One things many new mothers quickly notice about their babies is that they love cradling and snuggling. However, cradling babies or soothing them throughout the day is not every mother’s cup of tea. This is because it gets tiring and it gets in the way of doing other things around the house.

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The good news is that you can actually cradle or snuggle your baby for extended periods of time without your arms hurting. You can do it by getting yourself a decent baby carrier.


Review of the best baby carriers

Over one hundred different baby carrier brands exist in the US and in the rest of the Western World. Quite a good number of them are fairly decent so it is quite difficult to know which ones are the best ones. But do not fret. I have done all the hard work for you and I have come up with a list of the best baby carriers available on the market right now.

All the carriers on my list are quality, safe, and highly-rated brands and models. You will love how stylish, functional, and comfortable each one of them is.

The Best Baby Carriers


The Ergobaby Adapt Carrier

Ergobaby Adapt - Provides most natural position for the babyThe Ergobaby Adapt carrier

This baby carrier is a premium quality newborn carrier from the Maui-based Ergobaby Company. The carrier is designed in such a way that it can be used to not only carry infants but also toddlers as heavy as 45 pounds.

In other words, with this, you probably won’t have to worry about your arms getting strained or hurt from when your baby is like zero days old until he or she turns two or three and no longer needs to be cradled frequently.

This premium baby carrier is available in 2 versions/ models. One model is almost 100% natural cotton, while the other is made of a special breathable mesh. The first model is comfy, while the second one is more known for its breathability and how cool it remains even in hot weather.

So depending on your preference or priority, you can choose which one of the two versions will best work for you.

Ergobaby Adapt Cool Air MeshEntirely made of a breathable mesh material


Why is this one of the best carriers for ?


There are several things about the Ergobaby Adapt that make it special.

First, you can wear it in three different ways. You can wear it on your hip, on your back or on your front. The availability of these several options makes it versatile and convenient to use. The front carrying option is perfect for carrying newborns in a natural position, while the back option is perfect for carrying older babies as it distributes their weight perfectly. The hip or side option is considered perfect for normal hip development.

Ergobaby Adapt - All carrying positions (Best baby carrier 2019)The three Ergobaby Adapt carrying positions

The Ergobaby Adapt supports your infant in the right way to ensure that he or she develops the right way without any difficulties. It also keeps the knees bent the right way to prevent knee problems and can be adjusted to provide your baby with more back and neck support. Simply put, it is a very safe baby carrier to use.

You can use it to carry your baby in different ways.

Ergobaby Adapt - Safe for newborn babyThe Ergobaby Adapt is a safe baby carrier

I ranked this as the number one baby carrier for because it is very comfortable for both the baby and the wearer. It is super comfortable because its straps can be adjusted and because it is richly padded in all the right areas.

You will love its wide and padded shoulder straps. They are not only comfortable but are also crossable for better weight distribution. Thanks to the design of this carrier, you will experience no strain on your shoulders, lower back or pelvic area even when you use this carrier for extended periods of time.

Both plus size and petite women and men will find this baby carrier comfortable to wear.

Although this is not a feature, I must also mention it as I believe it is information you would like to know. Sometimes the manufacturers of this carrier have a sale on their official website. During the sales, they usually sell most of their models for less than 50 percent their retail prices.

Ergobaby Adapt - Suitable from 7 to 45 poundsIt is a supremely comfortable baby carrier

Everything about this baby carrier is user friendly. All though there are multiple types of adjustments you will need to learn to make to make it comfortable, you will quickly master everything in no time because the adjustments are user-friendly too.

One more thing I live about this carrier is that it can be adjusted to push the baby higher and remove pressure from around the stomach area. This makes it perfect for use even by mothers just a few weeks after undergoing C-section procedures.

Other cool features that come with this baby carrier

  • Available in multiple colors – This baby carrier is available in more than twelve color versions. Since you will be wearing it on you, you should make sure you choose a color that you will be most comfortable with. If you are down south in a warm city, I recommend picking one of the lighter colors.
  • Comes with a hood – Not many baby carriers come with a hood but this one does. The hood will protect your baby from the wind and the sun. If the weather is nice, you can simply fold it and tuck it away.
  • Made of a machine-washable material – All the versions of the Ergobaby Adapt are machine-washable and easy to dry. This means with this carrier, you will not have to worry about your baby spilling stuff on it and staining it.

Ergobaby Adapt - Multiple color optionsIt is available in multiple color versions

What other moms and dads think about this baby carrier

This is one of the latest and the best baby carriers from Ergobaby. It is quite popular on the market and it is well-rated by many moms and dads.

Most people who have used this baby carrier before think it is quite easy to wear to carry the baby and to adjust. Part of the reason why it is easy to wear is that it does not require the use of an infant insert when carrying a newborn. This means that you can put your baby inside it pretty quickly.

Those who have never used baby carriers before will love it and find it perfect since it is not complicated. Everything about it and about using it is simple and straightforward.

Many parents also love its crossable straps that ensure the infant’s weight is equally distributed on both shoulders and the back. The design makes the baby feel weightless and does not strain the shoulders or the back.

Quite a number of moms and dads also love the quality of the fabric used to make this baby carrier.

Ergobaby Adapt - Suitable from birthThe Ergobaby Adapt can be adjusted to become more affordable for your growing baby

One thing that people may not like about this product is the fact that it does not have a storage pocket. I do not know why the manufacturer decided to remove the pocket from this carrier yet its predecessor had one. Another unlikeable thing is that the waist belt does not have sufficient padding. Depending on your body type, you may find the lack of padding in this area to be slightly discomforting especially if you have a heavy baby. However, the padding in the other areas is sufficient and awesome.

For those who live in warmer areas, parents recommend the non-cotton version because the cotton one gets warmer faster.

This is the carrier you should buy if you

  • Need a carrier that is easy to wear and can be used without an infant insert
  • Need a warm weather carrier (pick its non-cotton version)
  • Want a wider choice of colors and styles
  • Want a carrier that supports your baby properly and helps them develop normally
  • Need a baby carrier that you can use until your baby turns two or three years old

This is not the carrier for you if you

  • Prefer multiple carrying positions
  • Have a strict budget


Baby Tula Explore Baby Carrier

Baby Tula Explore - One of the best baby carriers for 2019The BT Explore

Baby Tula (BT) has been making some pretty impressive baby products for quite some time now. The Baby Tula Explore (BT Explore) baby carrier is one of the latest products to roll out of their production lines.

This particular carrier is unique in the sense that it is very ergonomic and easy to use.

The model is available in a 100 percent cotton version. Some are saying it may soon be availed in a mesh version which will be more breathable. However, for now let’s focus on what is already there; the cotton version.

The version is comfortable and feels very natural for the baby. It is also cozy and keeps the baby warm during cold months.

Baby Tula Explore is available in multiple color versions and designs. Each design has a slightly different price from the other and some color versions are usually more commonly available than others.

Baby Tula Explore Sleepy DustAvailable in multiple exciting colors


Why is this one of the best carriers for ?

Because it is versatile; you can start using it within a couple of weeks from birth and continue using it for up to three years when your baby gets to 45 pounds. It also has more baby carrying options than many other baby carriers. You can use it to carry your baby on your back, on your front looking forwards, and on your front facing you. All these different ways of carrying the baby make this carrier very convenient to use.

Moreover, BT Explore is made in such a way to support your baby’s spine, hips, and legs in their natural alignment. This means that unlike other baby carriers that may affect your baby’s growth and development due to their poor designs, this one does not.

Baby Tula Explore - Spread-squat positionPerfect for carrying newborns safely and naturally

This carrier is one of the few ones lauded as a hip healthy carrier because of its design. The design supports the baby in such a way that does not hinder their natural growth and development.

The design also supports the baby’s legs by preventing dangling.

You can use this Tula carrier to carry your baby in various positions. I must single out the back position because I found it to be perfect for carrying toddlers. It leaves their heads outside and allows them to fully appreciate the surroundings. In case you think your baby needs extra neck support, you can use this carrier’s neck pillow to provide it to him or her.

Baby Tula Explore - Suitable for back carryingGreat for carrying an older baby on the back

This is one of the most comfortable carriers out there. It is adjustable in so many ways to provide the comfort I have just mentioned. You won’t feel it squeezing too tightly or digging into your skin at any point because it is well padded in every area.

The design of the BT Explore is also in such a way that the weight of the baby is always evenly distributed. This means you can use it to carry your baby for extended periods of time without getting tired.

Baby Tula Explore - Facing out positionPerfect for touring the park with your baby as it has the front carrying position

Other cool features that come with this baby carrier


  • A fabric that is easy to clean – This carrier is made of a material this is quite soft and very breathable. The material is also machine-washable. The fact that it is machine-washable makes it easy to rid it of stains.
  • A storage pocket – The Tula Explore is meant for you and your son or daughter to explore the world. It has, therefore, got a convenient storage pocket for you two explorers to carry your essentials.
  • A removable hood – This baby carrier includes a hood that you can use to protect your baby from the wind and sun. You can also use it as a shield for breastfeeding. In case you do not want to use it, you can easily remove it and for later use.

What other moms and dads think about this baby carrier

This Baby Tula Carrier has not been on sale for long so it is only natural that there are no that many reviews written about it yet. However, like other Baby Tula products, I am sure that it will soon get the recognition and the many positive reviews it deserves.

Out of the handful of reviews written on it, there are a couple of points that many parents seem to agree on. First, almost all parents agree that it is comfy for both the baby and the mother/ father. The comfort is thanks to the design of the straps. They are easy to adjust to accommodate your body type and they are also made in such a way that they do not dig into your skin.

Baby Tula Explore - Proper position for newborn babyMore comfortable and multi-functional than many other baby carriers

Another advantage that I noticed most parents talked about is that this carrier offers multiple carrying positions making it more convenient to use.

The material used is also quality according to verified purchasers. It is quality in the sense that it is breathable, comfy, durable and available in multiple cute patterns. Not many other carriers are made of fabrics of the same quality. You can be sure that parents will ask you about it when you go to the park or go out to run some errands.

This is the carrier you should buy if you

  • Want to a stylish carrier
  • Want a comfortable and very easy to put on carrier
  • Want a baby carrier you can use from day one until 36 months later
  • Need a baby carrier with multiple carrying positions
  • Want a carrier that will be comfortable for your baby

This is not the carrier for you if you

  • Love carrying your baby on your hip as this is not one of its official carrying positions
  • Want something affordable


Boba 4GS Carrier

Boba 4GS Carrier - Best baby carrier of 2019The Boba 4GS

Although in this list I am generally focusing on the latest baby carriers, the Boba 4GS has been around for quite some time now. Despite the fact that it is somewhat old, it remains one of the best carriers ever made!

The reason why I say this is simple. It is because this carrier has an amazing design that makes it stylish, versatile, and very durable. The stylishness is evident from the image above and from other images you will see on this post and elsewhere. It makes this carrier fun to walk around with. The versatility we will discuss in a bit because I want to talk to tell about its durability.

The fabric used to make this carrier, is tough but at the same time comfortable. It is what makes the Boba 4GS durable and usable for up to four good years. In other words, you can use it to carry your kid until he gets to kindergarten. No need buy any other equipment.

Why is this one of the best carriers for ?


As I mentioned above, this carrier is for long term use. Buying this will feel like the wisest decision you ever made two or three years down the line as it helps you to carry your toddler around.

Another thing that makes this one of the best carriers is the fact that you can use it to carry your infant baby. However, you will need to use the infant insert that it is supplied with to make it safer for your little one. As your baby gets older, you can start using this to carry them until very later on when they turn three or four and no longer want to be carried around.


Boba 4GS Carrier - Usable from birth with included infant insertThe Boba 4GS can be used to carry a newborn from day one

I normally prefer infant-ready baby carriers that do not require the use of inserts to carry newborns. However, for the Boba 4GS I would make an exception. This is because it is such a nice and well-designed baby carrier. It is so well-designed that it has been lauded as one of the best “hip healthy baby carriers” since it offers most ergonomic/ natural position for your newborn baby to rest.

It is also perfect for older babies. To make it comfortable for your infant as he or she grows, remove the infant insert when your baby gains neck control. Taking this action will leave plenty of room for your older baby to rest in.

Boba 4GS Carrier - Comfortable up to 4 yearsCan be used to carry even a four year old

This carrier is an upgrade for the Boba 4G. The 4G used to have foot straps but this one does not. The foot straps used to be pretty important for older babies but somehow somebody at the company thought it was important to remove them and I don’t know why. However, this carrier is just as decent as the previous one despite the small drawback.

The carrier has a simple design that ensures the baby can be carried on the back, facing inwards, and in the newborn position. These positions may be few but they are the basic ones and they are enough for many mothers and fathers.

The Boba 4GS comes with a removable hood. You can use the hood to shield your baby from the wind and from harmful UV rays. The hood can also provide you with a bit of privacy to breastfeed your baby while on the go.

Boba 4GS Carrier is equipped with detachable hoodComes with a detachable hood

I really like the straps on this carrier because they are wide and distribute the weight perfectly over the back and shoulders. They make carrying the baby on your back to feel as if you are carrying a light laptop in a backpack.

This carrier also comes with an adjustable waist belt that makes it even more comfortable to use. You can adjust its weight, snugness, and several other things to make it comfortable both for you and your baby.

I also like the fact that it is very inexpensive despite being a premium quality carrier.

Boba 4GS Carrier - high-quality, affordable buckle carrierIt is a cheap but well-made buckle baby carrier

Other cool features that come with this baby carrier

  • Can be used for breastfeeding – It is designed in such a way that parts of it can be easily unbuckled to make it easy to breastfeed.
  • Made of machine-washable material – The material used to make this carrier is totally machine washable
  • Storage pocket – This carrier comes with a zippered pouch in which you can keep your essentials close by

I love that this carrier is available in multiple color options. I also love the stylish designs on it. Whatever your taste in fashion is, I can nearly guarantee you that you will find a style of this carrier that you will like.

What other moms and dads think about this baby carrier

This Boba Baby carrier is quite popular on Amazon and on the manufacturer’s official site.

Moms and dads particularly like its infant insert because it is simple and does not make the baby unnecessarily hot. The fact that it is included in the basic package and not separately sold is particularly nice. This is because it helps parents to save the money they could have had to spend to get an insert.

Another feature that parents really like is the fact that this carrier is extremely adjustable; a plus size woman can use it same as a petite five-foot tall mom. Additionally, its design is such that it does not dig into or strain the shoulders much. So it can be used to carry the baby for long.

Moreover, its fabric is quite soft but at the same time sturdy. Many parents say they like it because it is lightweight and very secure.

Boba 4GS Carrier - Back carrying positionCan be used to carry the baby in three different ways

Another advantage of getting this carrier is that it can be used for very long. This is because it is sturdy and has a high weight capacity. Its maximum weight limit is so high that you can even use it to carry four-year-olds.

Despite its many pros, this Boba Baby carrier also has a few cons. First, its carrying options are limited. Second, it sometimes gets hot during summer. Lastly, it has got no significant padding in the lumbar areas.

However, according to the majority of those who have used it, it is a fairly decent carrier that is user-friendly, comfortable, and durable. One of the best new baby carriers.

This is the carrier you should buy if you

  • Want a simple carrier that is easy to adjust and wear regardless of your body size/ shape
  • Would like to pay less than the average price for premium baby carriers
  • Want a comfortable baby carrier for carrying even bigger and older kids
  • Want a carrier that you can use from day one to until preschool

This is not the carrier for you if you

  • Want a carrier that has lumber support
  • Need a carrier with multiple carrying positions
  • Prefer a carrier without an infant insert


Lillebaby Complete Airflow Baby Carrier

Lillebaby Complete Airflow - 6 Carrying positionsThe Lillebaby Airflow

This carrier is, hands down one of the coolest carriers I have ever seen! It is also one of the most versatile baby carriers for in the sense that you can use to carry your baby in multiple positions.

The Lillebaby Airflow is suitable for use from very early on because its lower weight limit is just seven pounds. So if your newborn baby weighs more than seven pounds, you can start using it without even needing to buy an insert.

Its upper weight limit is forty-five pounds. This means you can use it for nearly two to three years. By the time your baby exceeds its weight limit, he or she will no longer be highly interested in being carried in the arms.

Why is this one of the best carriers for ?

This baby carrier can be used in six different ways. This makes it very convenient to use. Below are the various ways it can be used.

Lillebaby Complete Airflow - All carrying positions (One of the best baby carriers of 2019)Can be used to carry the baby in six different ways

I love the fact that this carrier comes with an adjustable cupped seat. The seat can be adjusted to suit your baby’s size and age. This makes it safe in the sense that it will support your baby in the manner that is most natural for his or her age when it is adjusted correctly.

The seat and the carrier as a whole are also very comfy for both the baby and the wearer.

Lillebaby Complete Airflow - Breathable mesh paddingIts seat width can be expanded to accommodate your growing baby better

As your baby becomes older and bigger, you can adjust this carrier to make it more comfortable for them. You can adjust the width of its seat and the neck and head support on it.

This carrier also comes with a hood that is foldable. You can use it to protect your baby from the wind and sun or to give them a bit of privacy to nap. The hood also provides extra neck support. Nevertheless, whenever you cover your little one with the hood, make sure you check on the frequently to make sure they are okay.

This carrier is comfortable for both the wearer and the baby.

It also comes with a special back area support pillow that will support your back adequately and prevent your back problems from exacerbating by evenly distributing your baby’s weight.

Lillebaby Complete Airflow - Best carrier for back painErgonomic and does not exacerbate back pain

This carrier’s shoulder straps also have thick padding for comfort in addition to adjustment buckles that make it easier to open it up and breastfeed using it.

According to moms and dads who have used this carrier before, all the adjustments take a bit of practice to get used to. However, after a few days of trial and error, you should pretty much get a grip on things.

Other cool features that come with this baby carrier

  • Zippered pouch – This Lillebaby carrier comes with a zippered storage pocket where you can put your baby’s teether, wipes, keys, and other essential stuff for easy reach
  • Breathable material – The fabric of this fabric is made of a special mesh material that ensures maximum air circulation hence the name Lillebaby Complete Airflow. It stays cool despite the weather.
  • Crossable shoulder straps – You can wear this carrier like a backpack or with the straps crossed. When crossed, the shoulder straps spread the weight and make the baby feel lighter.

What other moms and dads think about this baby carrier

This is one of the bestselling new baby carriers. It is no doubt that many parents are waxing lyrical about it on the official Lillebaby website and on Amazon. It has got over eight hundred reviews and the majority of them are hugely positive.

Lillebaby Complete Airflow - Extendable back panelIt is one of the most versatile baby carriers on the market

Most parents love its versatility especially in terms of its multiple carrying positions. You can carry your baby at the front, the back, or the hip.

Moreover, most people who have worn it agree that it does not strain the back even when worn for long periods.

Additionally, since it is made of cotton, it is more breathable than other baby carriers made of other fabrics/ materials. So it won’t getter hot as fast as other baby carriers.

Many parents love how comfortable the Lillebaby Airflow is. In the reviews, they say it is comfortable for both toddlers and newborns. Furthermore, they say that it is superb for both infants and toddlers. And based on its design I completely agree.

Another positive thing about this carrier that parents seem to really love is its longevity. It can be used straight from birth until the baby gets to three years old.

One thing that you may not like about it is that it seems to be designed for average-sized and tall and big parents. Some small height/ petite parents find it somewhat uncomfortable to wear. So avoid it if you are of a smaller-than-average build.

This is the carrier you should buy if you

  • Are a plus size or average size parent
  • Want a carrier that is breathable and comfortable to wear
  • Want a baby carrier that would be easy to carry on your back
  • Need a carrier that does not require you to buy an infant insert to use to carry your baby
  • Would love a carrier with multiple carrying options

This is not the carrier for you if you

  • Are wanting an cheap carrier
  • Are petite since it will be uncomfortable to carry


Bonus: The Baby K’tan Wrap

Baby K'tan WrapThe Baby K’tan Wrap

I opted to include this in my list as an alternative for people who want a baby carrier for their small babies or newborns.

Compared to the baby carriers on this list, the Baby K’tan wrap is very unique. It takes the natural shape of the baby and is therefore quite comfortable for both the baby and the wearer. Its shape also makes it very easy to put on and to put the baby in it. These above statements show that it is perfect for first time mothers.

Unlike baby carriers that need adjustments when taken from the box, this one can be used as is straight from the box.

Why is this one of the best carriers for ?

Like many parents who have used it, you will love the Baby K’tan because it is very simply to use.

It is also very easy to adjust. Like seriously very easy. You just need to pull the small loop behind it to move your baby higher. The loop can also be used to balance the baby’s weight and make him or her feel lighter.

The design of the Baby K’tan also makes it stand out as it distributes the weight of the baby evenly. This makes it easy to use the wrap to carry the baby for extended periods of time without straining the neck or shoulders.

The wrap comes with a sash that you can also wrap around the baby for extra support or use as a carry bag for the wrap.

Baby K'tan Wrap - Useful Baby CarrierVery easy to put on and ideal for beginners

Most parents who have never used a wrap would naturally be hesitant about trying one. The main reason for hesitation is often lack of trust for wraps. Many think wraps are not safe enough since they look flimsy and lighter than baby carriers. However, this thinking is generally not true. Moreover, this specific wrap is made of high-quality fabric that will not break easily. It will support your baby for a very long time without even feeling half risky.

One more reason why this is one of the best carriers is that it supports the baby in their most natural position (the frog position) which is similar to how the baby was positioned and how they felt inside the womb. The importance of this is that it ensures the safety of your baby’s spine and helps with their normal development.

Baby K'tan Wrap - Frog position for newborn babyIt is perfect for carrying the baby in the newborn position

What is so cool about the K’tan Wraps is that they are made to offer the baby natural support by holding them correctly. The natural position in which they carry your baby will promote normal hip growth and development.

And considering that this is a wrap many expect to only be able to use it for the first couple of months. However, this is a special wrap. It is built with quality materials and can be used for up to one and a half years. So it can help you for quite some time.

The Baby K’tan wrap is also pretty versatile. It offers multiple baby carrying options. Five options to be exact. You will know exactly how to use it by watching the YouTube videos posted by the manufacturer or by simply following the pictorial instructions booklet that comes with the baby carrier.

Baby K'tan Wrap - Hip carrying position for older babiesThe K’tan wrap can be worn in five different ways including side carrying

You should also note that this wrap comes in multiple sizes making it easy for parents to find the best size for their body size. And when you find the right size, you will love how comfortable it will feel on you and how closely it will cradle your little one.

This carrier comes in multiple versions that I cover later in this review. The versions include: Print, Organic, Active, Breeze, and Original. The Original version has a very stretchy and comfortable fabric.

Furthermore, according to most parents, this wrap is the easiest baby carrier to put on and to adjust.

On the official website of the manufacturer of this wrap, you can find plenty of important info on how to pick the right size, how to use the wrap safely, and so on. So you should check out the company’s website when you have timing.

However, although picking the right size will help one to find something that is most comfortable for them, it also makes it almost impossible for partners of different body sizes to share it with each other. This is this wrap’s biggest disadvantage in my opinion.

Baby K'tan Wrap - One of the best baby carriers for 2019 The Wrap comes in several sizes for different body sizes

The available K’tan wrap baby carriers

This unique wrap is available in the following options: Print, Organic, Active, Breeze, and Original.

All the versions have the same number of carrying positions and weight capacity. The main difference between them is the material used and, therefore, the breathability and stretchability of each. Even though the materials used are different, they can all be washed by machines.

  • Organic: This is a 100% natural soft cotton model and it is perfect for the moms and dads who love and want to protect the environment. It does not wick moisture or protect against harmful UV rays.
  • Active: It is a 100% polyester fabric model. It feels silky, it wicks moisture from the baby, and offers UV protection, although it is made of polyester, which is not a natural fabric.
  • Breeze: This model is 100% cotton (50 percent mesh knit and 50 percent jersey knit). It is stretchy but not too much. Like the original, it does not wick moisture or provide UV protection.
  • Original: This is the original and one of the most popular models. It is 100% cotton (completely jersey knit). The cotton makes it very natural, stretchy, and breathable. However, it does not wick moisture or provide UV protection. It is available in multiple colours.

From the information above, you can see that there are multiple models available and they are all unique. The variety of choices allows you to pick what will work best for you and your kid. Nevertheless, before you get excited about a certain model, keep in mind the fact that each model has a special price. So what you want to pick may be more expensive than some of the other models. So if you are on a tight budget, I recommend checking the price for each of the models before buying. You could find one which is more within your budget compared to the model you may already have in mind right now.

Baby K'tan Wrap - Suitable from birthMultiple models of The K’tan Wrap are available

What other moms and dads think about this baby carrier

Many parents seem to really love this baby carrier. I say this because it has been reviewed hundreds of times and one can easily tell from the comments that it is loved by many.

One thing most parents love about it is its security. It looks comfortable but it is also very secure. It hugs the infant to the wearer for full protection. The hugging or snuggling, if you like, is not only perfect for holding the baby securely but also soothing the baby.

Moms who have given birth through the C-section will love it as it holds the baby way above the incision.

Another advantage of using the K’tan wrap is that one can start using it from birth until the baby turns one and a half years old.

Like all other products, it also has a few cons. The main one is that it sometimes gets hot especially during summer. Nevertheless, this is something that you should not worry about if you are living in a place with a cold climate.

Another con is that getting the proper size is somewhat difficult. Nevertheless, by following the manufacturer’s recommendations, you should be able to quickly find something that suits your body size.

This is the carrier you should buy if you

  • Are wanting an affordable carrier
  • Want a carrier that snuggles the baby to you
  • Want something that is extremely easy to use
  • Need a user-friendly carrier
  • Want something that allows you to carry your baby in multiple positions

This is not the carrier for you if you

  • Need a long-term carrier (this one is only good for 1.5 years)
  • Prefer a structured baby carirer
  • Need a carrier that you want to share with a partner of a different body type


If you got any questions, simply leave a comment, and i’ll answer you right there


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