review of the best potty training seats

is it going to be tough? Is there going to be a lot of accidents? Does it take a long time? will i be able to clean my house after?

This might just be some questions you are asking yourself before starting on early potty training.

Learning your kids to go on the toilet as their own will often be a stressful and slow process for your toddler and yourself. But finding the right potty training seat to practice on shouldn’t be adding additional stress to your life.

That’s the reason for this review. With my kids we have been potty training and testing the different seats, both from my point of view and from my kids. I’ll help you finding best toilet trainer to use in this training period.

In the world of potty training there are 2 alternatives:

There are the self-contained chairs, you normally place them on the ground. This variation is normally used early in the training process.

Then there are the trainers that sit on your regular toilet.

In this potty training seat review, we are focused on the seats for the regular toilet.

I found the Training seat from BabyBjorn, to be the best one. Using this was easy and almost second nature for my boys and me. It feels secure, sturdy and it even comes with a built-in splash guard (and even the design was simple and could fit in any home)

Billedresultat for BabyBjörn Toilet Training Seat

In this test, after testing every seat for 3-4 days. We looked at the comfort, stability, ease of use and the aesthetics of each of the seats.

We tested the following seats:


Our overall favorite potty training seat

BabyBjörn Toilet Training Seat

The best-valued seat

Summer Infant 2-in-1 Toilet Trainer


The Babybjorn toilet trainer (the best in test)

First of all; The design is pleasing for the eye, no crazy colors, as with all babybjorn products. It’s well designed and fits perfectly on the toilet. It even comes with a small knob on the back, that you can tighten. This not only makes it feel more secure and stable but gives better comfort.

It’s a minimal design, comes in a fine cream color, with either a layer of thin turquoise piping around the edge, you can get this with black or white color as well.

It’s a fairly small toilet seat and can easily be stored in a closet or a small drawer. You can even hang it on the wall by using the hook that’s conveniently placed on top of the seat.

My kids really enjoyed using this but was a bit more excited about the other seats, because of the colors. But they didn’t complain about this one.

Babybjorn toilet seat training

The Summer Infant 2-in-1 toilet trainer

This one is the budget-friendly winner. As opposed to the babybjorn you mount this by screwing it directly on the toilet instead of your regular seat. It’s easy to clean, but made in plastic, so I wouldn’t recommend this for long term use.

The good thing about this seat is because of your screw it on, so storage is not an issue. My son said this made him feel like a “big kid” (because mommy used the same seat).

Often you can get this at half the price of the Baby Bjorn, which makes this a downright steal.

The bad part is that it’s made of plastic. I don’t think it will be durable for long term usage.

This is a great seat to use for potty training age 4 or even potty training age 3, and it will make your kids feel like a bigger kid.

The Summer infant 2-in-1 toilet trainer


The Conclusion

The babybjorn is better if you are looking at something more durable, that you can use for longer. The downside is the fact that you have to take if off the toilet after each use. But in my opinion, it’s definitely the best one out there, and often only around $20 more than the summer infant.

The summer infant seat is a great seat for the price, but as it’s made in plastic don’t expect it to last for long. It’s great if you live in a small place or just don’t want the hassle of changing the seat every time.

How I did the test

My kids and I tested the seats for 4 days, which gives around 20 tries on each seat. I was paying my attention to what my kids said when they used it, especially if they thought it was comfortable. This is as close to a scientific test you’ll get, but some kids will require other things, like a handle, so it’s really down to your kids which is the best.

I really enjoyed the babybjorn seat because it has a splash guard, it makes it easier to clean the seat when done.

You might be wondering if it’s hard to keep clean?

But no! Luckily all the seats we tested were really easy to clean and keep clean. You can just take some water and soap and give them a good clean with that and a few wipes.

The other thing I took a lot of attention to is the price. Most of them go for around $20-$40, but some are even pricier. All the seats we used in this test is in that range.

They were all really easy to use, and I only needed a screwdriver to remove my existing seat, so all in all, easy to use and install.

If you do need more information about potty training I recommend this book, it will really help you and your kids to make potty training a fun and exciting thing.

At what age should a child be fully potty trained?

Obviously this depends on the kid and how mature he/she is. The average age is 5-6 years old. Normally you’ll see that you can train a 3-4 year old to stay dry in the day time, but that doesn’t mean it’s the same at night time. It will often take months and even years to stay dry at night.

You can take our “is my kid ready for potty training quiz” here

But often there will be signs your child is ready to potty train

I hope you liked my short review, if you did please leave a comment, I love reading them.

Go see the potty training book here, it will really help you speed up the potty training.

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