremely popular model, it is very likely going to be a top five single-to-double stroller by the end of 2020.

Baby Jogger City Select LUX The single and the double versions of the Baby Jogger City Select (model: LUX)

The Baby Jogger City Select LUX has got twenty seating arrangements. You can utilize it with 1 or 2 toddler seats, with bassinets, and with newborn car seats. One can similarly add a standing board for an older child to glide on as you push your one or two other kids onboard.

This stroller can be used from birth since it is newborn-ready. You will just need to buy a compatible newborn car seat or bassinet.

In addition to the infant car seat, you can fix a bassinet, sibling seat or another infant car seat on either the upper or lower part of the frame facing either the front or the back. Each seating configuration has its own pros and cons. However, one of the best ones is the one in which you attach you have your newborn close by facing you so that you can monitor him or her and you can closely bond when strolling.

Baby Jogger City Select LUX - most of the seating combinations

Has many seating configurations and the options of attaching a standing platform or a bench seat

You can attach two toddler seats, 2 bassinets, or 2 infant car seats to carry your twins on this stroller. The best way to set up the seats for toddlers is to have them facing one another. They will have fun and play as you go around the park.

There are also many other combinations you can use LUX as a stroller for your newborn and your toddler. There is also the option of attaching a bench, which is fun especially if your older kid (two to three years old) loves to walk. They can walk when they want to and come back and hitch a ride on the bench when they are tired. This feature makes this stroller one of the best ones for toddlers. There is also the option of attaching a glider board, which is even more fun.

Baby Jogger City Select LUX - expandable strollerCity Select LUX model with a bench seat (bought separately) and a toddler seat

Toddler seat

The toddler seat on this stroller is one of a kind. It is so good in so many ways but it is still criminally underrated.

Before I discuss its unique features, let me start with the pretty basic ones. This City Select LUX toddler seat can be reclined like the other expandable stroller toddler seats I described earlier in this post. It can be reclined pretty deeply to create a near-horizontal bed-like space where your baby can nap comfortably. The bed-like space can be made even more comfortable by raising the adjustable calf rest.

What is so special about this seat is the fact that it can be reversed. This is pretty cool as it gives you two options to choose from depending on the circumstances. You can choose to have your baby face you for close monitoring or to face the world and enjoy the surroundings.

I really love the padding on this seat. It is pretty plush and comfy for the baby to sit on even for long periods. It is also a breeze to clean since the cover can be removed.

Moreover, the second main seat is as big as the primary one. Both toddler seats have got a maximum weight capacity of 45 pounds and can, therefore, serve you for about three good years.

Baby Jogger City Select LUX double strollerGreat stroller for carrying kids

I love the fact that this expandable stroller has an extendable canopy that you can adjust upwards to create more head room for your toddler as he or she grows. I also love its size because it provides great cover. Additional features on the canopy include its noiseless mesh windows.

What terrains can this LUX stroller handle?

The City Select Lux has got foam-filled rubber wheels and a brilliant suspension system. Many parents admit that it moves very smoothly on most urban surfaces. However, some moms and dads say that it does not move as well as the original City Select. (In my opinion, it does)

The terrains where you will find joy pushing this stroller include non-loose gravel, asphalt, pavements, and sidewalks. It can also handle slightly uneven terrains and short grass but may be slightly difficult to maneuver. If you want a stroller that can handle uneven terrain, go for the original City Select or for the VISTA double stroller.


The Pros and Cons of the BJ LUX siblings stroller


  • Has some of the most spacious seats
  • Allows the attachment of a bassinet on top and a toddler seat underneath it
  • The second seat can be switched for a bench seat
  • Comes with a stand-on platform for your older child to ride on
  • Has a fully functional sibling seat with a max. Weight capacity of 45 lbs.
  • The full-sized seat is generously padded and can be reclined considerably
  • Has an oversized and height-adjustable canopy
  • Comes with a mesh see-through window for maximum airflow and constant monitoring
  • Features a giant storage basket
  • It does not require the removal of the main seat to enable folding
  • Automatically locks itself when folded
  • Has a length-adjustable push bar


  • Folding it only becomes easier with time
  • The location of the handbrake is not suitable for tall parents
  • Its wheels are not versatile enough and therefore it cannot be used on uneven terrain
  • Cannot stand by itself when folded


I know most of my stroller reviews often focus on the pros. However, you may have picked up the fact that expandable strollers have some limitations. So what should you look for when buying such strollers?

  • Most of the times, moms and dads, expect to keep their infant baby nearest to them on a bassinet, while the older baby sits below it. However, not all single-to-double strollers are built this way. For instance, the Thule Sleek and the UPPAbaby VISTA do not have this seating configuration. So have a look at the seating configurations, if where your newborn baby “seats” is important to you.
  • Check if the attachment of the bassinet affects/ limits how far the toddler seat can recline or if it blocks the view of the other child. Strollers such as BJ City Select and Peg Perego Team have this problem.
  • Some strollers have seats or bassinets that are positioned close to one another and make it difficult to monitor the child on the lower bassinet. So if you are a constant worrier like myself, you should probably look for one that allows you to constantly keep an eye on your babies.
  • For some strollers, it is difficult to access the storage space when the seats are set in certain configurations. But the good news is that most, if not all, of the seven single-to-double strollers I have reviewed in this post, have relatively easily accessible storage bags.
  • Some of the expandable strollers have got a smaller sibling seat, which affects usability.

Even though some single-to-double strollers have the limitations I have mentioned above, most of the strollers remain exciting solutions for those who are planning to have a second child a couple of months after the first one.

If you believe a double stroller or a single stroller could work better for you, I have got similar lists to this one that you can check to pick the best double or single stroller. Otherwise, if it is an expandable stroller you want, I can assure you that your chances of finding one better than the ones in this list are pretty slim!

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