Winter is coming!

Wasn’t that perhaps the most iconic statement in the Game of Thrones? And although the series has come to an end, you still have to get ready for winter. In real life, that is.

In this post, I am going to share with you the top three strollers for winter to help you get ready for the cold and snowy season. With any of these strollers, you should still be able to go places or run errands with your baby without worrying about getting stuck in the snow.

Best stroller for winter and snow

What are the best all-terrain strollers for wintery roads? Well, there are three of them that I have heard many good things about – and I will let you know about them in a few moments.

When deciding what winter stroller to buy, there are obviously several things you need to consider. I talk about these things after providing talking about the best all-terrain winter strollers. I believe that discussing the things or features that you need to consider is more important as it will help you to know what factors to give importance or priority when making your winter stroller purchase decision.

The top three all-terrain winter strollers are the baby jogger city mini GT2, the Bumbleride Speed jogger, and the BOB Revolution FLEX. All these strollers have big wheels and other features that enable them to handle snowy and slushie roads better than other baby carriages. They are all pretty pricey, to be honest. However, as we all know nowadays, to get the best you’ve got to pay up.

Without further ado, here are the top three winter strollers and the differences between them.

what is the best stroller for snow?

in my opinion the best stroller for snow and winter is the Baby jogger City Mini GT2 with strong contenders from both the revolution flex lunar and the bumbleride speed jogger.

STROLLER BOB Revolution FLEX 3.0 Bumbleride Speed baby jogger city mini GT2
STROLLER TYPE Jogger Jogger All-terrain stroller
WEIGHT 28.5 pounds 26 pounds 22.5 pounds
WHEEL TYPE Air-filled wheels Air-filled wheels Foam wheels
WHEEL SIZE Rear wheels: 16 inches (diameter)

Front wheel: 12 inches (diameter)

Rear wheels: 16 inches (diameter)

Front wheel: 12 inches (diameter)

Rear wheels: 8.5 inches (diameter)

Front wheel: 8.5 inches (diameter)

CANOPY Oversized 2-panel canopy that provides a great shield against the sun and the wind with one closeable window. Oversized 2-panel canopy that provides a great shield against the sun and the wind with one closeable window. Oversized 3-panel canopy that provides a great shield against the sun and the wind with two closeable windows.
WHY BUY IT Can easily move through thick snow and slush. Can also handle off-road trails and rough terrain. Can easily move through deep snow. Can also handle unbeaten roads. Can handle snowy sidewalks, unbeaten roads, and bumpy terrain. However, not suitable for moving through deep snow.
PRICE See latest price on Amazon See latest price on Amazon See latest price on Amazon

Now that you are aware of the best strollers for winter, it is time to retrospectively find out what makes them the best. Here are the things you need to consider before buying a winter stroller.




The best winter strollers are those that have a three-wheel design and a front wheel that is lockable.

The three-wheel design is best because strollers that have it are generally easier to maneuver and steer over bumpy and snowy terrain than the four-wheeled ones.

While the lockable front wheel ensures that the stroller has stability and can more easily move through deep snow without getting stuck.

So make sure that the winter stroller you want to buy has got three wheels and that the front one can be locked to make it sturdier and more stable. Two of the best winter strollers with three wheels and a lockable front one are the BOB Revolution Flex and the Bumbleride Speed. They can perfectly move through considerable snow.

Best jogging strollers for snow - BOB Revolution Flex and Bumbleride SpeedBest winter strollers with their all-terrain three wheels

If you do have a jogging stroller then you have no need to buy a special winter stroller. This is because most joggers have got the same types and size of all-terrain wheels you will find on winter strollers.

It is not lost on me that not every mom and dad out there may want a heavy jogger or a heavy winter stroller. This is why I thought it would be wise to include the baby jogger city mini GT2. It is a standard stroller that does NOT cost as much or weigh as much as jogging strollers. And most importantly, it has got three big all-terrain wheels that move pretty well even in relatively deep snow.

Baby Jogger City Mini GT - 3-wheel all-terrain stroller for snowThe Baby Jogger Standard stroller

If the winters at where you live are mild and not extremely rough, there is no need to get a jogging stroller. A standard stroller with big wheels like the above Baby Jogger will be enough for you. Other standard strollers that can also work well in not so snowy areas include the Bugaboo Fox and the UPPAbaby VISTA.



The best types of wheels are those that are big and air-filled. Big wheels start from 9 inches in diameter. Anything less than 9 inches in diameter is a small wheel. Big wheels are important for movement through snow.

The type of wheels is also important. The best ones are those that are air-filled. They are best since they roll much more easily and do not get stuck easily. They also act as shock absorbers to protect the baby and make his or her ride comfortable.

Two good examples of strollers that have got big and air-filled wheels are the Bumbleride Speed and the BOB Revolution Flex. Both have rear wheels measuring 16 inches in diameter. Both also have front wheels measuring 12 inches in diameter.

The wheels are air-filled and need only to be pumped every now and then to ensure they are working optimally.

Bumbleride Speed can handle any type of terrainThe wheels of the Bumbleride Speed stroller. They can handle wintry terrain and any other type of terrain.

The baby jogger city mini GT2 has got three wheels measuring 8.5 inches in diameter. Although its wheels are smaller than those of the Bumbleride Speed and the BOB Revolution, they work just fine in mild wintry conditions.

Baby Jogger City Mini GT -All-terrain wheelsThe relatively big wheels of the Baby Jogger Mini GT2. They can handle mild snow.

Although the above Baby Jogger stroller has got small wheels, they have one big advantage over the wheels of the other two stroller models. They are filled with foam. This means they do not need to be pumped every now and then. They also cannot get punctured.

So, in short, the best types of wheels are those that are big and either air-filled or foam-filled. The worst type of wheels are those that are plastic for they cannot handle snow.



Pushing your stroller through the snow will automatically mean that your baby will be exposed to more curbs and cracked pavements. Because you won’t be able to see them under the snow and avoid them. best stroller for snow

Therefore, when buying a winter stroller, you must make sure that it comes with a good suspension system. The suspension system is what will absorb the shock that will come with the stroller hitting curbs and bumps. It is also what will prevent your kid from bouncing and shaking too much.

All the three winter strollers in the table presented earlier have good suspension systems. Many other strollers also have good suspension systems so it is not hard to find strollers with good suspension systems.

Stroller for winter weatherA winter stroller with a good suspension system for smooth rides over mud, slush, and snowy paths.

The easiest way to quickly know if a stroller has got a suspension system is to look at the size of its wheels. If it has big wheels then it most likely has got a functional suspension system.


The best stroller for snow are those with large and oversized canopies. They are the best because when it starts to snow or drizzle, they will shield your baby and keep him or her warm and dry. They will also protect him or her from getting wet and catching a cold.

A good example of a stroller with an oversized canopy is the BOB Revolution. Its canopy is large with two panels that adequately shield the baby.

BOB Revolution Flex - CanopyThe BOB Revolution canopy. It is large and roomy and also has got a closeable mesh window.

Another good example is the Bumbleride Speed. It has got a large canopy with an additional sun/ rain visor. It will protect your baby adequately from snowy conditions, the rain, and strong winds.

Bumbleride Speed - Extendable canopyThe Bumbleride Speed canopy. It’s extendable and has an additional pop-out rain/ sun visor.

The baby jogger city mini GT2 GT below also has a good canopy. It is large and extendable. It covers the baby’s head and torso adequately.

Baby Jogger City Mini GT - Large canopyThe three-panel Baby Jogger canopy with two mesh windows.


The best stroller for snow are those with wide and roomy seats. This is because when strolling during winter you need your kid warmly dressed. So you are probably going to have him or her in a heavy jacket and probably a blanket. Therefore, if the seat is not wide and deep, your baby is not going to be comfortable sitting on it.

In conclusion, you should make sure that the winter stroller you choose has a roomy seat to make your child comfortable.

Roomy seat is a must have on stroller for winterAn image showing a winter stroller with a roomy seat.


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