Britax has been making some pretty good quality strollers over the last couple of years and this three-wheel model is regarded as one of their best creations yet.

In this review, I will share with you its best features, the things that make it stand out, and the reasons why you should buy it.

Let’s begin.

The Review of the Britax B-free stroller

 Britax B-FreeThe three-wheel Britax stroller it is available on Amazon and on other sites

This is a one-of-a-kind stroller. As its name suggests, it is designed to make you free. How does it do it? How can this stroller make you free? Well, I will tell you exactly how later on in this review but in a nutshell, this stroller will make you free because it is much easier to use than other strollers. So if you are looking for a stroller that will not slow your life down, you should strongly consider this Britax B-free buggy.

As I have just stated above, this stroller is much easier to use than most other strollers. By this I mean it is much easier to push and turn. This is because of its special three-wheel design. The design makes this buggy much easier to turn or maneuver than buggies with the four-wheel design.

Britax B-Free 2018The Britax stroller with the three-wheel design

This stroller’s ease of maneuverability is its best feature in my opinion. Another feature that I think is super cool is its storage bin. This stroller comes with a massive storage bin that can accommodate everything important you may want to carry.

Here is a detailed look at the stroller’s features.

The Britax B-free toddler seat

Britax B-Free Stroller for Big KidsThe spacious Britax toddler seat

This stroller comes with a spacious and generously padded toddler seat. The best thing about this toddler seat is the fact that it has a high maximum weight capacity of 65 pounds. This is quite brilliant and it means that you can use this stroller to accommodate your baby until they turn five or get into preschool. So you can use this toddler seat for a long time in contrast to other toddler seats on other strollers that have got lower maximum weight capacities and, therefore, cannot be used for a long time.

The fact that this Britax B-free seat has a high maximum weight capacity also means that the stroller can be purchased for an older or bigger kid.

The best thing about this seat is that it can be reclined. It can be reclined to different positions and its deepest recline is pretty deep. This means it can be made more comfortable for a baby to nap on.

However, its deepest recline position is not horizontal or flat. This means you cannot use the Britax B-free’s toddler seat to carry an infant baby or a newborn because it is not flat and, therefore, not supportive and safe enough for delicate newborns.

Britax B-Free The toddler seat on this stroller can be reclined to a very deep position

Reclining this seat is as easy as slicing a piece of cake. It is something you can do with your eyes closed. To recline it, you simply need to trigger the buckle behind the toddler seat. You can do this with just one hand. And when reclining this seat, you can stop it at any point you like because it has an infinite recline.

While reclining this seat is easy and can be done with just one hand, raising it requires both hands.

In terms of safety, this toddler seat comes with a five-point safety harness. This harness is quite adjustable. This means you can make it more comfortable for your baby as he or she grows. The work of the harness is to work in the same way as a car seat belt; it straps your baby in and prevents them from flying out of the seat in case of a collision. It will also hold your baby in and prevent them from trying to crawl out and falling from the stroller.

I think one of the most important things to note about this stroller’s seat is how comfortable it is. It is comfortable because it has got thick and plushy padding. The fabric on top of the padding is also quite nice and breathable. It also contributes to how comfortable and nice this seat feels.

Britax B-Free 2018 The Britax B-free toddler seat and its five-point safety harness

According to Britax, this toddler seat can be used from birth. However, in my opinion, this should not be the case because the seat does not recline to a totally flat position and is, therefore, not a safe sleeping platform for newborns. My recommendation is that you only use this seat from when your baby is a couple of months old and has developed sufficient head, neck, and back strength to safely sit on their own.

If you really really want to use the Britax B-free to carry a newborn baby, you should buy one of its compatible infant car seats. This is because all infant car seats are designed to safely carry newborn babies. They provide babies with the back and neck support they need and they protect them in case of an accident.

The Britax B-free canopy

As per the many reviews I have read about this stroller, its canopy is one of its best features. This is because it is a big canopy and it offers generous coverage. It is also extendable. When you fully extend it, it will cover your kiddo all the way down to his ankles.

Britax B-Free Extendable CanopyIt comes with a massive canopy

In addition to providing very good coverage against the sun, this stroller’s canopy is also designed in such a way that it provides protection against harmful UV rays, strong winds, and snow.

There is a big mesh viewing window on top of the canopy. Its work is to allow you to conveniently monitor your kid from the back of the stroller. You can also open it to improve air circulation in the canopy during hot summer days. Doing this will help you prevent your baby from overheating.

The window has a simple magnetic closure. I like this because it is way better than the noise-making Velcro closure.

Britax B-Free 2018 Extendable CanopyTo extend this canopy, you just need to unzip its mid-panel

The Britax B-free handlebar

Unlike many other strollers that have got non-adjustable handlebars, this one has got a handlebar that can be adjusted to six different positions. Hence whether you are tall or short, you can easily adjust it to just the perfect height from the ground for you to push it comfortably.

Britax B-Free has not only adjustable calf rest but also adaptable handlebarThe adjustable handlebar on the Britax B-free

Another thing that makes this stroller’s handlebar to standout is the fact that it has got a comfortable grip and a longer-lasting design.

The Britax B-free wheels

While many other strollers have got the common four-wheel design, this stroller has got a unique three-wheel design. It is the very first buggy from Britax to have the three-wheel design with two rear wheels and one front wheel.

This wheel design plus the fact that the front wheel can swivel makes this stroller very agile and easy to maneuver. You will find no difficulty negotiating even tight turns with this stroller! It is this wheel design that is meant to free you to go anywhere you want regardless of how crowded with people or how tight that place’s corners are. It is from this wheel design that this stroller got the name B-free (be free).

Britax B-FreeThe easy to maneuver three-wheel design of the Britax B-free

All the wheels on this stroller are rubber wheels. In contrast to strollers with inflatable wheels, these wheels do not need to be inflated every now and then. They also cannot get punctured. So you will never experience a flat tire with these wheels.

As mentioned above, the front wheel of this stroller can swivel and this makes this stroller agile. However, you can also lock this front wheel to prevent it from swiveling. This will have the effect of increasing this stroller’s stability, which is something you will want to do when pushing this stroller over rough or uneven terrain.

Britax B-FreeThe special front wheel on the Britax B-free

The Britax B-free brake

The stroller has got a single action parking brake. The brake pedal is located just a few millimeters to its right rear wheel. It is very easy to engage. Lifting it to disengage it is also quite easy. So this parking stroller is pretty good. However, there is one thing I do not like about it and that is its location.

While it is conveniently located for right footers, left footers will find it somewhat difficult to engage. I hope future upgrades of this stroller will feature a centrally placed parking brake or a brake on each side.

The Britax B-free storage space

This buggy comes with plenty of storage space in the form of a large storage basket.

Britax B-Free Storage BasketThe large storage basket on the Britax B-free stroller

The large storage basket is located underneath the main seat as evidenced in the image above. It is large enough to accommodate a big diaper bag, a couple of toys (including furry ones), a blanket, and perhaps a bug/ rain cover. It is not like other storage baskets on other strollers that do not have space even for a large diaper bag alone.

The best thing about this storage basket is that it is very easy to access. It can be accessed both from the front and from the back.

In addition to the large storage basket underneath its seat, this stroller also comes with 7 extra storage pockets. The pockets are zippered and located on different surfaces of the stroller. They are perfect for carrying small items.

Britax B-Free All PocketsThe many storage pockets on the stroller

Of the many storage pockets, there is a special one that is the largest of them all. It is essentially a pouch and it is located beneath the handlebar. You can use it to hold small items such as your keys, your wallet, and your phone within close reach.

Britax B-Free 2018 Pockets on the HandlebarThe large storage pocket


The Britax B-free travel system

I think the best thing about this stroller is that you can buy it as an ordinary stroller or as a travel system. Buying it as an ordinary stroller is cheaper since you will just be buying the stroller alone. In contrast, buying it as a travel system is relatively expensive because you will be buying the stroller plus a compatible car seat.

The Britax B-free stroller comes with special receivers regardless of how you buy it. The receivers or adapters allow you to attach any Britax car seat e.g. the B-Safe Ultra and the B-Safe Elite car seats. So the receivers make this buggy compatible with all Britax seats.

Britax B-Free B-Safe 35 Travel SystemThe receivers on the Britax B-free stroller

The fact that this stroller comes with its own adapters or receivers already included means that you do not need to buy them if you decide to upgrade the stroller into a travel system by getting a Britax car seat.

As I mentioned a few moments ago, you can buy this stroller either as an ordinary stroller or a travel system. If you decide to buy it as a travel system, you will have to look for its travel system combinations on Amazon. As of the time of publishing this post, there is one B-free stroller travel system with a B-safe 35 car seat and another one with a B-safe Ultra car seat on Amazon. It is best you buy your B-free travel system combination on Amazon because it is the platform where you will most likely buy it at its lowest price.

Britax B-Free Travel System costs a little over $600 A Britax travel system combination with a B-free stroller and an infant car seat

I love the fact that all Britax car seats are designed with special features to provide kids with full protection in case of a collision. For instance, they all have a base that can absorb impact and collision energy. They all also have sides that can absorb impact. So if you ever get into an accident with your baby in a Britax car seat, you can rest assured that they will be protected as best as any infant car seat can protect against a collision.

I also love the fact that all Britax car seats have got a head support cushion to support newborn babies and ensure they are safe and comfortable.

The best thing about travel systems made of a Britax stroller and a Britax car seat is that the seat is usually very easy to attach to the stroller.

Britax B-Safe 35 Infant Car SeatThe B-Safe 35 seat from Britax

In terms of safety, all Britax car seats come with a five-point safety harness. The harness is meant to protect babies from crawling out of the seats by themselves or flying out of them in case of a collision. All the harnesses can be adjusted to grow with babies and they all have shoulder pads to prevent them from pinching into the shoulders of strapped babies. Based on what I know about infant car seats, I do not think there is a car seat out there that offers any more protection or safety than Britax car seats.

You can use Britax B-Free from birth with an infant car seatYou can utilize this stroller from day one with a Britax car seat

Most Britax car seats have a minimum weight capacity of four pounds and a maximum capacity of thirty-five pounds. They are made with a special cushion to support even newborns the correct way without posing any risk to their gentle and still-developing necks and backs.

Probably the best and most affordable Britax car seat is the B-Safe 35 car seat. It looks stunning and it offers unrivaled protection.

The Britax B-free folding

If you end up buying this stroller, I think you will find it to be the easiest stroller you have ever folded. I say this because it has got a special mechanism that makes it quite easy to fold. In fact, it is so easy to fold that you can do it with just one hand. So if you are ever busy and you never seem to have both your hands free, you should get it as you will find it easier to operate.

Britax B-Free - one-hand compact foldThe stroller in one hand and the baby in the other

To fold this stroller, you simply need to press the safety release button on the side of the stroller and to pull upwards the strap concealed in the center of the toddler seat. It is a process that is short and simple.

This buggy becomes pretty compact when folded and it locks itself. This makes it easy to carry in a small car trunk or to store in a small apartment. It also makes it perfect for use when traveling somewhere using public transportation or somewhere where you will have to fold the stroller for a part of the journey.

Britax B-free stroller weight and size

Britax B-Free can be a stroller for big kidThe stroller is perfect for big kids

This stroller is quite lightweight. It weighs just twenty-two pounds. This means it is easy to carry or lift anywhere.

The best thing about it in terms of size is that it has a large toddler seat that has a high maximum weight limit. This makes it perfect for carrying big kids. You can use it from birth with a Britax car seat and for most of your baby’s toddlerhood with the toddler seat. The stroller’s unfolded dimensions are 44 by 42 by 24 inches.


Britax B-free available color versions

This baby buggy is available in several dark color versions including Pewter, Midnight, and Frost. They all are pretty stunning, to be honest, but I like the Pewter version best. This is because it is simple, stunning, and doesn’t scream or attract too much attention.

 Britax B-Free Color versionsThe available color versions

Britax B-free accessories

This stroller is a complete stroller – it has everything you need. By this I mean you do not have to buy many accessories to make it better as is the case with other strollers. For instance, while in the case of most other strollers you will have to buy a parent organizer accessory, with this one you do not need to for it comes with its own storage pouch just beneath the handlebar.

Similarly, while you will probably have to buy adapters to attach infant car seats to other strollers, this one comes with its own adapters; no need to spend more money on adapters when buying a compatible car seat for it.

However, while I said this stroller is a complete stroller, there are still some things you will have to buy separately as they do not come with the stroller. They include a beverage holder, a travel bag, a bug cover, and a snack tray.

What other moms and dads think about this stroller

Britax B-Free Stroller

As usual, I checked out reviews left for this product on Amazon and on other websites to find out what other parents think about it. Most of the reviews I found were positive with many parents expressing satisfaction with the quick folding, the storage space, and the ease of maneuvering.

Many parents in the reviews also had very positive things to say about how convenient this stroller is when bought as a travel system.

What to consider before you buy this stroller

Please note that although this stroller comes with many exciting features, it does not come with some like a weather shield, a snack tray, and a beverage holder. This is something you should have in mind before buying it.

You should also have in mind the fact that it cannot do well on rough or uneven roads. The reason why is that its wheels are not big and inflated and, therefore, cannot handle rough terrain. Lastly, you should note that this stroller cannot be used from birth unless it is bought as a travel system with a Britax car seat.

Why buy this stroller

Below are the strongest reasons why you should buy this stroller

  • Because it comes with a massive storage basket and seven additional storage pockets, so it is something that will allow you to pack everything you need to pack.
  • Because it has a massive canopy that will cover your baby to his toes and provide him or her with the protection they need against the hot sun and strong winds.
  • Because it has got large and rubberized wheels that can handle pretty much any city terrain.
  • Because it has got an adjustable handlebar, meaning you can easily set it to the right and comfortable height for you to use.
  • Because it is sold with receivers/ adapters. No need to buy new adapters when buying an infant car seat.
  • Because it comes with a toddler seat that can be reclined to a very deep recline position to allow the baby to nap comfortably during strolls.
  • Because it has got a comfy seat and with great padding.
  • Because it can be used from birth until the kid turns four or five.
  • Because it can easily and quickly be folded with one hand.
  • Because it is very flexible. You can use it as a simple primary stroller with a toddler seat or as a part of a travel system with a super protective Britax car seat.


Based on the information I have gathered about this stroller, it is perfect for day to day use in urban settings. It is also perfect for doing some shopping or traveling using a car or public transportation as it is easy to fold and put in the car trunk or fold and carry. It is definitely a one-of-a-kind stroller.

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