Evenflo sibby travel system new review

In my opinion, the Evenflo Sibby Travel System is one of the cheapest superior quality travel systems. The Evenflo Company has been making quality strollers for quite some time now and I think that this stroller is a masterpiece from them. This is because despite being cheap in price, this stroller is made of quality materials and features superior workmanship normally expected on much more expensive strollers.

In this review, I will tell you all you need to know about the Evenflo Sibby Travel System and why I think it is a bargain at under two hundred dollars.

Let’s begin.

Stroller details in brief

This stroller is cheap in price and it can be used to carry babies from birth to late toddlerhood (five years). The best thing about it is how versatile it is and the fact that it has many convenient assets.

  • Type of stroller: Light travel system
  • Weight of stroller: Twenty-three pounds (stroller plus car seat)
  • Max. seat capacity: Fifty pounds for the toddler seat


The review of the Evenflo Sibby stroller

The Evenflo Sibby is a special travel system ready stroller. It is a stroller that will grow with your kid. By this I mean you can use it to carry your infant baby by attaching the compatible Evenflo car seat. And when your infant baby becomes a toddler (from six months), you can still use it to carry them by switching the car seat on the stroller with the Evenflo toddler seat.

Moreover, it is also a stroller that you can expand using a standing board to accommodate a second child.

The Evenflo Sibby Travel System basic set


This stroller is sold with the following items in its basic set:

  • The Evenflo Sibby stroller frame
  • The Evenflo Sibby regular seat
  • The LiteMax 35 baby or infant car seat from Evenflo (I will refer to it as the Evenflo car seat)
  • The car base for the above Evenflo car seat
  • The Evenflo standing board

Evenflo Sibby Travel System Cheap stroller with car seatThe basic set of the Evenflo Sibby travel stroller


What to know about the components of this basic set

This basic set includes the stroller frame as expected. It also includes a special compatible infant car seat known as the LiteMax 35 car seat. This car seat is special because apart from being designed to offer maximum protection, it is also very light and quite easy to carry. It is also well-padded to ensure your baby is fully comfortable.

In addition to the stroller frame and the car seat, this set also includes the toddler seat. The seat has a maximum weight capacity of fifty pounds. This is a high weight capacity and it means that this stroller can serve you for a long time because your baby will likely only hit this weight when they turn five.

Along with the above-mentioned components, the basic set of this stroller also includes a standing board. You can attach the board to the stroller to give a ride to an older child who can walk.

Evenflo Sibby Travel System with toddler seat and ride-along boardThe Evenflo stroller with the standing board attached


The Evenflo LiteMax Infant Car Seat

Evenflo LiteMax 35 Infant Car SeatThis is the LiteMax car seat. It is protective, safe for newborns, and very comfy

The LiteMax car seat is a special baby car seat. It measures just 10 pounds in weight and it has a maximum weight capacity of 35 pounds. Its height maximum is 32 inches. What these measurements tell me is that it is an infant car seat that will give any infant baby plenty of room to grow. So if you want an infant car seat that you will use for a long time from birth, get this one.

This special baby car seat comes with a base. The base is very easy to install in the car. Once you install it, it makes it very easy to install or remove the LiteMax infant car seat. When you install the LiteMax on it, you will hear a click and you will know for sure that the car seat is secured. So if you need a safe infant car seat, you now know what to get.


LiteMax 35 Infant Car Seat - adjustable baseThe car seat base for the LiteMax car seat

What I like the most about this Evenflo car seat is that it is quite lightweight. This makes it easy to transfer between the car seat base and the stroller. The lightweightness of this car seat coupled with its ergonomic handle, also makes it quite easy to carry. You can easily carry it from your car to the house without needing to use the stroller.

I also like the fact that it has a decent canopy that offers a good shield against the sun and strong winds. It also has a head support pillow to protect, support, and cushion your little one’s head. You can detach this pillow when you feel like your baby no longer needs it.

Evenflo Sibby Travel System infant car seat removable head pillowThe LiteMax car seat with the removable head support pillow

The LiteMax comes with a safety harness to protect the baby. You can adjust the harness in several ways to make it more comfortable but still secure for your baby.

One more thing I feel like I need to mention about this car seat is that it is quite comfy because it is well-padded. Your infant baby will enjoy sleeping or lounging in it.

The Evenflo Sibby toddler seat

This stroller’s toddler seat can be used from six months until your baby turns five years, hits 38 inches in height, or fifty pounds in weight (whichever comes first). What this preceding long statement means is that you can use this stroller and this seat to carry your baby for a long time.

This toddler seat can be reclined just like the toddler seats on many other strollers.

You can recline it to any position you like to make it more comfortable for your baby to lounge on. It is very easy to recline the seat. There is just one strap you need to manipulate to either recline or lift the toddler seat.

Evenflo Sibby Travel System Toddler SeatThe toddler seat on the Evenflo Sibby

I know for a fact that you will love the fact that this toddler seat also comes with an adjustable leg rest. This is because most seats usually do not include an adjustable leg rest. With this seat’s adjustable leg rest, you can adjust it to make it more comfortable for your baby at any given time.

Evenflo Sibby Travel System adjustable foot rest Cheap stroller with car seatThe adjustable leg rest

To create a flat surface to change your baby’s diaper, you simply need to lift the leg rest to the horizontal position and to recline the backrest to the same position.

Just like the Evenflo LiteMax car seat, this toddler seat also comes with a safety harness to protect the baby. This harness’s straps can also be adjusted to make them more secure and comfortable for the baby. They will protect your baby from falling off the strollers.

Evenflo Sibby Travel System harness Cheap stroller with car seatThe special safety harness on the Evenflo Sibby

I love the fabric on this seat. I love it because it is quite easy to clean. So in case something spills on it (which is going to happen often because babies are always clumsy), you can easily clean it with a wet cloth.

The Evenflo Sibby standing board

This stroller comes with a standing board that will enable you to carry a second child as long as he or she can walk. The standing board is great because it enables you to use this buggy as a double stroller.

Evenflo Sibby Travel System ride-along boardThe standing board attached to the Evenflo Sibby

As you can see in the image above, the Evenflo standing board does not look like the strongest standing board ever made. However, it is very sturdy and designed to carry kids of up to fifty pounds. In other words, you can use it is perfect for preschoolers and toddlers to hop on and ride along.

You can have your child riding on this standing board facing forward or facing you.

Evenflo Sibby Travel System Cheap stroller with car seatThe Evenflo standing board can be folded

The Evenflo Sibby wheels

This stroller does not have the biggest wheels you will ever see on a stroller. However, it has a double front wheel design that ensures stability. The front wheels can also swivel and this ensures easy maneuverability. And while the wheels might not be the biggest stroller wheels, they are Cruiser-type wheels. This means they generally move pretty effortlessly on flat terrain and, therefore, make this stroller very easy to push.

Wheels on Sibby Travel System StrollerThe wheels on the stroller

The types of flat terrain these wheels can handle include pavements, city streets, cobblestone streets, flat dirt trails, short grass, and packed gravel. So this stroller is pretty much one that is meant for urban parents.

The Evenflo Sibby brakes

The Evenflo Sibby comes with double action parking brakes. The brakes are foot-operated and located on the inside of the back wheels. I would have preferred them to be hand-operated but considering the fact that this is a cheap stroller, they are quite okay. The brakes are easy to engage and disengage. You can actually even engage or disengage them wearing flip flops.

Evenflo Sibby Travel System brakesThe brakes on the stroller


The Evenflo Sibby canopy

I love the canopy on this stroller. In terms of size, it is pretty okay. However, it is extendable and this means it can provide much more coverage compared to most non-extendable canopies on strollers. When extended, its shade can reach up to your baby’s knees. So when carrying your baby in this stroller, you can rest assured that they will be adequately protected from sunburns, harmful UV rays, and strong winds.

There is a viewing window on top of the Sibby. This is great because you can use this window to not only stealthily monitor your child but to also enhance air circulation in the canopy as the window is made of mesh.

Evenflo Sibby Travel System canopy Cheap stroller with car seatThe large canopy on the Evenflo Sibby

The Evenflo Sibby brakes handlebar

This stroller’s handlebar is pretty unique in the sense that it is not a single continuous handlebar but separate two handles. According to those who have pushed this stroller using these handles, they are pretty ergonomic. This means they do not cause any unnecessary wrist fatigue or discomfort.

Sibby Travel System handlesThe handles on the Sibby

Evenflo Sibby steering

According to the majority of parents who have used this stroller, it is quite easy to maneuver. Turning it around tight corners is a breeze. Navigating it through crowded areas is also a breeze. And so is pushing it in supermarkets with narrow aisles and sharp turns. This is because its turning radius is quite small (thanks to its small front wheels).

The Sibby also happens to be very easy to push especially over flat terrain and over slightly uneven terrain. And even when carrying two kids on it, it still glides easily and gracefully.



Evenflo Sibby storage space

This stroller features a massive storage bin underneath its toddler seat. For a stroller that is as lightweight as it is, having a massive storage bin like it has is unexpected and a good thing.

You can use this storage bin to carry a big diaper bag, a blanket, a towel, your jacket, your handbag, and you will still have some space left.

Evenflo Sibby Travel System large storage basket Cheap stroller with car seatThe massive storage bin on the Evenflo Sibby

The best thing about this storage bin is that on top of being big, it is very easy to access. You can access it from the front and from the back.

In addition to this stroller’s massive storage bin, its latest model comes with additional storage space in the form of a small storage pouch behind the toddler seat. This pouch is for holding small items such as your phone, your keys, your wallet, and so on within close reach.


Evenflo Sibby measurements and folding

Despite this stroller being a travel stroller, it has the weight of a lightweight stroller. It weighs just thirteen pounds. This makes lifting and carrying it to be quite easy. Even moms and dads with back problems will find it easy to carry.

Folded Sibby Travel System Stroller Cheap stroller with car seatA folded Evenflo Sibby

You can fold this stroller to make it easier to carry or to store. Because when folded it becomes very compact and slender and its footprint reduces significantly.

Moreover, when it is folded, it stands by itself. This makes it convenient to handle.

Evenflo Sibby Travel System Assembly

Many moms and dads love how easy it is to assemble this stroller. It will only take you a couple of minutes to put it together. In fact, the only thing you really have to do when assembling this stroller is to put its wheels on. All the other components that you need to attach to the frame will simply click on.

In case you are a man or woman who loves reading step by step instructions, I am sure you will be happy to know that this stroller comes with a manual that guides users through the entire assembly process.

Evenflo Sibby Accessories

The thing I like the most about this stroller is that it comes with several exciting and useful accessories. When I found this out I was quite surprised as the stroller is sold at a relatively low price so I did not expect it to include any accessories in the price.

The accessories that come with this stroller include a standing board and a beverage holder. These are useful accessories as I have said above. You can attach the standing board to the backend of the stroller to carry a second child and you can use the beverage holder to hold a bottle of water, an energy drink, or even a cup of coffee. The best thing about the beverage hold is that it is expandable. While both the standing board and the beverage holder can be very useful and convenient, you should always remove them when you want to fold this stroller to make it easier to fold.

Evenflo Sibby Travel SystemThe beverage holder on the Evenflo Sibby stroller

Evenflo Sibby Travel System pros and cons

This stroller has many brilliant advantages. It is a very decent stroller. However, it also has some minor flaws like all other strollers. Flaws that many people expect Evenflo to address in the next upgrade of this stroller. Apart from the few minor flaws, this stroller is truly a top-quality product.


  • It is a flexible baby buggy that can be used from birth to preschool
  • It comes with a special car seat that is certified to be safe according to set standards
  • It is quite easy to maneuver and also to turn especially around tight corners
  • It is lightweight and quite easy to fall – making it perfect for traveling
  • It comes with a toddler seat that can be reclined for comfort
  • It features a leg rest that can be adjusted for comfort
  • It comes with a massive basket underneath the main seat
  • It is a single stroller that can be expanded using a standing board
  • It comes with free accessories e.g. a standing board and a beverage holder


  • It does not come with a parent tray or organizer
  • Its double front wheels can get stuck in some terrains

Evenflo Sibby Travel System Colors

This baby carriage comes in 4 exciting color versions. The colors are Raspberry, Slate Blue, Charcoal, and Grey Mineral. As I have just said, all these 4 colors are exciting. However, the one I find most attractive among the color versions is the Raspberry color option. I think I like it because it is feminine.

One thing you should know about this stroller is that regardless of the color option you choose, you can expect all the fabrics to be premium quality fabrics that are durable and breathable.

Another thing you should know about this stroller is that its different color versions are all sold at different prices.

Evenflo Sibby system key specs

  • Type of stroller: travel systems stroller
  • Weight: Twenty-three pounds (stroller plus car seat)
  • Max weight: fifty pounds


What other moms and dads think about the Evenflo Sibby Travel System

As is always the case, I visited this buggy’s page on Amazon and on the manufacturer’s official website to see what other parents were saying about it in the reviews. As of the time of publishing this review, the Evenflo Sibby did not have many reviews. However, from the few reviews that were available, I was able to tell that parents really love this buggy.

The things that parents love a lot about this stroller include its lightweightness, its versatility, its simplicity, and how smoothly it moves. Parents also love how easy the stroller is to assemble and its massive storage bin. I could also tell from the reviews that parents love how easy it is to generally operate this stroller.

However, as expected, there are several reviews that I saw that were critical of certain things about the stroller. For instance, while most parents loved the standing board, some thought it was impractical because the canopy blocks the front view of the standing kid. Some parents also were critical about the quality of the material used to make the canopy. However, in my opinion, the canopy is made of a very decent material.


From what I have shared with you about this stroller, I am sure it is pretty clear to you that this is a top-quality baby carriage. And that despite being a top-quality stroller it is quite inexpensive. It is the stroller you should buy if you want to buy a quality stroller on a budget or if you are looking for a cheap travel system.

The thing I like the most about the Evenflo Sibby is its flexibility. You can use it from birth until preschool – you just need to use it with an infant car seat at first and then to replace the infant car seat with its regular seat when your baby hits six months and is capable of sitting upright by himself or herself.

What to consider before buying this stroller

Before buying this stroller, you should be aware that although it has a great storage basket, it is not the biggest storage basket you will see on a stroller. So if you expect to use the stroller to carry plenty of stuff, you should check your expectations at the door.

Moreover, you should also note that this stroller does not have the biggest wheels. This means that it is not capable of handling dirt roads, gravel roads, or tall grass. It is essentially a stroller meant for strolling on paved urban roads.

Why buy this stroller

Below are three reasons why you should buy this stroller

  1. It is a brilliant and complete stroller. If you buy it as a travel system, you will have everything to be able to use it from day one until toddlerhood. No need to buy anything else.
  2. It can be expanded to become a lightweight double stroller. With this stroller, you do not need to purchase a double stroller when your family expands, you can simply attach the standing board behind it and have your older child ride along on it.
  3. It is a stroller that is quite lightweight and easy to maneuver in most situations.



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