Searching for a versatile stroller that you can use to carry your baby from day one until preschool? If so, then you are in the right corner of the World Wide Web. This is because, in this post, I have compiled the best convertible strollers in the entire globe.

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You can pick any one of the strollers on this list, and I am half sure that you will be very impressed with the quality and the multi-functionality of the stroller you choose.

Indepth review of the best convertible strollers

“What is a convertible stroller?”

Well, I am glad you asked. A convertible stroller is an all-in-one baby buggy that you can use for different occasions. Almost all modern strollers are convertible strollers. They are convertible in the sense that you can buy them as standard strollers with toddler seats and then you can convert them into a travel system with an infant car seat or into a pram by attaching a bassinet. Some strollers are also convertible in the sense that you can convert them from single to double strollers.

In this post, I rank the best convertible stroller . These are the latest convertible strollers you can buy this year.

Let’s begin.

The Nine Best Convertible Strollers


Full review of the top convertible strollers

Without further ado, here is the full review of each stroller. Tip: you can use the buttons above to go to a specific stroller.

I believe there are over three dozen unique convertible stroller brands and models out there. In my research, I focused on the latest brands and models made for the Western World. I looked for the best of the best convertible strollers according to user reviews and ratings and compared their features. I found quite a number of decent strollers but in the end I found only the nine I have reviewed below to be good enough for my readers.

Most of the strollers reviewed below are high quality standard strollers that can be converted into travel systems, prams, or double strollers. Each stroller is somewhat different from the others but the majority of them are: versatile, comfortable for the baby, multifunctional, made using high-quality materials, and safe for babies.


1. The City Mini GT2 by Baby Jogger

Baby Jogger City Mini GT Single StrollerBJ City Mini GT2

This is an extremely popular convertible stroller. It can use it from day one with a newborn car seat and then later on use it as a standard stroller for your toddler.

One of the best things about it is the fact that it can handle almost all types of terrains.

Many parents also like the fact that it is a very affordable stroller despite its premium design and finish.

Now let me dwell a beat on the seat. It is not just like any other seat. It is well-designed and supremely comfortable. It is comfortable in the sense that it comes with head and neck support. This will protect your baby’s neck especially when you start using the stroller after they have just developed neck and head control.

When your baby cannot yet support their own neck, you can add an infant car seat to the BJ City Mini GT and use it to carry them. Compatible newborn car seats include Peg Perego, Graco, Chicco, and Britax infant car seats. In most cases you will have to also buy adapters to use the car seats.

This Baby Jogger baby carriage can also be used as a pram. This is, of course, through the addition of a compatible bassinet. Bassinets are sold separately.

Before I forget, there is one more thing I need to tell you about the main seat – it has a capacity of 65 pounds. This means you can use it for nearly five years. Most strollers have a capacity of 50 pounds. T

Additionally, the seat can be reclined to multiple positions. Hence if your baby wants to sleep on the go, you can recline it and make naptime more comfortable for him or her.

Baby Jogger City Mini GT Single Stroller - Recline & Extendable CanopyHas a deep recline and an oversized canopy

I really like the canopy on this thing. It is enormous and it extends considerable to cover even the baby’s torso. Even when the canopy is fully extended, you can still closely monitor your baby by opening the stroller’s peekaboo windows.

However, one thing you may not like about the two windows is the fact that they have very closure instead of magnetic closure. They, therefore, make a bit of noise when being opened.

One more thing I love about this stroller is the fact that it comes with an extendable push bar. This makes it perfect for all-height parents. It is even more appropriate especially for parents who have a considerable height difference as each parent can adjust it to the right height for them to push it comfortably.

The handlebar is also very ergonomic. It does not strain the hands or wrists to push.

I would have loved for this stroller to have inflatable wheels but it doesn’t. Its wheels are made of rubber but they are nevertheless big enough to handle even non-flat terrains. The wheels are connected to a suspension system that cushions shocks and makes rides comfortable for its passenger.

There are three wheels in total. The design gives this stroller agility and maneuverability. It moves just like a jogger but it is not made for jogging (its tires aren’t big enough and are not inflated).

For safety, it comes with a hand-operated brake that is easy to apply so it is extra safe to use.

Baby Jogger City Mini GT Single Stroller - FoldFolds into a flattish easy-to-store unit

If there is one thing I really like about the City Mini GT it is the fact that it can be quickly folded by one hand. This is courtesy of its patented folding tech. The tech so ingenious that the stroller practically folds itself. You just trigger it. Furthermore, when you fold this stroller, it will stay folded. This is because it has an auto-lock feature that locks it automatically when folded.

This makes it easy to store or travel with.

What also makes this stroller easy to travel with is its weight. At 22.5 pounds, it is somewhat easy to carry with one hand and to lift into the trunk of your car.

Now let me tell you a bit about its storage basket. The basket is decently sized; it is neither the biggest nor the smallest sized storage basket you will see on a stroller. It can hold a medium diaper bag. However, I wish it was bigger so that it could carry more stuff especially when going for day trips. Nevertheless, it compensates for its small basket size with a small mesh pocket behind the toddler seat where you can store your essentials close by.

Few color versions of Baby Jogger City Mini GT SingleMultiple color versions available


The pros and cons of the product according to other moms and dads

This is one of the coolest and best rated convertible strollers. I checked its product page on to see what other reviewers are saying and to confirm whether other moms also think it actually provides value for money.

What I noted is that it is quite popular and many people have many positive things to say about it. Below are some of the positive and negative views of verified users.


  • All terrain stroller
  • Can move well on cobbled streets (great for Europe tourism)
  • Has shock absorbers that make the ride comfy for the kid
  • Compact enough to pass easily through regularly doorways and supermarket aisles
  • Easy to steer
  • Can be reclined to a deep naptime-friendly position
  • Comes with a massive canopy for full protection
  • Can easily be folded for carrying, storage, and/ or transport
  • Its newborn seat can easily be fixed or removed
  • Sold at a very fair price


  • Its storage bag is not really big
  • It has no accessories e.g. cupholders and toy bars


Important details to consider

This convertible stroller comes in multiple colors. The multiple color models are sold at different prices. So make sure you check the multiple color versions to find out which one is the most affordable one if you are shopping on a budget. it’s one of the best convertible strollers on the list and i highly recommend it.

Moreover, please not that this stroller does not come with a toy bar/ child tray or a parent console. If you really want these accessories you will have to buy them separately.

Why you should buy this product

  1. Because it is a convertible stroller that you can use for a long time (it is long term value).
  2. Because it is a good quality, comfortable, ergonomic, and affordable convertible stroller.
  3. Because it can easily be folded and, therefore, saves space unlike other strollers that can be too difficult to travel with or to store in small apartments.


2. The Bumbleride Era

Bumbleride IndieThe Bumbleride Era

Have you been looking for an agile all-terrain stroller? If so, then look no further than the Bumbleride Era. This is the type of stroller you buy for forever use. It is perfect as a daily stroller and as an off-road stroller.

Like with most other modern strollers, you can use it from day one as an infant stroller. You can then later use it as a toddler stroller. Also like other modern strollers, its seat reclines. However, unlike the seats on other modern strollers, the seat on this one can recline to a horizontal position. This makes it perfect for naptime.

Moreover, this seat is also plushy and comfy. Your baby will love sitting and napping on it.

In addition to the reclining seat, another interesting feature on the Bumbleride Era is its adaptable leg rest. The fact that it is adjustable makes this stroller more comfortable than those whose leg rests are not adjustable.

The reclining seat on this stroller and its adjustable leg rest make it perfect for carrying infants. Alternatively, you can buy a compatible newborn car seat or a bassinet to carry your infant baby. Some of the compatible car seats include Peg Perego, Nuna, Cybex, Max Cosi, Chicco, and Graco. If you decide to buy a newborn car seat or a bassinet, you will also have to get a compatible adapter.

Bumbleride Indie - Best Convertible Stroller 2019Can be made infant-ready by reclining the main seat or attaching a newborn car seat

One thing I need to stress about this stroller is that its main seat faces only forward. It is not reversible. You will need to use a bassinet if you are going for longer day trips and you want to closely monitor your infant baby throughout the trip. If you are no longer interested in this stroller because its seat is not reversible, you should check out the Cybex Balios S. It has a reversible seat. I discuss it later in this ranking.

The seat on this stroller has got a vented top. The top will ensure maximum airflow during summer and prevent overheating.

The canopy on top of this seat is big and extendable. It also has a sun visor that will protect your baby’s eyes from the sun. And as is the case with most of the other strollers in this ranking, the Bumbleride Era has a see through window on top of the canopy that allows you to monitor your child constantly.

Other important features on the Era include a big storage basket and a bumper bar. The storage basket is big enough to carry a diaper bag, wipes, a blanket, change of clothing and so on. For small essentials such as your phone, keys, cards, and wallet, you can store them in the pockets behind the main seat. There is even a special place for your water bottle.

The baby’s snacks, sippy cup, and toys can be kept in the pocket on the inside lining of the canopy.

Bumbleride Indie - Storage pocketsHas a decent storage space and multiple additional pockets for your essentials

The push bar on this stroller is adjustable hence all-height moms, dads and older children will find it easy to push. The push bar can be adjusted from a height of 26.5 inches to 45.5 inches.

As hinted earlier, the Era comes with big and inflatable 12-inch wheels and a super suspension system. These features make it one of the best all-terrain strollers as they cushion the ride flawlessly. Obviously inflatable wheels need more maintenance compared to foam wheels but the smooth ride and the ease of pushing are worth it.

Bumbleride Indie - Suitable for harsh terrainHas big wheels that make it easy to maneuver over rough terrain

This is a day-to-day stroller. You can use it carry your baby to go off-road, to go to the mall, to go shopping, to take him or her to daycare, or to go to the park.

You will find it very easy to push and maneuver this stroller. You will only need one hand to do so. When you want better stability on rough terrain, you can lock its front wheel.

You will also love how easy the Bumbleride Era folds. Moreover, it folds in such a manner that hides the seat and protects it from getting dirty. It also has an auto-lock feature which ensures that the locked stroller stays locked. This feature makes it easy to carry or store this stroller.

Compared to other strollers, this stroller is pretty compact. This means it is more likely than not to fit easily in your car’s trunk no matter the size.

Bumbleride Indie - 6 fashions to choose fromThe Bumbleride Era is available in six color versions

As you can see in the image above, this stroller is available in multiple color options. You can easily pick just the color that works best for you.

The pros and cons of the stroller according to other moms and dads

The Bumbleride Era is a premium/ high-end convertible stroller. It, therefore, has not been extensively reviewed on Amazon because only a relatively lower number of parents have bought it. However, there are sufficient reviews on Amazon and on other sites from which I gathered its advantages and disadvantages.


  • Has a super soft and plushy padding
  • Quite compact and sufficiently light for daily use
  • Built to last and to provide a comfortable ride for the baby
  • Extremely versatile
  • Easy to steer
  • Moves very smoothly on most surfaces
  • Has a large protective canopy to shield the baby
  • Comes with a vented main seat for maximum airflow to prevent overheating
  • Has an extendable handlebar that makes it easy for parents of all heights to use
  • Automatically locks itself when folded for easy transport
  • Made of environmentally-friendly fabrics
  • Available in multiple interesting colors
  • Tire pump is included for free


  • Cannot be folded with one hand
  • It is a high-end and, therefore, expensive stroller
  • It takes a bit of time to get used to attaching its seat
  • Its seat cannot be reversed

Important details to consider

If you jog a lot then you will love the Era. This is because it is built as a light jogger and it is very easy to maneuver.

More importantly, this stroller is pricey. Only get it from platforms such as Amazon and PishPosh Baby where you can get discounts.

Why you should buy this product

  1. Because it is extremely versatile. You can use it to go jogging, to go shopping, to stroll around your local path, and to go on unbeaten paths with your baby.
  2. It has an infant mode. This means you can use it from day one and that you will not have to buy a bassinet if you purchase it.
  3. Because it is perfect for summer. The Bumbleride Era has a well-vented canopy that ensures maximum airflow preventing the baby from getting overheated during high temperatures.

3. The Cybex Balios S

Cybex Balios SThe Cybex Balios

Cybex has manufactured many strollers over the years. However, in my opinion, the one that stands out among the all is the Cybex Balios S. It stands out because it is affordable, stylishly designed, easy to use, and it’s suitable to push on many terrains.

If you have ever Googled the best strollers, then you have probably seen the name Cybex. This is because Cybex is one of the most popular manufacturers of quality strollers along with Baby Jogger. The brand is also well known for its fashionable baby buggies.

This stroller is a typical Cybex stroller and the good thing about it is that it does not cost as much as other Cybex strollers such as the Mios and the Priam. If you love it already then keep reading, the features will impress you even more.

Like all the other baby buggies on this list, this stroller is convertible. It comes with a regular seat that can be used from birth to four years. The seat can be replaced with a newborn seat or a bassinet.

Cybex Balios S- Near-flat recline and fully extended canopyHas a huge canopy for 100% protection from the sun and a flat recline

You can recline the seat on this stroller to the horizontal position with just one hand. The fact that this stroller can go to the flat position makes it infant ready. However, some parents sometimes add an infant insert to support their baby’s head, neck, and back better.

This impressive convertible baby carriage can be converted into a travel system by fitting a newborn car seat on its frame. Nevertheless, you cannot just attach any car seat on it because only two are compatible – the GB infant car seat and the Cybex infant car seat. Moreover, even for these compatible infant car seats you will need to buy adapters. Some parents are not impressed that they have to buy adapters but that’s just the situation right now. You need to buy them if you want to use an infant car seat on this stroller.

A third alternative for carrying your infant baby with this stroller is the use of a compatible bassinet. Bassinets are more comfortable and provide better support than infant car seats.

In short, this stroller can be used as a toddler stroller, and can be converted into a travel system (with an infant car seat) or a pram (with a compatible bassinet). The most important point is that this stroller is infant-ready. You can use it from birth but can alternatively buy a bassinet or an infant car seat if you want to.

Cybex Balios S - Different seating options Can convert into a pram or a travel system

The main seat on this stroller is reversible. It means you can have your baby facing you or facing forward.

On top of the seat there is a huge canopy. It provides 100% protection for the baby. There is a mesh panel behind the canopy that you can open to increase air circulation on hot days.

Additional Balios S features that deserve a special mention include its brilliant suspension system and its all-terrain wheels. These features make this stroller handle surfaces such as gravel driveways, bumpy paths, and cracked pavements, beautifully.

One more feature that I know you will love especially if you are short like me if the extendable/ adjustable handlebar on this thing. It can be adjusted up or down. This makes it easier to use for short parents as it can simply be adjusted downwards to make it more convenient to push. Tall parents who want to push this stroller will also not have to crouch to do so as they can simply extend the handlebar to make it convenient for them to push.

Additionally, this stroller comes with a fairly spacious storage basket underneath the main seat. It is also very easy to access. Nevertheless, some parents say it could have been made bigger since the stroller itself is a fairly big stroller. However, even at its current size you will find it to be sufficiently spacious to fit a large diaper bag.

Cybex Balios S - WheelsThe Balios S has got big wheels and a capacious storage space

One of the things I don’t like about this stroller is the fact that it does not have a parent organizer or additional pockets where one can store small items such as keys, wallet, or phone. However, if you really want a parent organizer you can get it separately.

One more thing I have to mention about this stroller is its folding mechanism. Many people say that it is a breeze to fold but a number of people also say it is a hassle to fold. In my opinion, it is easy to fold but the folding process is unique and takes some time to get used to. However, if you practice using it a couple of times in the house before going out, you will find it much easier to fold at the park, the mall parking lot, or anywhere else you go strolling.

In terms of weight, this stroller is somewhat light as it weighs just 24.7 pounds. This makes it easy to put in a car trunk. Moreover, it folds into a small unit than what most other strollers fold into. This means that it is easier to fit into a car trunk than other strollers.

The pros and cons of the product according to other moms and dads

I reviewed the comments made by other moms and dads who bought this stroller on Amazon and found that the majority of them liked a whole host of things about it. Many particularly liked its looks and its versatility. Check my summary of the comments below.


  • Has an elevated seat which makes it easy to access the baby for feeding or soothing
  • Its canopy is extendable for maximum protection from harmful sun rays
  • Built tough and durable
  • Super easy to navigate
  • Moves smoothly and quietly
  • Comfortable for the baby
  • Main seat can recline to a completely horizontal position
  • Main seat can be reversed
  • Comes with an adjustable footrest
  • Folds into a very compact unit
  • Has an extendable pushbar which makes it perfect for parents of all types of heights
  • Stylish design
  • Relatively affordable


  • Somewhat heavy
  • The storage basket is medium sized
  • The basic item does not come with a child tray or a parent organizer
  • The folding mechanism takes some time to get used to


Important details to consider

The Balios S is only compatible with two types of newborn car seats: GB and Cybex. Moreover, although compatible with these car seats, it does not come with their adapters. You will have to buy them separately, but if you don’t need that this is one of the best convertible strollers for this price.

Having these facts in mind will help you to make wiser decisions.

Why you should buy this product

  1. It is convenient to use. This is because it comes with a reversible seat, a big canopy, and can recline to the perfect position for napping (full recline).
  2. It is pretty stylish yet affordable convertible stroller.
  3. It has multiple seating options. You can literally use it from the first day until your baby becomes a preschooler.

4. The UPPAbaby VISTA


The VISTA is one of the most popular and versatile strollers out there. It is a convertible stroller that can also be expanded to accommodate another child.

The stroller comes with a standard toddler seat, which can be used from three months up until the baby gets to fifty pounds. If your baby is young than three months, you will need to buy a compatible bassinet to convert it into a pram.

You can also alternatively buy a compatible newborn car seat, such as the MESA car seat to convert this stroller into a travel system. The MESA car seat does not need an adapter to be attached to the VISTA. However, other compatible car seats such as the Cybex, the NUNA, the Maxi Cosi, and Chicco, do require adapters to be attached to the VISTA.

This is probably the stroller I love the most in this list because it has many exciting features. For instance, its main seat is reversible. Moreover, an additional seat can be attached to accommodate another child. There are several seating arrangements you can try when you attach a secondary seat on this one. Furthermore, in addition to the additional seat, you can attach a standing board to allow a third older child to ride on the stroller when you guys are out and about.

UPPAbaby VISTA- some of the seating optionsVISTA’s multiple seating arrangements

Even though the VISTA is one of the more pricey strollers, you can use it to carry your child from birth until several years later and you can expand it to carry two or even three children. In other words, it is totally worth the price.

Now let’s look at the features. The UPPABaby VISTA has got four wheels. The wheels are made of rubber but have foam cores. This means you will not need to worry about punctures when pushing this stroller as is the case with inflatable tires. Moreover, the wheels are pretty sizeable, which makes it easy for this stroller to handle many terrains including gravel paths and bumpy sidewalks.

Additionally, apart from the wheels themselves being enough to cushion your child against bumps, this stroller comes with a superb suspension system that also guarantees that any shocks do not reach your precious cargo.

The VISTA has a nice and expandable canopy over the seat. The canopy comes with a sun visor to protect your child from the sun. What I love the most about the canopy on this thing is the fact that it can be adjusted upwards to create more room for your child to be comfortable as he or she grows.

UPPAbaby VISTA canopyIts canopy provides a good amount of shade

There are several other features on this thing that many parents will absolutely love. They include the extendable handlebar that makes it convenient for tall parents to push this stroller without kicking into the back of it. The handlebar can also be alternatively extended downwards to make it less awkward for short parents to push the VISTA.

Other features include a large thirty-pound capacity storage basket, an easy folding mechanism, and the fact this stroller can stand on its own when folded.

This is also a top stroller in terms of accessories. It comes with a rain and a bug shield for the toddler seat. It also comes with a bumper bag.

When it is in its basic single-stroller mode, this stroller weighs only 26.3 pounds. This is not too heavy or too light. It can, however, be lifted into a car trunk without many difficulties.

The pros and cons of the product according to other moms and dads

Despite being one of the more expensive strollers, the UPPAbaby VISTA is also one of the most popular and most purchased strollers on Amazon. There are plenty of positive ratings left on its page by many customers.

Below is a list of its pros and cons I have made from reading the reviews.


  • Can be easily and quickly assembled
  • Has multiple seating arrangements
  • The main seat can be reclined and reversed
  • The VISTA can be easily folded
  • Comes with a large and accessible storage basket
  • It is truly convertible with a bassinet that is approved for overnight sleep
  • Can be expanded to grow with your family (accommodate one more kid)
  • Easy to push and navigate
  • Well-made using premium materials
  • The stroller’s manufacturer has a very responsive customer service department


  • Requires accessories and adapters that may drive its price up
  • It is not a very light stroller


Important details to consider

If you want to purchase this stroller and utilize it as a double stroller for your older kids, you need to know that you will need to buy another seat. A RumbleSeat. While the main seat normally has a capacity of thirty five pounds, the secondary seat usually has a lower weight capacity.

Moreover, apart from having to spend more money on a secondary seat, you need to know that the addition of another seat will make this convertible stroller even heavier.


Why you should buy this product

  1. Super convenient to use as it has one of the biggest storage baskets you will ever see on a stroller.
  2. It is a multifunctional stroller that can be used from birth, can be driven anywhere, and can be expanded to accommodate another kid.
  3. It is a versatile and quality baby buggy that is worth its weight in gold.

5. The City Mini by Baby Jogger

Baby Jogger City Mini Single StrollerThe City Mini

The City Mini is sold at a pocket-friendly price, it is agile, and it is lightweight. Simply put, it is made for urban folks to use in concrete jungles.

You can start using this stroller to carry your baby when he or she can support their head and neck (at about six months). You can then use it for several half-dozen years until your baby gets to fifty pounds (the maximum weight capacity).

This seat on the City Mini can recline to multiple positions. Meaning you will be able to find a comfortable position for your baby to relax, take in the surroundings, or take a nap. However, although this seat can recline, it is not the easiest to recline as reclining it involves the use of straps and a buckle instead of a lever.

Nonetheless, this baby buggy comes with a vented top, which ensures good ventilation on hot summer days. The vented top can be closed on cold and windy days to protect the child from the weather elements.

When it is spring or summer, you can extend the canopy on top of this stroller to provide more shade for your little one. And even while the shade is extended, you can still monitor your child to ensure they are safe and okay, via the peekaboo window on top of the canopy.

Baby Jogger City Mini Single Stroller - Recline & CanopyCity Mini’s oversized canopy

One more thing I must mention about this canopy is its height-adjustable feature. You can increase its height to create more room for your kid as he or she grows up. This is pretty cool in my opinion and I think you also agree. Not many medium price strollers like it have it.

One drawback I must mention is that while the canopy of this thing is height-adjustable, its handlebar is not. So if you are not of average height, you may find it awkward or uncomfortable to push this stroller.

The City Mini features the common three-wheel construction with dual front wheel. The construction makes it agile and easy to maneuver while the dual front wheel ensures stability. Although the wheels on this baby buggy are not big (they are 8 inches in diameter), the City Mini has got a suspension system that absorbs shock and ensures that strolling over cracked sidewalks or gravel is not uncomfortable for your little one. But even with the suspension system, you still should not use this stroller on unbeaten paths or uneven terrain as this stroller is more of an urban stroller and not an all-terrain stroller.

Some color versions of the popular Baby Jogger City Mini SingleThe City Mini is available in multiple color versions

This stroller is compatible with multiple car seat brands. You just need to buy a car seat and a compatible adapter and you will be able to turn it into a travel system within a matter of seconds. You can also turn it into a pram if you add a compatible bassinet on it. Converting this stroller into a pram is the best option especially if you are intending to go for long distance strollers with a young newborn baby.

One more thing worth mentioning about this stroller is how easy it is to fold. You can, in fact, fold it one-handedly by simply pulling a strap and the stroller with fold itself.

When this stroller is fully folded, it automatically locks itself in the position and does not occupy too much space. It also weighs just 17.6 pounds. The tiny fold, the auto-lock feature, and the lightness mean it is a brilliant option for those with small cars or apartments.

Baby Jogger City Mini Single Stroller - Fold - best convertible strollersFolds flat making it easy to travel with or to store


The pros and cons of the product according to other moms and dads

This is one of the most popular convertible strollers you will find online. It has boatloads of positive reviews on Amazon alone. Below are its advantages and disadvantages according to verified purchasers on Amazon.


  • Has an oversized canopy that will provide adequate shade over your baby
  • Moves very easily and smoothly; perfect for going places fast
  • Comes with a dual front wheel that ensures stability
  • Can be navigated one-handedly
  • Made of premium quality materials
  • Very lightweight construction that makes it easy to transport after folding
  • The canopy can be adjusted to accommodate your fast growing kid


  • The seat material is not protected when the stroller is folded meaning it can get dirty easily during transport or storage
  • This stroller comes with no console, parent tray, or cup holder. You will have to buy any of these accessories separately if you want them
  • Has a not-so-big storage space

Important details to consider

This is not an all-terrain stroller. It is not ideal for jogging. So if you want something to jog with or to stroll on unbeaten paths with, then you should probably check out some of the other strollers on this list.

This convertible stroller is only good enough for pushing on gravel, sidewalks, roads, flat surfaces, and inside malls, airports and the likes.

Moreover, if you want a stroller that is easy to fold then you also better consider something else as this one is not exactly easy to fold.

Why you should buy this product

  1. It is a premium quality baby buggy yet it is not pricey.
  2. It can be folded meaning it is a space saver and perfect for those with small apartments and/ or small cars
  3. Because it is a perfect stroller for urban dwellers; it is light and well-designed to weave through crowds and tight corners.

6. The Ergobaby 180

Ergobaby 180 Reversible convertible StrollerThe Ergobaby 180


If you are looking for a well-rated but low priced stroller, then look no further than the Ergobaby 180.

This stroller is well-regarded by many parents because of many things. Before we go into the specifics, here is what you need to know about the product in a nutshell; it is convenient, lightweight, portable, and perfect urban strolling.

The main seat on this stroller reclines to a flat position. This makes it suitable for carrying infants who are a few weeks old but not yet old enough to support their necks and heads and sit on their own.

The seat on the Ergobaby 180 does not get hot during hot days as it has a vented top that ensures maximum airflow.

I love the size of the canopy on this stroller; it is massive and sufficient for providing full cover against harmful rays from the sun.

Ergobaby 180 Reversible Stroller with Nuna car seatA Nuna car seat attached to the Ergobaby 180

By buying a compatible newborn car seat such as Graco, Chicco, Britax, Nuna, or Cybex, you can convert this stroller into a perfect travel system.

One of the things that stands about this stroller is the design of its handlebar; it is reversible. In other words, if your baby is facing the front and you want him to face you, you simply reverse the handlebar and you will be on the other side. It other words, it will remove the need for you to lift the toddler seat and reverse it. As a mom, I love the reversibility of the handle and love how convenient it is.

Additionally, this stroller comes with four wheels. The wheels ensure stability. Moreover, the fact that all the four wheels can swivel, makes this stroller a breeze to push and navigate than others whose tires do not swivel. The wheels on this stroller can be locked to prevent swiveling.

Although the wheels of this stroller are pretty decent, they are made of foam and are not supported by a suspension system. This means that they are best for strolling in urban areas only.

Ergobaby 180 Reversible Stroller - One-hand foldExtremely easy to fold and carry around

You can fold this stroller one-handedly, while carrying your baby in your free arm. Folding it is simple and requires juts pulling a lever and the whole thing collapses.

Compared to other baby buggies, this stroller folds into a pretty small unit that can easily be carried or lifted into a small car trunk and it will fit. It does not really take up too much space.

This stroller comes not with multiple accessories. Those who want to buy them can get the compatible ones from the stroller’s official website.

The pros and cons of the product according to other moms and dads

Although the Ergobaby 180 is a relatively new convertible stroller compared to the other ones on this list, it is increasingly becoming popular among mothers because of how convenient it is. On Amazon alone, it has been reviewed and rated more than 200 times. The majority of the reviews and ratings are super positive. Below are the things moms like and the things they don’t like about the Ergobaby 180.


  • Easy to fold
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Has a height-adjustable handle that makes it possible for different height parents to use it
  • Comes with an oversized but well-aerated canopy for protection and natural air-conditioning
  • Has a sizeable storage basket
  • Comes with two driving modes; you can choose one depending on the type of place you are driving it


  • Its footrest cannot be adjusted
  • It takes some time to master how to unfold it quickly
  • It has relatively small wheels that are not perfect for all terrains


Important details to consider

If you love or are expecting accessories then this is not the stroller for you. This is because it does not come with any accessory. You will have to buy a compatible one if you want to use on it.

Why you should buy this product

  1. Has an extendable handlebar that is perfect for both short and tall parents
  2. Comes with a large canopy for maximum shade and protection
  3. Great for many things including going to parks, going shopping, and strolling around the city.

7. The Britax B-Lively 

Britax B-LivelyThe Britax B-Lively convertible stroller

This is a pretty cool stroller that looks almost 100% like the popular B-Agile baby carriage. It is my belief that this model will slowly but surely become as popular as its predecessor.

Why buy this stroller and not any of the other ones? It is a simple and good budget option that is perfect for urban folks.

This baby carriage is constructed to be used from when the baby is a few weeks old until several years later when they weigh fifty five pounds (between three to four years). Simply put, this stroller will give your dozens of months of usage if you take proper car of it.

Two things make the B-Lively one of the stand out best convertible strollers; its weight and its quick fold tech.

In terms of weight this is one of the lightest strollers of its kind. It weighs just twenty pounds. You probably won’t find it easy to come across another twenty-pound (or less) convertible stroller anytime soon.

The lightness makes it easy to lift the B-Lively into a car trunk. It also makes it easy to carry it when traveling.

The quick fold tech is just that; a design that makes this thing fold quickly with little effort.

Britax B-Lively - deep recline (Best convertible strollers for 2019)Has an easy to recline seat and an adjustable leg rest

The best think about the main seat is that it can recline very deeply. Honestly, I think it has the deepest recline I have ever seen. The position is perfect for late afternoon naps on-the-go.

The recline position is also flat enough that the manufacturer claims it is infant-ready. However, I would recommend, you wait until at least the fourth month to start using the seat to carry your baby. The reason is that at four months your baby will have gained enough control of his or her neck.

Even though I recommend waiting before using this seat to carry your infant baby, it is sufficiently padded and if you were to choose to use it from day one, your baby will probably find it comfortable.

The seat has got a five-point harness for maximum safety.

B-Lively’s stroller frame has a unique design (with connectors) that makes it easy to fix and remove Britax car seats. The importance of the design is to ensure that parents or caretakers do not wake up their babies when they are transferring them from their homes, offices, or their cars to their strollers.

You will love the canopy on this thing. It is enormous and it protects the baby well. It also has a high UV protection rating, which means that when in it, your baby will be much protected from harmful UV rays.

Britax B-Lively - better coverage from sunFeatures a big canopy that provides protection and has a mesh panel to prevent overheating during summer

This stroller has a pretty big storage basket. You can easily fit a large diaper bay in it. However, those who have used it claim that it is a bit shallow and, therefore, cannot fit many things. Nevertheless, you can put a diaper bag and some of your baby’s essentials in it. Moreover, it comes with additional pockets where you can put additional stuff.

Now onto to how easy this stroller moves. Many parents who have used it claim it moves like a breeze. This is true. The overall construction (the lightness and the wheel design) is what makes it easy to push and navigate. It is so easy to push that many parents choose to push it with one hand especially on flat terrain.

One thing I have to mention, however, if the fact that this stroller’s tires are not inflatable and are somewhat small. This means that you should not take it over very bumpy terrain as it will not only be difficult to push but also uncomfortable for your child.

Britax B-Lively - three colors to choose fromAvailable in three colors

The pros and cons of the product according to other moms and dads

To know what other parents think about this convertible stroller, I read customer reviews on Amazon and on the Britax website. I found out that many parents really loved quite a number of features on this Britax stroller. Some also had reservations about a few things. Below is a summary of what parents liked and what they did not like.


  • Can fold into a fairly flat and easy to store unit
  • A car seat can easily be fitted or removed from its frame
  • Has a breathable canopy cover that provides enough shade but does not get too hot
  • Comes with a seat that can recline to any position that is comfortable for your baby
  • Many parents say it is easy to push and steer
  • Has a three-wheel design that makes it easy to negotiate tight corners and weave through crowds
  • Supremely lightweight despite being a convertible stroller
  • Can folded or unfolded one-handedly


  • May require you to purchase adapters to fit certain car seats
  • May be unstable on very rough terrains
  • Comes not with a cup holder


Important details to consider

The most important detail to have in mind before making your purchase decision on this stroller is that its handlebar cannot be extended. This means that depending on how tall or how short you are, you may find it inconvenient to push.

Additionally, this stroller is only compatible with a handful of newborn car seats and they are not the cheapest ones on the market. However, the company intends to release adapters in the future to help make this stroller compatible with more car seats.

Why you should buy this product

  1. Because it can be folded using one hand, which is important especially when there is no one else around to hold the baby.
  2. Because it is lightweight and easy to carry around.
  3. It is a smart investment because you will not need to pay more to turn it into a travel system as its Britax car seat adapter/ receiver is built in.

8. The Chicco Bravo LE

Chicco Bravo LEThe Chicco Bravo LE

This is a classy and premium quality stroller that is available for cheap. It can be converted into a travel system without the need to buy additional adapters. It also comes with several interesting accessories.

The regular seat on the BRAVO LE is only suitable for carrying infants who have developed head and neck control. It is comfortable and cozy for babies to sit in.

To make it even more comfortable, the manufacturer of this stroller, made it reclinable. So you can recline it to any position that your baby will find most comfortable when awake, when watching the environment, when playing, or when taking a little nap.

Chicco Bravo LE has removable seat unit and additional soft insert Bravo LE removable seat and comfy soft insert

The seat on the BRAVO LE can be removed entirely to fix the KeyFit infant car seat and convert the stroller into a travel system. Since the seat can be removed entirely, this stroller does not get very heavy when the infant car seat is attached unlike those stroller’s whose main seats cannot be removed.

You do not need to buy adapters for the KeyFit car seat because the stroller is made in such a way that it does not need them.

Chicco Bravo LE with infant car seat - One of the top convertible strollers of 2019The KeyFit 30 on the Bravo LE

The regular seat on this stroller is covered by an oversized canopy with an additional visor. They provide a good amount of shade to protect the baby from the sun and other weather elements.

In case you have extended the canopy and its visor, you can still watch your baby closely by using the see-through window on top of it.

The front wheels on of this stroller are seven inches in diameter while the back wheels are nine inches in diameter. All the wheels are made of plastic but are supported by a suspension system. In short, this stroller can handle a bit of rough but it is only suitable for urban roads and walkways.

The BRAVO LE can be folded with one hand. It can also self-stand when folded. Folding involves just pulling a lever hidden below the main seat and the stroller will folding into half. This stroller does not occupy a lot of space when folded. It is also not so heavy. It then follows that you will find it easy to lift it into your car trunk and to find space for it.

One of the coolest things about the Chicco BRAVO LE is that it is heavily accessorized. It comes with a parent organizer with cup holders where you can store your water and a conveniently zippered pouch where you can store your wallet, a snack, your keys, and your mobile phone.

Chicco Bravo LE - Parent trayA stylish parent console for storing your essentials

Underneath the main seat of this stroller is a large storage basket. It can carry a medium diaper back and is very easy to access.

Lastly, there is the extendable handlebar on this thing. It is a great feature especially for tall and short parents and it is a big plus to have it on a stroller as low budget as Chicco BRAVO LE.

The pros and cons of the product according to other moms and dads

This stroller is increasingly becoming popular among many parents. I think its increasing popularity is because of its low price, its high quality construction, its multiple features, and its easy maneuverability.

As at the time I am writing this review, it has over 80 reviews on Amazon alone. Below is a summary of the pros and cons I gathered from the reviews.


  • Comes with an oversized canopy that provides the baby with maximum shade
  • Has a soft and plushy seat
  • The compatible KeyFit car seat can be attached without removing the toddler seat
  • It’s a breeze to attach the newborn car seat
  • Extremely user friendly design
  • Has a parent tray that is important for keeping important things within reach
  • Easy to navigate with one hand
  • Can easily negotiate tight corners
  • Can be folded easily and quickly
  • Has a very accessible and spacious storage area


  • Has a child tray that is not very easy to remove
  • Its cup holders are somewhat shallow
  • Somewhat heavy and not easy to carry around

Important details to consider

It is important to keep in mind that the Chicco Bravo’s front wheel cannot be locked. All its wheels are also plastic and rather small. What I am trying to say is that it will not really ride well on non-urban terrains.

Why you should buy this product

  1. Comes with a few accessories including a parent tray, a child tray, beverage holders, and a removable seat pad. No need to spend extra money to get them.
  2. Can easily be folded with one hand, which is important as it leaves the other arm free to carry the baby.
  3. It is worth its weight in gold as it is a very high-quality and useful stroller.

9. The Peg Perego Booklet

Peg Perego BookletBooklet by Peg Perego

The Booklet is a very premium stroller. I don’t know why they called it the Booklet but it looks pretty decent.

The stroller is made of a lightweight aluminum frame that simultaneously makes it sturdy and portable. It is sturdy because the aluminum used is sturdy and portable because it is very light (weighs only 19.6 pounds). Since it is sturdy, you will be able to use it for a long time and since it is portable, lifting it into your car trunk or carrying it upstairs will not be difficult.

What is also pretty nice about the Peg Perego Booklet is its slim design. It makes it the perfect urban stroller as it increases its agility and maneuverability especially around tight corners in urban spaces such as malls and subway stations.

The swiveling front wheels of this stroller also contribute to its agility. Nevertheless, they can be locked to prevent them from swiveling and hence bring about more stability especially on slightly bumpy terrain.

This stroller has a brilliant suspension system on it that cushions rides on difficult terrains. However, it is only meant for use on urban flat terrains as its wheels are small and not inflated.

In case, you want to park it in the park, you can use its parking brake to lock the back wheels.

Peg Perego Booklet - ReclineReclining seat and canopy with a mesh window

Now let me tell you about my favorite part of this stroller – the seat. First of all, it is a comfy seat and cozy seat. Your toddler will love it.

Next it can be reclined significantly. This makes it comfortable for napping. However, since it cannot be reclined to a truly horizontal position, it is not suitable for use carrying infants who have not developed neck and head control. If you really want to use this for your newborn, you will need to add the infant insert. It will provide your baby with the necessary support on the seat.

Alternatively, you could purchase a compatible infant car seat to carry your newborn. There are two Primo Viaggio seats that are compatible with this stroller and they do not even need adapters to be attached. Buying either of them will save you money.

Back to the seat, it has got a vented top. The top ensures maximum airflow and prevents overheating during summer. You can close it on cold days to make your baby warm and cozy.

Peg Perego Booklet with infant car seatThe Booklet converted into a cool travel system

The canopy on this stroller is a two-panel canopy. It has a sun visor that can be popped out to provide protection against harmful UV rays. Although the canopy is big, it cover is not as big as I would have preferred. It only provides enough cover for the upper body.

There is a see-through window on top of the canopy that can be opened to closely monitor the baby.

Like most of the other top convertible strollers on this list, this one two has an extendable handlebar with multiple positions of extension. This makes it comfortable for all-height moms and dads to push it.

This stroller also has a pretty decent basket. It is extremely spacious and can easily be accessed. You will be able to fit in it a diaper bag and your baby’s essentials.

Lastly, folding the Booklet is a piece of cake; it is very easy to do. The stroller automatically locks itself when folded so it is easy to carry or store when folded. Besides, it folds inwards and hides the seat fabric preventing it from getting dirty when stored or when being carried somewhere.

Peg Perego Booklet - Color versionsAvailable in multiple color versions

The pros and cons of the product according to other moms and dads

Many people who have used this Peg Perego stroller have been quite impressed by its design and features. Nevertheless, as is the case with almost every other product, there are some parents that think some features are lacking or could have been done differently. Below is a summary of Perego’s pros and cons.


  • It is extremely lightweight and easy to carry around
  • Can be navigated one-handedly
  • Has a wide and spacious seat area
  • Its wheels are big enough to move easily over pavements, gravel, short grass, and other urban surfaces
  • It is perfect for moms and dads who frequently use public transport
  • Its basket is large and can hold plenty of stuff
  • It is easy to fold and put into a car trunk
  • Well-constructed with quality materials
  • Can stand on its own


  • Its canopy is not as oversized as many parents prefer but it is sufficient
  • The seat is not suitable for newborns and babies who have not reached toddlerhood
  • Its seat is not easy to recline
  • The seat is only suitable for kids below 36-months-old
  • Not easy to unfold with one hand


Important details to consider

It is important to keep in mind that this stroller is only compatible with two Primo Viaggio infant car seats. You will have to buy one of them if you want to use it as part of a travel system.

Mind you the seats are not that cheap.

Why you should buy this product

  1. You can use it from when your baby is one day old until he or she turns three.
  2. Because it comes with quite a number of convenient features including a footbrake that is easy to apply, a big storage bag, and an extendable handlebar.
  3. It is a light, everyday stroller that is especially perfect for those who frequently use public transport.

How to pick the best convertible strollers – the Ultimate Buying Guide

Most modern strollers have a convertible design. In other words, you can start using them as an infant carrier/ pram with a bassinet and then later convert them into a travel system with an infant car seat, or a baby carriage with a toddler seat.

Some stroller models are made to only be compatible with very specific infant car seats, while others are compatible with many different newborn car seats as long as you also buy the right adapter.

Some strollers come as a package with their compatible newborn cars seats. For example, the B-Safe car seat can come with the Britax B-Agile stroller. The MESA car seat can also come with the VISTA stroller. When a car seat is included in a stroller package, the two form a travel system. You will find several top travel systems in my list of the best convertible strollers above.

As I hinted earlier, you can start using a convertible stroller as a pram by replacing its infant car seat with a bassinet. This is a big advantage because if you bought your stroller for a first child, you can later just buy a bassinet for it and use it to carry your newborn. With a bassinet, you can use a convertible stroller from day one until late toddlerhood.

UPPAbaby VISTA - best convertible strollersThe UPPAbaby VISTA

Many standard strollers are expandable. This means you can buy them and use them as single strollers and then when your second child comes a long, you can expand them to accommodate that child by buying a secondary seat or using a bassinet. Sometimes, you can even carry three babies by adding a secondary seat or bassinet and a standing board. Expandable strollers are perfect especially for parents who expect or plan to have more children soon.

With an expandable stroller, you will not have to spend more money on a new stroller. You will also not have to create more space in your home to accommodate more strollers as the one stroller you have already bought will be enough.

Functions of standard convertible strollers

Standard strollers are very versatile. Most of them are lightweight, easy to navigate, have got suspension systems, and big wheels to handle even rough terrains. In other words, modern standard strollers are built to be easy to use.

If you pick any of the strollers I have included in the list above, you will find it easy to move it on closely packed gravel, short grass, sidewalks, pavements, and shopping aisles.

Many of the standard strollers weigh between 15 pounds and 40 pounds. Umbrella strollers are heavier than them. Nevertheless, they are more functional/ useful than many lighter strollers. And although heavy, they are stiller lighter than joggers and, therefore, easy to carry around.

Below are the things to consider when buying a convertible stroller:

The Seat

Most strollers are obviously made with a toddler seat. The best ones are the ones with seats that recline completely to the flat/ horizontal position. The only strollers that can be used to carry infants are the ones with seats that can recline completely. Strollers whose seats cannot recline or cannot recline all the way are not safe for carrying newborns.

Peg Perego Booklet - Recline Reclined main seat on the Peg Perego Booklet

For strollers whose seats cannot recline, there is usually the option of removing the seat altogether and using a bassinet or an infant car seat on its frame. In most cases, parents get strollers that are compatible with multiple newborn car seats and/ or bassinets. They then use the infant seats or bassinets to carry their children until such an age when they are ready to use toddler seats. They then remove the bassinet or infant car seat. Some car seats need not be removed. This is because they have high weight capacities and can be used for a long time as parts of travel systems.

Nowadays, many manufacturers make the main seat reversible. Reversibility is very important especially if your baby is very small and you want to keep a close eye on him or her when strolling.

Two more things you should always confirm about a toddler seat before buying a stroller are: comfort and safety. In terms of comfort, you should confirm if the seat is padded and well designed, while in terms of safety you should make sure that the seat has a harness.


What largely determines the maneuverability of a stroller? If you said wheels you are right. The wheels determine how maneuverable the stroller you want to buy will be on a specific terrain.

Stroller wheels vary in size, number and type. Some are big, others are small. Some are inflatable, while others are made of foam. Some are three in number, while other strollers are supported by four.

For urban strollers, small wheels made of foam are okay. However, for strollers that you intend to go off-road with or to go jogging with, you will need the wheels to be big, rubberized, and inflatable.

Most strollers meant for all terrains or for aggressive urban strolling have big, inflatable wheels. They also have suspension systems to provide extra comfort and cushioning to the baby when the stroller goes over bumps.

Baby Jogger City Mini GT -All-terrain wheels - best convertible strollersBJ City Mini GT with its small rubberized wheels

Brakes are very important for safety. Most strollers have got hand-operated brakes on the handlebars. Others have got foot-operated parking brakes for stalling the stroller and eliminating the need for you to hold on to the stroller when seated on a park bench or in a restaurant.

Some high-end strollers such as the VISTA from UPPAbaby have got indicators that provide specific signals if their brakes are working correctly.

Baby Jogger City Select LUX is one of the few standard convertible strollers that have a handbrakeA handbrake on the BJ City Select (convertible LUX model)

Adjustable pushbar/ handlebar

An adjustable handlebar is a very important feature. I am tall, while my partner is somewhat shorter than me. If our convertible stroller did not have an adjustable or extendable handlebar, we would both find it difficult to maneuver. The stroller would be very inconvenient for us to use. So when buying the stroller we had to make sure that its handlebar is extendable and we were glad that it is significantly extendable and convenient to push.


First things first, you need to make sure that the canopy on the stroller you want to buy is big. It should be big enough to provide adequate shade and protection from the wind for your baby. If the stroller you want to buy is the one you intend to use until mid or late toddlerhood, then you will also need to make sure that it is extendable. If it is not, then the stroller will quickly become uncomfortable for your baby to use as he or she grows up.

Furthermore, if you live in areas that get particularly hot during summer, you will need to make sure the canopy on the stroller you want to buy is made of a breathable fabric or has got mesh windows to ensure fresh airflow. Fresh airflow will prevent your baby from getting too hot inside the canopy.

Baby Jogger City Mini - CanopyBJ City Mini with an expandable canopy and see-through windows


When you start using a stroller, you will soon find out that you need to carry quite a number of things especially when going for long walks. The type of things you will need to carry include diapers, toys, water, snacks, blankets, a jacket, and wipes. Some of these things are quite bulky. This is why you need to look at the size of the storage bag when buying a stroller. A stroller with a big enough storage bag will be more convenient to use as it will carry all the above mentioned baby essentials. The VISTA and the Chicco Bravo strollers I discussed earlier are perfect examples of strollers with decent storage baskets.

Chicco Bravo LE storage basketThe large storage basket on the Bravo LE




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