Some of the most expensive strollers in the world are double strollers. They cost around one thousand bucks or more. This is why every mom and dad shopping for a double stroller wants one that is very durable and that will serve them for a long time. Among the few quality double strollers on the market that are durable and that have been serving parents for many years is the Baby Jogger City Mini GT Double Stroller. This stroller can serve you and your babies for up to four and sometimes five years.

In this review, I will tell you everything you need to know about this double stroller. I will tell you why it is perfect for running errands and even for long day trips. I will also tell why it can handle slightly uneven terrain including gravel routes and dirt trails. In short, by the end of this review, you will find out why this is one of the most popular double strollers in the industry.

Stroller details in brief

  • Type of stroller: Double stroller
  • Weight of stroller: 32.6 pounds
  • Max. seat capacity: Fifty pounds per seat

The review of the Baby Jogger City Mini GT Double stroller

In the sections below, I will closely examine the different features of this buggy to help you find out if it is right for you and your kiddos.

Baby Jogger City Mini GT Double Stroller 2016This Baby Jogger double stroller is perfect for urban use

City Mini GT Double seats

This baby carriage comes with two very comfortable toddler seats. The seats are comfortable because they are well-padded and they feature a nice premium fabric cover. Both seats come with safety harnesses to secure your babies and prevent them from crawling out or flying out in case of a collision.

Each of the two seats has a maximum weight capacity of fifty pounds. This makes a joint weight capacity of one hundred pounds.

What I like the most about this Baby Jogger double stroller’s toddler seats is the fact that they are quite large and roomy. They also have longish backrests. This means that you can use them to carry your little passengers for a long time as they grow both in weight and height. In fact, you can use this double stroller until your kiddos turn four or four and a half years old.

From these preceding statements, I am sure you can see why this stroller is usually classified as a toddler stroller or a buggy for the big kids.

Baby Jogger City Mini GT Double Stroller SeatsThe stroller and its large and comfy seats

The two toddler seats can be reclined independently to an almost horizontal position. This means you can adjust them to meet the comfort desired by each of your two babies.

However, the fact that the seats cannot be reclined to the true horizontal position means that they cannot provide newborns with the comfort and safety they need to protect their delicate necks and backs. So these seats are not appropriate for newborns. But they are appropriate for use from when your babies hit six months old and have strong enough necks and backs.

When you recline both seats, you will realize that you can uncover two ventilation windows at the back of them. You can open these vent windows during summer to improve air circulation and prevent overheating underneath the canopies.

baby-jogger-2016-city-mini-gt-double-stroller-back-recliningOne of the vent windows opened to enhance airflow or circulation

As I have mentioned above, you cannot use this stroller’s toddler seats to carry your newborns. If you want to use this double stroller to carry newborns, you need to get two Baby Jogger carrycots to attach to it. They are bought separately and they are flat and perfect for supporting and safely carrying newborns.

City Mini GT Double wheels

This stroller has got some brilliant 8.5-inch wheels. The wheels are made of rubber and are great for city strolling because they smoothly roll over most city surfaces.

However, the wheels are not big enough or made of the right material to handle rough terrain or to handle jogging. So do not buy this stroller if what you are looking for is a stroller with all-terrain wheels or a stroller you can go jogging with.

The thing I love the most about these wheels is the fact that the front ones can swivel. This makes this stroller very agile and easy to steer. The swiveling front wheels can also be locked to provide a bit of stability over uneven terrain.

Baby Jogger City Mini GT Double 2016 WheelsThe wheels on the Double City Mini GT

The appearance of this stroller’s wheels might make you think they are pretty basic wheels but they are not. They are supported by a suspension system that makes the stroller quite easy to push and steer. The suspension system also absorbs shocks and makes it pretty comfortable for kids to ride on this stroller.


City Mini GT Double brake

This stroller comes with a great parking brake. What makes me say that this stroller’s parking brake is a great parking brake is the fact that it is hand-operated. The fact that it is hand-operated means it is a brake that is easy to engage and to disengage.

This is unlike foot-operated brakes on other pushchairs that can be difficult to engage or disengage especially for parents wearing sandals, flip flops, or open-toe shoes. With the brake on this stroller being hand-operated, you can easily engage it or disengage it even if you are wearing no shoes. It is quite convenient.

Baby Jogger City Mini GT Double Stroller handbrakeThe hand-operated parking brake on the BJ City Mini Double

City Mini GT Double canopies

This double stroller comes with fantastic oversized canopies. The canopies provide nice coverage and protection against sunburns and UV rays.

The best thing about this stroller’s canopies is the fact that they can be opened or closed separately. They can also be extended or shortened separately.

Baby Jogger City Mini GT Double CanopyOne of the extendable canopies on the Double City Mini GT

Each canopy on this stroller has two viewing windows. You can use the windows to stealthily monitor your babies when they are napping or to enhance airflow in the canopies. I am sure you will agree with me when I say that these windows are a brilliant feature.

However, the windows have Velcro closures which can be somewhat noisy. Nevertheless, there is hope that future upgrades of this double stroller will include magnetic closures that are often virtually noiseless.

City Mini GT Double Canopies with peek-a-boo windowsThe viewing windows on the stroller

City Mini GT Double handlebar

This stroller comes with a handlebar that is adjustable. The fact that the handlebar is adjustable means parents can easily rotate it to the perfect height for them to push; the height that will not cause discomfort in their wrists.

Unlike most handlebars I see on strollers, this one is not foam-covered. Instead of foam, it has got rubberized rings. I like this because the rubberized rings are more durable compared to the foam put on most handlebars.


City Mini GT Double storage space

This stroller comes with a big storage basket. However, while you can put many things in the storage basket, it has got a bar in the middle that makes it somewhat difficult to access. The bar hinders parents from taking full advantage of the massive storage basket.

Nevertheless, parents can still carry many things in the storage basket. Moreover, it also comes with additional storage space in the form of storage two storage pouches – one on the back of each seat. These storage pockets are perfect for holding small items such as keys within close reach.

baby-jogger-2016-city-mini-gt-double-stroller-backThe massive storage basket underneath the stroller is seen here

City Mini GT Double travel system

This stroller is something you can use from day one in two ways. You can use it from day one by attaching two bassinets or by attaching just one infant car seat.

The one car seat that is made for this stroller is the City Go car seat. You can attach this seat on the stroller without the use of adapters. There are several other car seats that are also compatible with this stroller but attaching them requires you to also get/ purchase the right adapters.

As you may have noted, this stroller is quite versatile. You can attach one car seat and a bassinet or two bassinets at the same time depending on what you need.

City Mini GT Double measurements

This double stroller weighs 32.6 pounds. Considering that it is a double stroller there is no surprise that it is a heavy unit. It measures 44 by 29.75 by 43.5 inches in size. So it is also a wide unit. This, too, is not a surprise.

Nevertheless, it can pass through regular doorways easily. However, you might have difficulties pushing it in supermarkets with narrow shopping aisles.

City Mini GT Double folding

Baby Jogger City Mini GT Double Stroller FoldedThe double City Mini folded

This double stroller has a special folding mechanism. A mechanism that enables users to easily fold it by simply pulling special straps hidden in the toddler seats. Once the straps are pulled, the stroller collapses and folds itself automatically.

This folding mechanism makes this double stroller a breeze to fold. And considering how most double strollers are difficult to fold, this easy folding is a huge advantage for this pushchair.

When you fold this stroller, it automatically locks itself and keeps itself closed.

Its folded version is obviously more compact than its unfolded version. It measures 31 by 29.75 by 12.5 inches in size. The only issue with this stroller when it is folded is that it does not self-stand.

City Mini GT Double ease of use

Compared to other double strollers, this stroller is quite easy to maneuver. Many parents who have used it have said so in their reviews of the product on Amazon and other sites. In fact, it is so easy to maneuver that parents can steer it one-handedly even when carrying two babies.

It also has many features that make it quite convenient to use.


City Mini GT double stroller pros and cons

Here is a summary of the pros and cons of this stroller


  • The City Mini GT has rubber wheels that can handle most types of city terrains
  • It is a pretty agile stroller despite being a double stroller
  • It comes with a parking brake that is hand-operated and hence easy to engage and disengage
  • It features separately reclining toddler seats
  • Its toddler seats are soft padded and quite comfy
  • It features separately adjustable oversized canopies
  • It is designed to enhance airflow and preventing overheating within the canopies
  • It comes with an adjustable handlebar
  • It is quite easy to fold and it automatically locks itself when folded
  • It is narrow for a double stroller and fits through regular doorways
  • It is made of premium quality materials and features quality workmanship for durability


  • The City Mini GT is quite heavy (not surprising considering it is a double stroller)
  • Its storage basket is not the easiest to access
  • It comes with zero accessories

City Mini GT double stroller available color versions

This Baby Jogger stroller is available in a host of exciting colors. The colors include: red with gray, blue with gray, black with shadow, black with gray, steel gray, and black. These colors may not sound like the most brilliant colors but they are exciting nonetheless.

The different colored versions are sold at different prices.

The key specs of the stroller

  • Type of stroller: double stroller
  • Weight: Thirty-two point six pounds
  • Max weight: One hundred pounds for both seats
  • Size: 44 by 30-43.5 by 29.75 inches
  • Fold size: 31 by 29.75 by 12.5 inches
  • Tire diameter: 8.5 inches
  • Max. Stroller canopy height: 26 inches

City Mini GT double stroller accessories

This stroller is not the easiest to buy. This is because it is pretty costly. On top of that, it does not actually come with any accessory. If there is an accessory you need to make this Baby Jogger stroller better, you will need to buy it separately. Some of the accessories that you can buy to make this stroller better include:

Compact Pram - Baby Jogger City Mini GT Double Accessories This is a pram/ bassinet from Baby Jogger. It is perfect for newborns as it provides the perfect, well-padded and flat cushion to provide babies with the protection they need. BJ prams can be used from birth to six months and come with their own canopy to shield the baby from strong winds and the sun. Find the best price here
Baby Jogger Carry Bag for City Mini GT Double This is a BJ double carry travel bag. It is an accessory you should get if you intend to travel a lot with this stroller. This is because you can easily carry the stroller in it and go with it anywhere. Find it here
Child Tray - Baby Jogger City Mini GT Double Accessories This is a Baby Jogger child tray or snack tray. It is an accessory you should get if you always want to have some snacks and a sippy cup within the close reach of your child. See the best price here
Parent Console - Baby Jogger City Mini GT Double Accessories This is the Baby Jogger parent console or parent organizer. It is an accessory you should buy if you want to keep some small items such as your keys and your phone within close reach. Find it on amazon here



City Mini GT double stroller upgrades

This stroller has seen very many upgrades. Perhaps the biggest upgrades between the original model and this latest model are the facts that this latest model has got a more convenient handlebar and a much-improved automatic lock.

This latest model of the City Mini GT double stroller is also much easier to maneuver because it is more stable and more agile.

Furthermore, compared to the original version of the stroller, this latest stroller also features a much better way of attached car seats.

Lastly, the newest version of this stroller is available in much more exciting colors than the original version. In short, the latest model of the stroller is a better stroller than the original model in many aspects.


What other moms and dads think about the City Mini GT double stroller

As usual, I checked this product on its official website and on Amazon to see what other parents/ users are saying about it in the reviews. From what I could gather in the reviews, many parents have been impressed by this stroller’s many useful features. Among the features of the stroller that parents are full of praise for in the reviews include the big wheels, the strong and sturdy frames, the convenient handbrake, and the independently reclinable seats. Many parents in the reviews are also full of praise for the massive canopy and for the ease of maneuvering.

The one thing that parents do not like about this stroller in the reviews is the fact that its storage basket is not very easy to access.

Double Baby Jogger City Mini GT


This is a brilliant double stroller from Baby Jogger. It is designed to look stylish and to provide your babies with safety and comfort. It is a double stroller that you will find quite easy to push and maneuver even when carrying two kids.

What to consider before buying this stroller

You should have in mind the fact that this buggy is not a jogging stroller despite its name. The term Baby Jogger in its name is just the name of the brand and not what this stroller can actually do. You should also have in mind the fact that although this stroller has a big storage basket, the basket is not very easy to access.

Why buy this stroller

Below are the three strongest reasons why you should buy this stroller

  1. It is a well-balanced stroller. This makes it quite easy to push and maneuver despite it being a double stroller.
  2. It is a great investment. This stroller will serve you for many years until your kids get into preschool and start doing tests.
  3. It has wheels that can handle various city terrains including cracked sidewalks, short grass, and cobblestone. The wheels make it move smoothly over most types of terrain.


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