This is a comprehensive review of the Mountain Buggy Nano. This is one of the latest versions of the iconic stroller and it is perfect for both toddlers and newborns.

Are you looking for a brilliant lightweight stroller? One that you can use from day one? Or do you have a bulky stroller that is making it cumbersome to stroll with your baby? If you have said yes to any of the above questions then you should definitely read this review. Because this Mountain Buggy baby carriage is regarded as one of the most lightweight, compact, and easy to use strollers on the market.

Mountain Buggy Nano review

In this review, I will introduce you to it. I will discuss its best features and how awesome they are. I will also discuss its flaws. In short, by the end of the review, you will be aware of everything you need to know about this stroller.

Let’s begin.

Short Summary of the Review

  • Stroller name: Mountain Buggy Nano
  • Stroller weight: 13 pounds.
  • Type of stroller: Lightweight stroller.
  • Toddler seat weight limit: 44 pounds.
  • Whom is it suitable for: Can be used from birth by attaching a car seat or a special cocoon.
  • Summary of the review: This is a complete lightweight stroller that is multifunctional and very travel-friendly.

I will tell you all about this stroller including some special features not described or discussed in most reviews I have seen. I will also tell you about the things to keep in mind before purchasing this stroller. Lastly, I will give you my verdict based on the pros and cons of the strollers and on what I generally know about lightweight strollers.


Mountain Buggy Nano Review – The Special Features

To begin the review, let us first look at what the stroller has to offer. In this section, you will find out that most of the features on the Mountain Buggy Nano 2016 are improved features. They are better than what is available on the older models.

The Mountain Buggy Nano toddler seat

This stroller comes with a special toddler seat. Like most other toddler seats, it can only be used from when the baby turns 6 months old. The seat comes with a tall backrest and is pretty wide and deep. Your baby will love how spacious and comfortable it is.

The seat’s big size is not expected considering that most lightweight strollers are narrow and, therefore, generally have smaller seats.

One of the things I love the most about this seat is the fact that it has a big capacity of 44 pounds. What this means is that you can use it until your child gets into pre-school. So it has the potential to serve you for a very long time.

Mountain Buggy Nano ReviewThe big toddler seat and its brilliant safety harness.

I also love the fact that the seat comes with adjustable leg rest. You can adjust it just right to make sure your baby is completely comfortable whether he is six months old or he is about to celebrate his fourth birthday.

Taller children also have a footrest where they can rest their feet on during strolls.

Mountain Buggy NanoThe adjustable leg rest and the footrest on the Mountain Buggy Nano.

Unlike other lightweight strollers whose designs do not deliberately make them more comfortable for the baby, this one’s design is on point in terms of comfort. This can be seen in the fact that the seat can be reclined to several positions. It can actually recline to a very deep angle that is perfect for napping during strolls. The deep recline is, however, not near-flat and is, therefore, not perfect for carrying newborns.

Reclining the seat or lifting it back up is a piece of cake. You can perform either action easily and quickly by pulling a strap behind the seat.

Mountain Buggy Nano 2017The stroller and its reclining toddler seat.

The toddler seat also features a unique mesh window at the top of the backrest. The mesh window can be opened to increase airflow and to prevent the baby from overheating during hot days. It can be closed during chilly days to keep the child warm and cozy. Having the mesh window is a fantastic idea. However, the one thing I do not like it is that it closes with Velcro and not a magnet. This means opening it can startle or wake up your baby.

Mountain Buggy Nano The safety harness on this Mountain Buggy Stroller model.

Lastly, with regards to this seat, it is pretty safe to use. This is because it comes with the recommended five-point harness that completely secures the baby. It will prevent your baby from falling off the stroller in case it brakes or stops suddenly.

The five-point harness is easy to remove. You can unbuckle it in like two steps. But your baby can’t. It is impossible for them to do it. In my eyes, this is a big plus for the stroller.

The Mountain Buggy Nano carrying options for newborns

You can use this stroller to safely carry your newborn in two ways. By replacing its toddler seat with either a compatible newborn car seat or a special newborn cocoon.


The Mountain Buggy Nano Infant Car Seat Option

You can easily convert this stroller into a travel system and you do not even need to buy an adapter to do it. You do not need to buy an adapter separately because it already comes with its own. Its on-board adapter makes it compatible with a variety of infant car seats.

Mountain Buggy Nano ReviewThe new stroller is compatible with a number of car seats.

Most of the major car seat brands are compatible with Nano’s onboard adapter. They can quickly and securely be fitted on the stroller frame.

Using this stroller with an infant car seat would be perfect for you if you like to drive or have to drive frequently. It is perfect because it means you do not have to spend money on another travel system. It is also perfect because it allows you to safely carry your newborn baby. Safely because all infant car seats are truly flat and, therefore, okay for babies to sleep on.

The Mountain Buggy Nano Cocoon Option

The Mountain Buggy Nano Cocoon Option is the best way to carry your newborn child using this stroller. This is because the Mountain Buggy cocoon (bought separately) offers a completely flat bed to protect your newborn baby’s fragile back, neck, and spine.

So if you expect to go for extended strolls with your newborn baby using this stroller, you should buy the cocoon to ensure that your baby is totally protected.

Mountain Buggy Nano with Cocoon Carrycot for NewbornsThe cocoon for carrying newborns on this Mountain Buggy model.

You can use the cocoon from when your baby is just a day old until they get to 19 pounds. So it can serve you for quite some time. The cocoon weighs just three pounds and can come with or without a canopy. The cocoon with a canopy is the best option for everyone.

This is because it shields the newborn baby from the sun and strong winds. Nevertheless, the one without a canopy is not so bad either because there is a way you can position the stroller’s main canopy to cover it and shield the baby

Mountain Buggy Nano Stroller with carrycotThe Mountain Buggy Nano cocoon.

Even with a canopy attached, this stroller’s weight does not change much because the canopy weighs only 3 pounds while the stroller weighs 12 pounds. So you will still find the Nano easy to push and maneuver despite having a cocoon on.


The canopy

As it is evident in the image below, this stroller comes with a big canopy that is two-paneled and an additional sun visor. The sun visor is bigger than what was available on the older Nano model.

It is also made using the same material used to make the canopy, unlike the older Nano model whose sun visor was mesh. The big canopy plus the sun visor provide decent protection against the sun and the wind.

Mountain Buggy Nano ReviewA side view of the canopy and the sun visor. They offer decent protection against the sun and the wind.

I have made it a habit to always read reviews left on products online to understand them better before buying them or writing a post like this one. When I was reading the reviews left for this product, I noticed a number of parents were complaining about the canopy. They were saying that it opens itself when lifting the stroller up after folding it. So I decided to do further investigations to find out the truth.

I discovered during the investigations that the canopy can open up when lifting the folded stroller. However, I also discovered that it does not have to. This is because the stroller comes with a special strap that you can use to secure it after folding the stroller. You can see how you can do this in the image below.

Lightweight Travel Stroller Mountain Buggy Nano canopy opens when foldedThe special strap for securing the canopy.

So although the parents’ were right in their complaints that the canopy can open up after folding. It is not something to worry about since there is a strap you can use to prevent it from opening.


The wheels

The wheels of this stroller are not the biggest ones you will see on a stroller; they just measure 5.5 inches in diameter. However, this is not expected considering that this is a lightweight stroller.

The wheels are plastic in nature. The best thing about them is that the front ones can swivel to make the stroller more agile. The swiveling action can also be prevented by locking the wheels. Locking the wheels can make the stroller more comfortable when going over slightly bumpy or rough terrain.

Mountain Buggy Nano - swiveling front wheelsThe swiveling and lockable front wheels.

Even though this stroller’s wheels are not all-terrain wheels, they can handle gravel paths, cobblestone streets, pavements, and sidewalks really well. This makes them perfect for strolling in most cities including that old Italian, French, or Greek City you may be planning to fly to for a vacation.

Mountain Buggy Nano Review Lightweight Travel StrollerThe stroller can handle many types of city terrain really well.

The brakes

The stroller comes with a parking brake for safety. The brake is extremely easy to use. You simply need to step on the red-colored part of the brake pedal to engage it. To release it, you need to step on the opposite blue colored part of the pedal.

Mountain Buggy Nano features single action brake with color indicatorsThe easy to use brake on the latest Nano stroller.

The handlebar

This stroller comes with a tall handlebar measuring 38.5 inches from the floor. According to the makers of the stroller, the handlebar can be conveniently used to push and steer the stroller by users between 5 ft. and 6 ft. 3. This may be true but I feel that that handlebar could have been more convenient if it were extendable as is the case with the other handlebars on new strollers.

Nevertheless, what this handlebar lacks in terms of extensibility, it more than makes up for in terms of design. It has a really nice design that is ergonomic and easy to push even for extended periods of time.

The design is also such that the stroller can be pushed with one hand.


The maneuverability of the New Mountain Buggy Nano

The fact that this stroller is lightweight makes it very easy to push and to maneuver. Another thing that makes it easy to maneuver is its even weight distribution.

Moreover, the overall design of the stroller makes it easy to go over curbs. You simply need to lift the stroller’s front wheels using the handlebar and to push the stroller a bit forward to go over curbs. See the illustration below to understand.

With Nano we can easily pop over curbs - Lightweight Stroller for NewbornThe stroller can easily go over curbs.

Additionally, the Mountain Buggy Nano is quite narrow. This plus the fact that it is lightweight makes it easy to push with 1 hand. It also makes it convenient to push through crowds and through retail stores with narrow aisles.

The rear wheels of this stroller have got a special suspension system. Only a handful of lightweight strollers have got suspension systems. So the fact that this one has is a big plus. The suspension system serves to make this stroller more stable. It also absorbs shocks making rides smoother.


The weight of the stroller and its fold size

This new Mountain Buggy Nano is a very light lightweight stroller. It weighs only 13 pounds. The lightweightness of this stroller plus that fact that it is compact make it very easy to handle. You can go for long strolls with it without getting tired. You can also conveniently travel to far places with it because you can easily carry it or fold it when necessary. The fact that the stroller is really lightweight means that it is safe to carry even for those who have given birth through the C-Section

Folding Mountain Buggy NanoThe stroller can easily be folded.

As mentioned above, the Nano can be folded easily. You cannot fold it with one hand but it is certainly a breeze to fold. Once you fold it and it automatically locks itself, you need to secure the canopy with the security strap on the back of the seat before self-standing the stroller. With folding done correctly, you will end up with an ultra-lightweight and easy-to-carry unit that you can slide into the travel bag that the stroller comes with. The fold size of the stroller is 12 inches by 22 inches by 20 inches.

This small fold size meets the carry-on regulations of many airlines. It is also small enough to easily fit into small closets and car trunks. So if you do not have much space, it can work pretty well for you.

Mountain Buggy Nano comes with a travel bagThe folded Nano in the travel bag.

I know of someone who went with their Nano stroller to Nice in the French Riviera. They went there for a holiday. The person, a close friend of mine, went there with their partner and their 1-year-old baby. They told me they enjoyed their vacation thoroughly because the Nano made traveling very convenient for them.

Mountain Buggy Nano - one of the best lightweight travel strollersThe lightweight and travel-friendly Mountain Bag Nano

The storage space

This stroller features decent-size storage space. The space is located underneath the seat. It is big enough to accommodate the baby’s essentials and can be accessed from both the front and the back. This is unlike most other stroller storage baskets that can only be accessed from the rear.

Mountain Buggy Nano storage basketThe Nano stroller’s storage space

There is something I do not like about the storage space and that is the size. The size is not big enough to accommodate large diaper bag but it can definitely fit all of the baby’s essentials according to what I have heard from my friend and the reviews I have read.

The advantages and disadvantages of using the Nano

As you may have noticed, this Nano stroller is a pretty decent stroller. It has got some brilliant features. It also equally has got a number of drawbacks. Below are the advantages and disadvantages of using it.


  • It is usable from birth with either an infant car seat or the Mountain Buggy cocoon.
  • It will serve you for a long time as its toddler seat has a high weight capacity.
  • It can be converted into a travel system as its on-board adapter is compatible with many cat seats.
  • Its mains seat comes with an adjustable leg rest and a footrest.
  • The wheels of the stroller can handle cobblestone, gravel paths, and sidewalks really well.
  • The parking brake is easy to use.
  • Can be easily pushed with 1 hand.
  • A very light stroller that can be carried like a suitcase or a backpack with the help of its travel bag.
  • Super easy to fold compared to other strollers.
  • Folds into a tiny fold size.
  • Comes with a free travel bag.


  • The stroller cannot be folded with one hand.
  • The stroller does not come with a cup holder, a child tray, or a parent tray.
  • The stroller has no peek-a-boo window.
  • The canopy on it is not very big.



The Nano Accessories

This new Mountain Buggy Nano comes only with two accessories. The accessories are an on-board universal car seat adapter and a travel bag.

The car seat adapter makes the stroller compatible with several top brand infant car seats, while the travel bag makes it easier to store, carry, transport, or travel with the stroller.

While these two accessories that this new Mountain Buggy stroller comes with are free of charge, the manufacturer (Mountain Buggy) also makes a variety of other accessories that can be bought separately. Below are some of the most important ones.

1. The Cocoon Carrycot

Mountain Buggy Nano Duo 2018 - Newborn Cocoon

Buy this cocoon if you wish to use the Nano to carry your newborn. This is because this cocoon offers a flat sleeping position that is safe for the baby’s spine and development.

2. The Standing Board
Mountain Buggy Freerider Stroller Board

Buy this board is you have a toddler that would like to ride on the stroller while you are taking you are taking your youngest out for a stroller. This standing board is universal. So you can attach to any other stroller if you want.


3. The Child Tray

Mountain Buggy Nano grab bar and food tray

Purchase this tray if you a looking for a convenient platform to put your baby’s milk and snacks. Babies get hungry during strolls, so having a tray like this can be very useful.


4. The parent organizer/ storage bag/ pouch

Mountain Buggy Pouch - storage bag

In my opinion, every parent with a stroller needs a parent organizer; a small storage pouch where they can keep everything they may want to easily access. This is why this accessory is a must-have in my opinion. It is spacious enough to accommodate your phone, your water bottle/ energy drink, your wallet, and your keys. It is also pretty cheap.


5. The cover set

Mountain Buggy Nano all weather cover set

Buy this cover set if you live a place where there are mosquitos and or flying bugs. This is because one of the covers in the set acts as a bug shield. Also buy the set if you live in a rainy region. Because the other cover in the set acts as a rain shield.

6. The stroller umbrella

Mountain Buggy stroller umbrella

This special umbrella is compatible with the Nano and many other strollers. It is perfect for shielding the baby from heat, bright light and sun. It is also very convenient as you do not need to actively hold it up.


7. The hand muffs

Mountain Buggy hand muffs

Buy these hand muffs if you like strolling outside in the winter or on chilly days. They will keep your hands warm and cozy.


The available Mountain Buggy Nano Color Versions

This stroller is available in several color versions including silver, nautical, ruby, and black. The color options are shown in the image below.

Mountain Buggy Nano - regular color versionsNano regular color options

In addition to the above color options, several exciting special color editions are also available online.

Mountain Buggy Nano Specs

Type of stroller Lightweight stroller
Weight 13 pounds stroller, 3 pounds cocoon
Weight limit for seat and cocoon 44 and 19 pounds, respectively
Dimensions of the stroller 32 by 22 by 38.5 inches
Fold size 12 by 22 by 20 inches
Height of handlebar 38.5 inches

What other moms and dads think about this new model Nano stroller

As always, I checked read the reviews left by other parents who had bought the stroller on As I am writing this post, the stroller has got dozens upon dozens of reviews. The majority of reviewers only have nice things to say about it. Of course, there are quite a number of people who have also pointed out its minor flaws.

Based on the information I gathered from the reviews, many parents love how well-constructed the stroller is and how compactly it can fold. Many customers also really love the fact that the stroller’s small fold size meets the carry-on regulations of many airlines. Many have traveled with it far and wide without experiencing any problems according to comments in the reviews.

Many moms and dads who have used the stroller also love the fact that it can go through narrow doorways, aisles, and spaces. They also adore how well the stroller’s small wheels can handle bumpy terrain, especially cobbled streets.

The lightweightness of the stroller has also seemingly impressed many parents. Many love how it can easily be folded and dragged like a suitcase or carried like a backpack.

The stroller’s flaws, as noted by parents in the reviews, include the fact that folding is not one-handed and the fact that the stroller does not come with a cup holder.


What to consider before buying this stroller

Consider the fact that this stroller only comes with an adapter and a travel bag as accessories. If you want other accessories such as a cocoon, a beverage holder, or a child’s tray, you will have to buy them separately.

Moreover, you should also be cognizant of the fact that although the stroller can handle rough terrain, it is not meant for really rough terrain, so do not take it over such grounds.


Why buy this stroller

1. Because it is an awesome stroller that can be used as a lightweight stroller, as a travel system, and as a pram.

2. Because it is perfect and comfortable for long strolls. Your passenger will enjoy riding in it.

3. Because it can easily be folded into a pretty small unit and stored in a small closet or car trunk. Its small fold size also makes it easy to carry.

4. Because it will serve you for a long time. You can use it from birth with a cocoon or a newborn seat and later on use its toddler seat to carry your grown baby until they turn 4.

5. Because you can use it as a primary stroller and a secondary stroller. No need to spend money on two different strollers. Just buy this one to use from birth.

6. Because it comes with a variety of special and exciting features including a reclining seat, a tall backrest, an adjustable leg rest, a decent canopy, and a suspension system. It also comes with other accessories such as a standing board and a special hands-free umbrella that can be purchased separately.

7. It is a sturdy lightweight stroller that is also pretty versatile. Compared to other lightweight strollers like it, it is one of the best ones currently available on the market.

In conclusion, this Mountain Buggy stroller is one of the best ones ever made. It has only one or two minor flaws but they do not really affect its performance. Check out its price and what others are saying about it on Amazon by clicking this link.


Let me know in the comments about your experience with this stroller, or any questions you might have


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