The Bumbleride Era is one of the new strollers from the Bumbleride Company. It is a stroller that has been in the making for the last couple of months and now that it is out people are already saying that it is going to be the best stroller for 2020.

Bumbleride Era

I do not know for sure if it will be the best stroller for 2020 but I think it has every chance to be declared the best stroller for this year. This is because it is, in all senses of the word, brilliant. Why do I say it is brilliant? Because it has got many amazing features. For example, it has got big and inflatable wheels, which means it can handle all types of terrain. It also has got a massive canopy, which means it provides great shade from sunburns and from strong winds. It has many more amazing features that I will talk about in a few. All in all, from what I have read and seen about the Bumbleride Era, I can say for sure it is going to be one of the most popular high-end strollers for 2020.

Bumbleride Era specs

Stroller type Convertible stroller/ all-terrain stroller
Weight 27 pounds
Max. seat capacity 55 pounds
Verdict Premium quality stroller with all the features parents wish for

The Review of Bumbleride Era

The design concept of the Bumbleride Era was first revealed to the public at a tradeshow in Germany in late 2018. From the moment the design concept became public, many parents started eagerly awaiting the official release of the stroller. The stroller is now available to the public. I have done thorough research about it and watched nearly all videos of it available online to write this review. I am sure by the end of this review you will know everything important about this stroller and whether it is something you should buy.

This stroller is quite similar to the Bumbleride Indie 4. However, the Indie 4 in no way compares to this stroller in terms of modernity and features. The Bumbleride Era is miles ahead of the competition.

Bumbleride Era - new stroller for 2019 with reversible seat and all-terrain wheelsThe Bumbleride Era

Bumbleride Era seat

The toddler seat on this stroller looks like the toddler seat on the Indie 4 stroller. The seat is very nicely padded. The padding makes it comfortable for the baby to seat on for prolonged periods. So you can take your baby for a long stroll on this stroller without worrying about them getting uncomfortable on the seat.

The best thing about this toddler seat is the fact that it can be reclined. The reclining process is very simple and you can do it one-handedly. However, raising the seat is something that requires you to utilize both your hands.

One thing I must point out about the reclining process of this seat is that the reclining mechanism behind it is old school. However, it works great so I do not have any complaints about it. The most exciting thing about the fact that this seat can be reclined is how deep it can go. The seat can recline to a near-horizontal position. When you recline it to its deepest position and you raise the adjustable leg rest to the horizontal position, you can turn this stroller into a mobile bed for your baby to nap on while on the go.

As you can see from the information I have provided above, this seat is very special. What’s more, in addition to all the good things I have said about this toddler seat above, it is infant insert compatible. This means that if you buy an infant insert, you can convert this seat into a pram and use it to carry your infant baby instead of getting a bassinet. So it is a very brilliant toddler seat in my opinion.

Bumbleride Era - All terrain stroller suitable from birthThe brilliant Bumbleride Era seat in action

Most strollers have a simple design with a non-reversible toddler seat. However, as you may have noticed by now, this is not an average stroller. Its seat is totally reversible. You can quickly have it facing the front or the back. When your baby is young, you can have him or her facing you. But when they get older, you can simply start setting the stroller facing forward to allow your baby to see the world and not your face all the time.

The only drawback I discovered about this stroller’s toddler seat is the fact that it is not really vertical at its most upright position. Some babies can notice this and they may not really like it. Nevertheless, it is something you can easily correct by adding a blanket or a pillow on the backrest.

Bumbleride Era - Stroller for city or off-road useThe Bumbleride Era features a reclinable and reversible toddler seat

In addition to the details I have already shared with you about this stroller’s toddler seat, below are some more details:

  • The seat has a maximum weight capacity of 55 lbs.
  • Its backrest is 19.5” long
  • It is 13” wide

What is also important to note about this seat is that it is covered with a premium quality machine-washable fabric. This means it is very easy to clean. The seat also comes with a bumper bar for safety. This is definitely a big plus in my book.

Just from the above information about this seat, you can probably tell that this stroller is built to serve you for a long time.

Bumbleride Era Canopy

The Bumbleride Era has a fantastic canopy on it. The canopy is generously-sized, extendable, made of a UPF45+ material, and has a viewing window. What more can one ask for? It is literally one of the best canopies you will ever see or find on a stroller.

When you extend this canopy to its maximum, it nearly touches the bumper bar. This shows you how much shade this stroller will provide to your baby. And in case you are wondering, it is a lot of shade; a lot of shade to protect your baby from the harsh sun and harmful UV rays.

Apart from this extendable canopy providing your baby with an impressive shade, it will also block out the sun and enable him or her to nap peacefully underneath it.

In short, it is a great canopy. I literally could not ask for more if I was asked to give my input during the design process.

Bumbleride Era - Large extendable canopyThe Bumbleride Era canopy fully extended

Bumbleride Era bassinet

You can use this stroller from birth in three ways. One of the ways is by removing the toddler seat and replacing it with the Bumbleride bassinet. This is what I will discuss in this section. The other two ways are by using an infant car seat and by using an infant insert as explained in the Bumbleride Era seat section above.

The use of a bassinet remains the best way to use any stroller from birth. This is because bassinets are flat and comfy and, therefore, suitable for carrying babies. Moreover, Bumbleride’s bassinet is pretty special because unlike other bassinets, it is permitted for overnight sleep. This means it is well-designed enough for you to let your baby sleep on it throughout the night.

Bumbleride Era - with bassinetThe Bumbleride Era with the Bumbleride bassinet fixed

Bumbleride Era compatibility with infant car seats

This Bumbleride stroller is compatible with plenty of infant car seats. This means you can convert it into a travel system and use it to drive your baby anywhere you like.

Infant car seats compatible with the Bumbleride Era include the Nuna, Clek, Cybex, and Maxi-Cosi infant car seats. Other infant car seats compatible with this stroller include some Peg Perego, Chicco, and Graco infant car seats.

While this stroller is compatible with many infant car seats, you must note that in addition to buying the car seat you want, you must buy an adapter. Otherwise, there is no way you will be able to fix the car seat on the frame of this stroller.

Bumbleride Era with Nuna infant car seatThe Nuna car seat on the Bumbleride Era

Bumbleride standing board

By buying the Bumbleride standing board, you can use this stroller to carry your baby and his or her older sibling at the same time. You simply need to fix this accessory on the back of your Era stroller and your older kid can stand on it and enjoy the ride to wherever you guys are going. It will be pretty fun for him or her to ride on this board.

Bumbleride Era handlebar

The handlebar on this stroller is adjustable; you can rotate it upward or downward to change its height from the ground. Its tallest height from the ground is 44.5” while its shortest is 26”. This means that whether you are tall or short, you can set it at just the perfect height for you to push it comfortably.

To me, the fact that this handlebar is adjustable is just perfect. Because it means that as a tall parent, I can set it at its tallest height from the ground so that I avoid kicking into the back of the stroller when pushing it. This is something that happens a lot when I push strollers with short and un-adjustable handlebars. So the fact that this stroller’s handlebar is adjustable is music to my ears.

Bumbleride Era wheels

As I mentioned in the intro, this stroller has got some big inflatable wheels. The wheels are four in total. The front wheels are 8.5” wheels, while the rear ones are bigger 11.5” wheels. All the wheels are air-filled and all-terrain wheels just like bicycle wheels.

The size of the wheels on this stroller and the fact that they are pneumatic means it can move smoothly over all types of terrain including grass, gravel, cobblestone, sand, and even snow.

The wheels are supported by a brilliant all-wheel suspension system. The system absorbs shocks does two things – it makes it easier for you to maneuver the stroller and it makes the ride even smoother for your passenger.

One thing you must have in mind when using this stroller is that although it has got some great air-filled wheels, it is not designed for jogging. If you are looking for a decent jogging stroller then continue looking because this is not it.

There is a parking brake between the two rear wheels of this stroller. It is pretty big and easy to activate to immobilize this stroller. However, unlocking it is not very easy especially when wearing sandals or flip flops. You may need to bend down to unlock it to release the stroller.

Bumbleride Era - Large storage basket with clear accessThe big pneumatic wheels on the Bumbleride Era

Bumbleride Era maneuverability

This stroller has got big all-terrain pneumatic wheels. It can handle all types of terrain including those that are challenging for some strollers e.g. grass, snow, gravel, and sandy terrain.

It is a stroller that is easier to maneuver than most strollers of a similar size to it. It is also easier to navigate compared to most strollers out there.

Bumbleride Era storage

The Bumbleride Era has got a nice storage basket underneath the main seat. It can accommodate all your baby’s essentials. The storage basket is easy to access. In addition to the storage basket, this stroller also has another storage space in the form of a pouch behind the toddler seat. You can use this pouch to hold your essentials e.g. your phone and wallet within close reach.

Bumbleride Era - Stylish, cute and eco-friendlyThe nice and easy to access storage basket underneath the Bumbleride Era

Bumbleride Era folding

This stroller can be folded into a pretty compact fold size. The compact fold size is easy to store away even in a small apartment and easy to transport even in a small car trunk. Folding this stroller is a multi-step process. However, it is something that you will get used to and that you will master very quickly.

When folded, this stroller automatically locks and stands on its own for your convenience.

Bumbleride Era - Self standing foldThe Bumbleride Era in the standing position


Bumbleride Era pros and cons


  • It has got big pneumatic wheels that roll smoothly even on rough terrain
  • It has got a brilliant suspension system that insulates it against shocks
  • It can easily be maneuvered even on rough terrain
  • It can be used from birth with the use of a Bumbleride bassinet or an infant insert
  • Its toddler seat can be reclined and/ or reversed
  • It has a massive canopy
  • It comes with a free tire pump


  • It is a heavy stroller
  • It costs good money to acquire



Bumbleride Era available colors

This stroller is available in the following color versions: Matte Black, Maritime Blue, Dawn Grey, and Silver Black. The different color versions are all neutral and stunning. They vary slightly in prices.

Bumbleride Era - ColorsThe available color versions

Bumbleride Era specs

Stroller type Convertible stroller/ all-terrain stroller
Weight 27 pounds
Max. seat capacity 55 pounds
Fold size 29.5 by 24.5 by 13 inches

What to consider before buying this stroller

You should have in mind the fact that at 27 pounds, this is not a lightweight stroller. Nevertheless, it is the price you have to pay for the many amazing features this stroller comes with.

You should also have in mind that given that this stroller has pneumatic wheels, you have to take care of them and to inflate them regularly.

Why buy this stroller

Three reasons:

  1. It is an all-terrain stroller that can handle any terrain.
  2. It is a trendy stroller made using premium quality fabrics.
  3. It is a supremely versatile stroller with the best features in every department.


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