City tour lux stroller review

This baby buggy is a lightweight, innovative, and compact machine that is perfect for use from birth. In this review, I will reveal to you everything you need to know about it and how it differs from the original Baby Jogger (BJ) City Tour.

Let’s begin.


The Baby Jogger City Tour LUX review

This stroller is an upgrade of the original City Tour. It is an upgrade in terms of design, functionality, and colors. However, this does not necessarily mean that this stroller is better than the original model. The best of the two models for you will depend on your needs.

Compared to the original City Tour and to many other convertible strollers, this stroller is much more versatile and can be used from day one. Furthermore, it has a trendy minimalist design that is very stylish and impressive.

City Tour LUX standout features

  • It is a lightweight and compact stroller
  • It is compatible with the BJ bassinet and several infant car seats
  • Its toddler seat can be reclined deeply for the baby’s comfort
  • It can be expanded to carry an older sibling with the use of a standing board
  • It has a super compact fold size
  • It is relatively affordable compared to other strollers like it


City Tour LUX seating options

The original BJ City Tour is not a convertible stroller. It only has a toddler seat and, therefore, can only be used to carry a baby who is six months old or more. This upgraded model, the LUX model, has more seating options. It can be used with a toddler seat, a bassinet or an infant car seat.

City Tour LUX toddler seat

The City Tour LUX toddler seat is an amazing toddler seat. What I like the most about it is how comfy it is. It is comfy because it is well-padded.

I also like that it can recline to a really deep position. Although the deepest recline position is not completely flat, it is good enough for the baby to nap on while on the go. Reclining this seat is easy and can be done with one hand only. You simply need to pull the reclining lever.

One more thing I like about this seat is how it can be reversed. This is brilliant for parents because it means you can have your baby facing you or facing the world.

Like most toddler seats, this one too features a safety harness.

The seat has a maximum capacity of 45 pounds. So you can use it from three months until your baby turns around 4.5 years old.

Baby Jogger City Tour LUX - all color versionsThe available colors of the BJ City Tour LUX

City Tour LUX bassinet

This stroller is compatible with the Baby Jogger bassinet. Therefore, to carry a newborn or an infant using the LUX, you simply need to buy the BJ bassinet. The bassinet is perfect for carrying newborns because it is fully flat and, therefore, provides babies with the back and neck support they need.

The Baby Jogger bassinet has several advantages including lightweightness and the fact that it can be folded. These two mentioned advantages make it very convenient for parents to use.

Baby Jogger City Tour LUX with bassinetThe LUX with the BJ bassinet

City Tour LUX infant car seat

As I mentioned earlier, this stroller can be used with infant car seats, unlike the original City Tour.

Baby Jogger City Tour LUX with infant car seatThe BJ City Tour LUX with an infant car seat

By purchasing any compatible infant car seat, you can instantly convert this stroller into a travel stroller. This makes this stroller very convenient to use especially if you have an infant baby or a newborn. With this travel system, you can go with your baby to run errands or do shopping without worrying about nothing.

By purchasing a compatible infant car seat or a bassinet, you can use this stroller from birth. This is fantastic as not many strollers are good enough to be used from birth.

City Tour LUX standing board

With this stroller, you can accommodate two babies at the same time using a standing board. The Baby Jogger City Tour LUX standing board/ glider board must, however, be purchased separately as it does not come with the stroller. Nevertheless, you should not rush to buying it if your baby’s older sibling is younger than 2.5 years old. This is because it is a standing board and your older child won’t really enjoy the experience if they are not old enough to stand on their own and express themselves (if they get tired or uncomfortable).

Baby Jogger City Tour LUX with Glider Board The standing board on the LUX stroller

It is really a great thing to me that this stroller can carry a second child. As a parent with a toddler and an infant baby, the option of carrying a second child makes this stroller perfect for me.

City Tour LUX canopy

This stunning stroller features a massive three-panel canopy. The canopy provides a fantastic shade to protect your little one from sunburns. It also provides protection against strong winds.

The average canopy does not have a lot of headroom. This means that you cannot use it for a long time as your baby’s head will quickly reach the ceiling and, therefore, it will be impossible to continue using it. In contrast, this stroller’s canopy has a lot of headroom. It will take your baby approximately five years to grow tall enough to reach the ceiling of this canopy.

Like most canopies on quality strollers, this one comes with a viewing window. The window is made of mesh and you can use it to keep a close eye on your little one during strolls. The fact that the window is made of mesh means you can also use it as a ventilation window on hot days to ensure there is proper airflow and that your baby does not get overheated. LUX’s viewing window has a magnetic closure, which is brilliant compared to the noisy and often-used Velcro closure.

Baby Jogger City Tour LUX has extendable canopyThe three-panel extendable canopy on the LUX

City Tour LUX handlebar

The handlebar on this stroller has the same design as the handlebar on the BJ City Select LUX. The design features rubber rings instead of the often used foam cover. These rubber rings are more durable and more comfortable to use to push the stroller.

The only issue I have with this handlebar is the fact that it cannot be adjusted or extended. This is something so many people expect with modern strollers and the fact that this handlebar is un-adjustable will surely disappoint many parents.

City Tour LUX wheels

The City Tour LUX has got four PU plastic wheels. The wheels are very durable compared to many stroller wheels. They are also cushiony despite not being inflatable as they are foam filled.

The front wheels of this stroller can swivel. This makes it easier to navigate crowded areas or tight corners as the swiveling makes this stroller nimble. To navigate bumpy terrain, you will need to lock the swiveling wheels for stability.

Baby Jogger City Tour LUX - WheelsThe quality wheels on the LUX

The thing that stands out the most about the wheels on this stroller is the fact that they are supported by a brilliant suspension system. The suspension system, which is an all-wheel suspension system, absorbs shocks making it easier to push this stroller. It also makes this stroller much more comfortable to ride on for babies.

However, while this stroller’s suspension system works brilliantly, this does not mean that this is an all-terrain stroller. Its wheels are small and non-inflatable and, therefore, you cannot use it on rough terrain.

City Tour LUX brake

Many strollers do not have a brake. Among the ones that have a brake, it is usually a foot-operated parking brake. While such brakes are easy to activate, deactivating them sometimes requires bending over to unlock them.

In contrast, this stroller has a fantastic hand-operated parking brake. The brake is located on the side of the stroller’s handlebar. And you can definitely activate or deactivate it while standing.

Baby Jogger City Tour LUX - handbrakeThe hand-operated parking brake on the City Tour LUX

City Tour LUX storage basket

Despite the compact design of this stroller, it comes with a decent-size storage basket. The storage basket has a maximum weight limit of 15.4 pounds! This means it can accommodate every essential you need to carry for your baby and then some.

The basket has a smaller zippered pocket for keeping smaller essentials.

Baby Jogger City Tour LUX - Storage basketThe decent-size storage basket on the City LUX

In addition to the decent-size storage basket underneath this stroller, there is a zippered storage pocket behind the toddler seat. You can use this pocket to keep your wallet, your keys, and your smartphone within reach.

City Tour LUX weight

This baby buggy is heavier than the old Baby Jogger City Tour. This is logical because it has a heavier frame for accommodating an infant car seat or a bassinet.

However, despite being heavier than the original BJ City Tour, this stroller is stiller lighter than most strollers out there. Its lightweightness and compact size make it easy to carry around and to handle.

I like how Baby Jogger was able to keep it light and compact despite giving it so many features and improvements.

City Tour LUX folding

Baby Jogger City Tour LUX can be folded with one handThe LUX can be folded one-handedly

The Baby Jogger City Tour LUX has the same folding mechanism as the original City Tour model. Just like the original model, folding this stroller is a breeze and you can do it with one hand only.

The fold size of this stroller is pretty compact. It measures just 11 by 21 by 24 inches. From these measurements, am sure you can tell that it takes very little space.

Baby Jogger City Tour LUX - compact fold & carry bagThe folded LUX

While the folded LUX is pretty compact, it is not compact enough to fit into the overhead compartments of most planes. Therefore, before going with this stroller to the airport to travel with it, you ought to check if it meets the specific regulations of the airline you are going to use.

As it is evident in the image above, this stroller stands by itself when folded and it automatically locks itself in the folded position. This means it is easier to handle when folded than strollers that do not stand on their own.

The stroller comes with a travel bag that you can use to carry it after folding it. This will protect it from getting dirty when traveling. The best thing about this travel bag is the fact that its price is included in the price of this buggy.

City Tour LUX specs

Type of stroller Convertible stroller
Weight 19.4 pounds
Seat max. weight capacity 45 pounds
Fold size 24 by 21 by 11 inches


City Tour LUX pros and cons


  • The stroller has five seating options and can be used from birth
  • It comes in a variety of beautiful color options
  • It has a massive canopy that creates a massive shade
  • It has a silent viewing window on the canopy for monitoring the baby
  • It has a decent storage space for a compact stroller
  • It is lightweight, compact, and extremely versatile
  • It has a very compact fold size perfect for those with small cars or living in small apartments
  • It is a fantastic choice for moms and dads who travel frequently by car or by public transport
  • It has a comfy toddler seat


  • Although it has a small fold size it does not fit the overhead compartment of some airplanes
  • It does not work well on rough terrain because it has small wheels
  • It comes with no footrest
  • Many of its accessories have to be bought separately e.g. the bumper bar


City Tour LUX pricing details

This stroller was released in the year . It is available for sale on many only platforms including Amazon and PishPosh baby. To purchase a genuine City Tour LUX , you should buy it from Amazon. This is not to say other online sellers do not have genuine products. It is just that Amazon protects buyers in ways that other sellers or platforms do not.

Comparatively, the City Tour LUX is sold at a much cheaper price than other strollers such as the UPPAbaby VISTA and the UPPAbaby CRUZ. So if you’ve been looking for a quality but affordable single stroller, you should strongly consider getting the Baby Jogger City Tour LUX.

What other moms and dads think about this stroller

As is the norm, I read the Amazon reviews other parents had written about this stroller. It was very easy for me to see from the reviews that most parents who have used this stroller like it a lot.

Most of them were full of praise of things such as the reversible seat, the premium quality fabric, and the compatibility of the stroller with infant car seats.

Many also liked the fact that the stroller had a large storage basket despite being a compact and lightweight stroller.

I could also tell from the reviews that many parents liked how smoothly the Baby Jogger City Tour LUX rolled over flat urban terrains.

However, not all parents were impressed by everything about the stroller. Some left critical reviews. From the critical reviews, I could tell some parents thought that it was a bit difficult to fold the stroller. While I admit that folding this stroller is a multi-step process, in my opinion, it is something that any parent can easily get used to with a bit of practice.

Despite the several critical reviews I read, the overall feeling I got from reading all the Amazon reviews was that City Tour LUX is a hit with urban parents.

City Tour LUX accessories

There are several accessories that you can buy to improve the functionality of this stroller. In my opinion, all these accessories should have been included in the price of the stroller. However, the fact that they are sold separately does not surprise me because including them all in the price could have increased the price significantly and yet not every parent would necessarily want all of them.

Below are accessories for City Tour LUX that you can buy separately:

Baby Jogger City Tour LUX Foldable Bassinet This is a carrycot. It can help you to convert the City Tour LUX into a pram that you can use to safely and conveniently carry your newborn baby. The best thing about it is that it is very comfy. Moreover, you can fold it into two, making it easy to carry or store. See it on Amazon here
Baby Jogger City Tour LUX Bumper Bar and Cup Holder This is a bumper bar with a cup holder set. The bumper bar can help you to make the stroller safer as it provides your baby with something to hold on to. While the cup holder is basically what its name suggests. You can use it to hold a drink within the reach of your baby. See it on Amazon here
Baby Jogger Glider Board This is a standing board. It is perfect for expanding this stroller to accommodate your baby’s older sibling. It is something you should consider buying if you have an infant or toddler baby and an older sibling who is three, four or five years old. See it on Amazon here

A comparison of the City Tour LUX with the original City Tour

It is difficult to say which stroller between the LUX and the original City Tour is the better one. In my opinion, the better one is the one that will suit your needs best. Both the LUX and the City Tour original are awesome strollers. However, they differ in several important ways. To find out which one will work best for you, check out the differences after the image below.

Baby Jogger City Tour LUX vs Baby Jogger City Tour

The original City Tour is a brilliant lightweight stroller. It is designed as a travel stroller. If your baby has hit six months and you travel with him or her frequently, then this stroller should be brilliant for you. However, if your baby is younger than six months then you cannot use this stroller. You need to find a stroller that can safely accommodate and carry newborns and infants. Since this stroller cannot be used from birth, many parents usually buy it as a second stroller.

In contrast, the City Tour LUX is designed for use as a lightweight primary stroller. Once you buy it you will never have to buy another stroller unless you get another baby and you decide to acquire a double stroller. This is because you can use it from birth to toddlerhood. Moreover, it is quite lightweight making it easy to travel with. Its compact fold size also makes it easy to travel with. In short, this stroller should be brilliant for you if you want a lightweight primary stroller that you can travel with frequently.

So the winner of the battle between the City Tour LUX and original City Tour depends on what you are really looking for in a stroller.

What you need to consider before buying this stroller

While the Baby Jogger City Tour LUX is a brilliant stroller and is perfect for traveling, it does not fit in many airplane overhead compartments. Nevertheless, it is still a great stroller for traveling urban areas.

Why you should buy this stroller

Here are three reasons why you should buy this stroller:

  1. It can be used from birth to late toddlerhood. This means if you buy it, you will probably never need to buy another stroller.
  2. It is lightweight, compact, and well-equipped. It is much more convenient to use than other strollers sold at roughly the same price as it.
  3. It has a super compact fold size. This makes it perfect for parents who live in small apartments or have cars with small trunks.

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