Do you wish to know more about the latest features as well as upgrades of the new GB Pockit Plus model? We are all very curious and excited about this latest stroller addition to the market because it features totally different functions!

And the best part is that GB Pockit + is finally available in stores!

GB pockit plus review 2019

Every parent, or future parent, probably knows the GB Pockit+ stroller. Apart from being a big hit in the past two years, this particular Pockit stroller was also a bestseller amidst lightweight strollers. The brand just recently released to the market the latest version of their popular baby stroller- GB Pockit Plus.

So, what are the main features of this stroller? Let’s take a look.

  • Larger canopy that provides more shade and protection to your little one
  • Deeply reclining backrest to allow for comfortable napping
  • Compatible with carrycots as well as infant car seat thus making the stroller suitable for use on newborns
  • Spacious seat that comfortably accommodates older and tall kids
  • Super lightweight; weighs 13 pounds only, which makes it very easy to lift to the car trunk or up the stairway

This latest Pockit stroller comes in several colors for you to choose from, and different colors have different prices.


GB Pockit plus Review

The original Pockit stroller model was an incredible lightweight stroller specially designed for those parents that are frequently on the move with their children. That stroller, however, lacks several features that would offer more convenience and comfort to both the child and parent. Even though it is lightweight and has a super-small fold (capable of fitting in the overhead compartment of airplanes), the original Pockit stroller does not have a proper canopy and a comfortable seat for the baby.

After several requests from different parents, the manufacturer of the stroller came to the realization that strolling around with a child is not just a matter of moving from one point to another. And that is how the latest Pockit Plus stroller model was created.

Let us begin with newly included features of the latest GB Pockit+ stroller.

The new GB Pockit Plus stroller


The absence of a reclinable backrest was among some of the complaints from parents regarding the original Pockit stroller model. The latest model is upgraded and features a more comfy seat for the baby.

  • Recline

GB Pockit Plus has multi-position recline seatReclining seat of the Pockit+ offers comfortable napping

The latest GB Pockit Plus features a multi-position reclining seat. The does not recline completely to a flat position, but for such a tiny travel baby stroller, it is enough! The reclining angle of the seat is considered low enough to allow for comfortable napping while on-the-go.

The deepest recline of the backrest; even though it is not really deep it is enough for that baby who enjoys taking naps during walks

The latest GB Pockit Plus model has a strap that needs to be pulled to pull down the backrest. For an even lower recline, you can use the extra zipper positioned on top of the backrest (displayed in the photo below).

Gb pockit plus recline mechanismIf you wish to completely recline the stroller’s seat you will have to unzip the zipper at the top of the backrest- it can easily be unzipped with just one hand, but you definitely have to use both your hands to zip it up and raise the seat’s backrest


Another improvement made in the seat is the size. The new Pockit+ stroller has a deeper and wider seat compared to the original version. This new feature is incredible because the stroller can now comfortably accommodate bigger and older kids.

Gb pockit 2019The spacious seat of the latest Pockit+ can comfortably accommodate taller and older kids

According to numerous user reviews about the new GB Pockit Plus, some parents even use the stroller on their five-year-old kids. It is all thanks to this spacious seat that preschoolers and even older kids now feel more comfortable riding in the stroller.


The seat padding features an upgraded neoprene fabric that is quite soft as well as comfy.

GB Pockit Plus - HarnessNeoprene fabric is used on the seat padding to make it soft and comfy.

Also featured on the seat is an adjustable five-point harness to secure the baby in position.

Options for newborns

The original GB Pockit+ can only be used from six months of age once the baby can sit up unaided. It is not suitable for use on newborns. GB Pockit+, however, has two different options that permit parents to utilize it for their newborns.

GB Pockit+ – compatibility with infant car seats

First and foremost, Pockit+ is compatible with both Cybex and GB infant car seats (the special adapters are separately sold).

GB Pockit Plus can serve as a travel system with Cybex and GB infant car seatsThe new GB Pockit+ is compatible with GB and Cybex infant car seats

This baby stroller can easily be converted to a travel system by parents and used right from birth. In fact, Pockit+ can be the only stroller you will ever need, particularly if you do not plan on taking long walks with your newborn. Remember, the infant car seats are sold separately.

Cot-to-go – GB Pockit+ carrycot

Cot To Go - new piece of gear for GB Pockit +Cot-to-go is a new addition to GB Pockit Plus

This is another great option that is offered by Pockit Plus to accommodate your newborn – a separate carrycot that you can connect to the stroller’s frame. Note that this cot is also separately sold.

Cot-to-go is the best option for those parents that would like to travel or move around with their newborns. It is light in weight and weighs only 9.7 pounds.

The cot can be used for babies of up to six months of age and has a weight limit of 19.8 pounds. It offers a totally flat position that properly supports the baby’s head and back. It also features a softly and nicely padded memory foam mattress for more comfort. In addition, it has a nicely-sized sunshade and apron which together cover and protect your little one from the wind and sun rays.

With this carrycot parents can use GB Pockit Plus since birth! Traveling with infants has never been easier.This carrycot allows parents to use Pockit Plus straight from birth

This cot-to-go has one more incredible feature! Similar to the stroller, it also has a small compact fold that can easily fit into a handbag! What’s more folding and opening the carrycot literally takes just a few seconds. Traveling with your newborn or infant has just been made easier!

Cot-to-go is compatible with both GB Pockit Plus and Obit Plus.

GB Pockit Plus carrycot foldedThe carrycot folds into a nice compact fold when not being used

We are not yet done with the new incredible features of Pockit+. Let’s continue!


When the brand manufacturer presented their latest Pockit stroller model back in 2017 on Kids Expo, it turned out that the stroller has a totally different sunshade design from the original version (even though at the beginning the brand wanted to maintain the small canopy).

GB Pockit Plus - Bigger canopyThe significantly larger canopy of the Pockit Plus

The latest Pockit Plus model has a larger sunshade that offers more coverage and protection from the wind, sun, and rain. And even though it is not the largest sunshade out there on the market, it is still considerably larger than the one featured in the original model.

The new sunshade is round in shape and offers sufficient coverage to your little one. It is made using UPF 50+ material that shields the child from the harmful rays of the sun.

GB Pockit Plus - CanopyCanopy featured in the GB Pockit Plus

Size and weight

I know that by now you are probably wondering whether or not Pockit plus is larger and heavier than the original model because of the added features.

This new and upgraded stroller version is heavier than the original Pockit. GB Pockit+ weighs 13 pounds (the original Pockit weighs 9.5 pounds), which is a considerable change in weight. This is, however, understandable since this new version has to be more robust and stronger in order to hold the infant car seat. Nonetheless, the stroller is still light in weight and is easy to carry around.

Apart from the weight, the size has also increased but only slightly. When open, GB Pockit Plus is an inch wider and 0.5 inches higher than the original version.

Although the size and weight changes a little bit, folded GB Pockit Plus still fits into overhead compartment on airplanesEven though the weight and size have slightly changed, Pockit+ still fits in the overhead compartment of airplanes when folded.

Note that the size of the fold has only slightly changed and GB Pockit+ is still the smallest baby stroller available on the market today. When folded, its dimensions are 12.5 inches by 7.8 inches by 14.9 inches (instead of 11.8 inches by 7.1 inches by 13.8 inches of the original). It can still fit in the overhead compartment of airplanes as it folds down to a tiny handbag-sized package.

Additional features of GB Pockit Plus

Apart from the incredible changes, Pockit+ is still the same as the original.

Folding mechanism

GB Pockit Plus Folded StrollerThe opening and folding mechanism of the stroller is similar to that of the original version

The folding mechanism has not really changed and the latest GB Pockit Plus stroller model features an automatic lock. This lock prevents the stroller from suddenly opening up during transportation or storage. In addition, the stroller is capable of standing on its own when folded and so you could keep it below the table of a coffee shop or any restaurant when stopping for a meal or drink.

GB Pockit Plus Stroller features self-standThe self-stand of the GB Pockit+

Its small and compact fold makes it perfect for those parents who have cars with small trunks or those living in small apartments. After all, the fold is quite small that you could keep it in your bag or behind your car seat!

GB Pockit Plus - FoldedWhen the wheels are not folded prior to closing the stroller it looks like this. It is still really small and easily fits behind the driver’s seat


The latest model features pivoting front wheels that can be locked when riding on rugged grounds. Bear in mind, however, that the wheels are actually less than five inches and so are more suited to flat surfaces and not rough terrain.

GB Pockit Plus - Swivel lockable front wheelsGB Pockit Plus stroller features similar swivel and lockable front wheels as the older version

Ease of use and maneuverability

GB Pockit Plus is so tiny and really easy to steer that it could be pushed with just one hand! When riding on flat surfaces, it rolls very smoothly. I do not recommend using it on rough surfaces.

GB Pockit Plus - WheelsThe wheels on Pockit+ are really small and are nor suitable for riding on uneven surfaces



Similar to the original version, Pockit Plus features two individual handles. According to different customer reviews, the handles are quite comfortable for both average and short parents. They might, however, be too low for individuals more than six feet tall.

GB Pockit Plus - HandlesGB Pockit Plus’ handles are convenient for average and short height individuals



This latest Pockit stroller features a tiny brake pedal positioned between the back dual wheels at the right. The brake is quite challenging to operate because of its location and size, however, it is something that you could get accustomed to with time.

GB Pockit Plus - Parking brakeParking brake pedal of the Pockit Plus

I once tested the brake pedal when wearing my winter boots that have heels and this small brake pedal was quite difficult to press. Disengaging the brakes was, however, a lot easier- just lift up the pedal. I did not find it uncomfortable using the brakes with my boots, but I am sure that it won’t be comfortable with open-toed shoes.

GB Pockit Plus - Small brake pedalThe small brake pedal was difficult to find with my winter boots

Storage space

Below the seat is a storage space that holds up to 11 pounds. The space is, however, quite small and can only carry a small diaper bag or a few items stored separately (for instance a blanket, few diapers, sippy cup, and snacks). It’s a good thing that this storage bin is quite easy to access.

GB Pockit Plus - Tiny storage basketSmall storage basket of the GB Pockit+


The stroller has a five-point harness that is easily adjustable as the child grows.


The stroller can accommodate a child of up to 55 pounds

Pros and Cons



  • The featured seat is spacious enough to comfortably accommodate a five-year-old kid
  • Thanks to its compatibility with infant car seat and carrycots, the stroller is suitable for use right from birth
  • The reclining backrest offers the chills comfortable napping positions
  • Larger canopy compared to the original Pockit stroller model
  • Nice, comfy seat padding
  • Quite lightweight this easy to carry around
  • Perfect for airplane travel as the folded stroller nicely fits into the overhead compartment of planes or below the seat
  • Perfect for crowded or tight spaces such as stores, narrow sidewalks, and restaurants



  • Its small wheels are not suited for riding on rough surfaces
  • Tiny basket beneath the seat
  • Non-adjustable handles that are somewhat very low for tall (more than 6 feet)


Release date of the GB Pockit Plus stroller


All of us have been anxiously waiting for this particular moment! This latest Pockit stroller model is finally available out there on the market. It is available on online stores such as Amazon, and PishPosh just to mention a few.


What do other users say about Pockit Plus?

After going through several customer reviews on Amazon, I got to know what different parents think about this stroller. Pockit Plus is getting more popular with time and it receives new reviews very often. Given that the original Pockit was a top seller, it is no surprise that this new Pockit Plus model is getting a lot of love too!

Below is my summary of the Stroller’s features that are liked and disliked by parents as per the reviews on Amazon.

A lot of parents like the bigger and more spacious seat (in comparison to the original model). The seat comfortably accommodates older/bigger kids. The new improved sunshade also finally does the job it’s meant to do and protects the baby from the wind and sun, especially when the seat is upright. Another feature that parents like is the stroller’s compatibility with different car seats.

Another great addition is the recline function but a few parents have complaints regarding the mechanism involved and the seat’s upright position that is not really straight.

GB Pockit Plus is bigger and heavier than the original stroller model but is still small and easily portable. The stroller’s tiny and compact fold makes it perfect for traveling; its fold fits in the overhead compartment of planes or below the seat. In addition, the fold occupies very little space at home or in a car trunk.

Nonetheless, some parents complain that folding the stroller is not an easy task. Others say that it needs practice, and others just say that it’s challenging. Recommendation from different users: do not expect to fold up or open up the stroller within a second, or using one hand. Folding and opening take time, particularly at the start, and you will definitely have to use both hands to get the job done.

Some customers say that the stroller feels quite sturdy, while others claim that it is wobbly. One of the shortcomings that is mentioned by most of the parents is the stroller’s tiny storage basket (similar to that on the original version).


Type of stroller Lightweight stroller
Weight of stroller 13 pounds
Maximum weight limit 55 pounds
Stroller Dimensions 28 inches by 18.5 inches by 40.3 inches
Fold Dimensions 12.5 inches by 7.8 inches by 14.9 inches
Wheel Size 4.5 inches
GB Pockit Plus color versions

GB Pockit+ is available in a variety of colors for you to make your pick from. It comes in sapphire blue, cherry red, silver fox, Laguna blue, and satin black.

GB Pockit Plus accessories
GB Pockit Plus - Cot To Go Cot To Go – GB Pockit Plus can be used right from birth all thanks to its compatibility with this carry cot. The cot offers adequate support to the child’s back as well as protection from the wind and sun rays. The most amazing bit about this carrycot is that when not in use, it folds up into a small, compact package that is quite easy to store and carry around. It makes the stroller perfect for newborns.
GB Pockit Plus - Adapters for infant car seats Adapters For Infant Car Seats – The new Pockit+ stroller is compatible with both Cybex and GB car seats. However, in order to connect the infant car seat to the stroller, you will have to get these adapters. They ensure that the infant car seat is firmly fitted on the stroller.
GB Pockit - Travel Bag GB Pockit Travel Bag – Carrying around your Pockit Plus stroller has been made easier by this incredible travel bag. The bag allows you to hang the folded stroller on your shoulder effortlessly as the new version only weighs 13 pounds.
GB Pockit - Footmuff Foot muff – If you enjoy taking winter strolls, then make sure to include this accessory to your stroller. It keeps your little one cozy and warm during those strolls in cold weather.

There are three different Pockit models available on the market; original Pockit, Pockit Plus, and lastly Pockit Go.

Most people have not heard about the third model (Pockit Go). Well, Pockit Go has a frame similar to that of the original Pockit stroller but does not have any fabrics; it serves as a carrier for the infant car seat. You could, however, purchase the fabric separately as your little one grows. Or you could choose to get the Pockit Plus which is totally compatible with infant car seats and comes with fabric.


Comparison of the original GB Pockit versus GB Pockit+


By now, it is clear that the new Pockit stroller is different from the original in several ways. Below is a summary of the differences that exist between the original and the new GB Pockit strollers.

GB Pockit GB Pockit Plus
Sunshade/canopy Small hood that does not really provide ample shade Larger rounded sunshade that properly covers and protects the baby from the sun and wind
Suitability for newborn babies Not compatible with carrycots or infant car seats, hence not appropriate for newborns Compatible with cot-to-go carrycot and infant car seats making it appropriate for newborns
Seat Tiny hood that doesn’t give shade Bigger, rounded canopy that covers the baby
Weight of stroller 9.5 pounds 13 pounds
Size of stroller (Length x Width x Height) 28 inches by 17.5 inches by 39.8 inches 28 inches by 18.5 inches by 40.3inches
Fold size 11.8 inches by 7.1 inches by 13.8 inches 12.5 inches by 7.8 inches by 14.9 inches
Price Check out available colors and prices on Amazon Check out available colors and prices on Amazon


Review conclusion

Even though the original Pockit was a top seller, the latest Pockit stroller has proven to be even better. GB Pockit Plus, the latest Pockit stroller, is still small and compact like the original version but includes additional features that significantly increase both the parent’s and baby’s comfort. I have a strong feeling that GB Pockit Plus will be among the top umbrella strollers in 2019.

Bear in mind

GB Pockit Plus is perfect for travel and also as an everyday stroller. It is, however, not suitable for unbeaten roads or rough surfaces. If you are looking for a comprehensive guide to the best strollers of 2019 see this

Why buy this stroller

Below are three reasons why you should consider getting this stroller for your little one:

  1. GB Pockit Plus can be used right from birth as it is compatible with the cot-to-go carrycot and infant car seats.
  2. The stroller’s multi-position recline allows your little to comfortably lie back and enjoy a nap. In addition, the featured canopy is large enough to protect your baby from the sun and wind.
  3. The stroller has the smallest fold that properly fits in the overhead compartment of planes. The fold can even fit in your handbag! How cool is that!

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